Synthesizer$1.99 from Stefan Welebny Synthesizer

How are you going to sound today?

Turns your iPhone or iPod into a groovy synthesizer based on additive, subtractive and fm sound synthesis featuring

● 5 harmonics
● vibrato
● chorus
● pitch shift
● presets
● overall volume
● attack, decay, sustain and release
● noise
● distortion
● cutoff
● delay


➤ “This is an awesome Synthesizer” ★★★★★

➤ “really good! this app is really fun 2 use and entertaining” ★★★★★

➤ “This is a simple synthesizer that most music geeks will enjoy.” ★★★

➤ “Use your finger instead of a stylus, Rolf Harris eat your heart out!” ★★★★


① Use your earphones for a better sound experience.

② Connect the sound output of your iPhone/iPod touch to the mic/line input of your mixer, recorder, Mac or PC (male -male audio jack cable required).

③ Setting Synthesizer up as a real instrument in GarageBand on your Mac will enable you to use all recording, looping, mixing, and effect features with Synthesizer. You can also create music for itunes or ring tones. Read GarageBand help for details.

④ Shake your device to return to factory settings for the current sound

Keywords: synthesizer, synth, sound synthesis, sound effects, harmonics, sound synthesis, ring tones, klingeltöne, ring tone, live, band


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