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Via Directions$0.00 from Robert Stainsby Via Directions

It’s great how your iPhone can give you directions from A to B. But what if you want to go via C? That’s where Via Directions can help.

Use Via Directions to specify an intermediate stop for your trip. Or name a street to use to avoid a bottleneck. The results are generated by Google and displayed in the Maps application, just like a standard directions search.


Since early 2009, the Maps app may display an extra leg, back to your starting point, when you ask for directions using Via Directions (or multi-stop directions generated from Google Maps). This also blows out the estimated distance. How annoying!


Until this issue is resolved, Via Directions is FREE. So download it now and you’ll own it when it becomes a paid app again.


Q: Why is there no screenshot here showing the results of a search?
A: Via Directions passes your search to the built-in Maps app for display. The results work exactly the same as a standard Maps search – only the route is different.

Q: How do I enter locations into Via Directions?
A: Type them in, select addresses from your Contacts, or select “Current Location”.

Q: Why do I see a “server error” or “address could not be found” message instead of a map?
A: It sounds like one of your stops could not be found. Relaunch Via Directions and try describing your search a slightly different way. If you find an address that works in Maps but not in Via Directions, please contact me with details so I can try to fix the problem.

Q: Can Via Directions use my bookmarks from the Maps app?
A: No, the iPhone provides no way to do this as far as I can see.

Via DirectionsVia Directions

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