iMensies (Period Calendar)

April 8, 2009

iMensies (Period Calendar)$1.99 from Svetlana Brandel iMensies (Period Calendar)

v2.0 offers ALERTS that are delivered to your Email address! iMensies is the FIRST and ONLY period tracking application that has email alerts.

iMensies FEATURES:
• CALENDAR VIEW lets you view your entire history at a glance
• Easy PERIOD LOGGING with just 2 taps
• NOTES can be added to any day
• Future Periods PREDICTIONS
• Shows how many days are left till your next period
• PASSWORD protection
• EMAIL your period and notes history for backup
• Calendar LOCK option

iMensies is a simple, very intuitive application for tracking periods and types of flow, including spotting. It looks like a real calendar and you can look at an entire year of your menses with the touch of a finger. Just swipe up or down, there is no flipping through pages! The calendar is clean and not overloaded with unnecessary features.


• Swipe down to see past months.
• Swipe up to see future months.
• Tap once on a day to mark it as a period day and choose type of flow on that day.
• To change a marked day, tap once on it and choose an option from the menu that you want.

• Tap twice on a day to bring up the notes page.
• Tap once on the notes field to start writing.
• Click “done” to finish or “cancel” to dismiss.
• Days that have a note are dog-eared in the calendar.

Signing Up through iMensies App on iPhone:
• Tap once on any month bar (or anywhere outside of day buttons).
• Tap once on the pop-up ‘Acct.’ button at the top of the screen.
• Tap once on the ‘Register’ button.
• Fill out the registration form.
• Verification email will be sent to email address you provided.
• Go to your email and verify your iMensies account.

Signing Up Through website
• Click on “Register for iMensies Account” link on the home page (underneath ‘Sign In’ fields).
• Fill out the registration form and click submit.
• Verification email will be sent to email address you provided.
• Go to your email and verify your iMensies account.

When you have signed up, go to your iMensies account and set your preferences to receive email alerts.

• Tap once on any month bar (or anywhere outside of day buttons)
• Tap once on the pop-up ‘My Account’ button at the top of the screen.
• Click on “Email my History” button.
• Enter email address
• Click “send”.
• You will receive an email report with the last 12 months of your history.

• Tap once on any month bar (or anywhere outside of day buttons).
• Tap on the “Info” button on the pop-up bar at the top.
• Choose Automatic or Manual predictions by switching the on/off button at the top right.
• If you chose the Automatic option, you will see predictions for the next 3 cycles (if you have at least 2 cycles entered in the calendar).
• If you chose the Manual option, enter your average cycle and period length in the corresponding fields and click the “Calculate” button in the top right corner.

• Tap once on iPhone’s “Settings” icon.
• Scroll down to iMensies app name and tap on it.
• Type in a password and tap on the “settings” button in the top left corner.
• Next time you open iMensies, it will ask you for the password.

Please visit our site for more instructions.

Please email us with any questions or suggestions you may have about iMensies. We would love to hear from you! And if you enjoy your experience, please leave us a positive review.

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iMensies (Period Calendar)iMensies (Period Calendar)iMensies (Period Calendar)iMensies (Period Calendar)iMensies (Period Calendar)

Longman English-Japanese Dictionary

April 8, 2009

Longman English-Japanese Dictionary$20.99 from Enfour, Inc. Longman English-Japanese Dictionary


Natural English – Natural Japanese!

The “Longman English-Japanese Dictionary” is the first and only bilingual dictionary to be based 100% on English and Japanese corpora and is designed to help learners easily find information and focus on natural meanings that are important.

NOTE: This dictionary was designed with the native Japanese speaker in mind. For a non-native Japanese speakers, a good understanding of kana and kanji is essential.

All English examples and collocations are based on the Longman Corpus Network, a 330-million-word database of spoken and written English across a spectrum of sources. All Japanese translations are based on Longman’s new and revolutionary 50-million-word corpus of contemporary Japanese. A 100% corpora backbone ensures that different meanings of a word are presented in order of frequency.

This cutting edge full color dictionary includes over 500 illustrations and photos, 102,000 headwords and phrases, 83,000 example sentences, 63,000 collocations, clear grammar presentations, error notes for Japanese learners, notes about formality, sound/pronunciation and much more.

This iPhone version also includes:

* progressive look-up for quick searching
* lookup from English or Japanese
* wildcard searches
* natural English pronunciation for almost all headwords
* links out to English dictionaries and Thesauri.
* bookmark facility
* search history function
* zoomable illustrations and photos
* complete front matter and communication guide

Copyright© 2007 Pearson Education Limited

Powered by Enfour’s -“UniDict Engine 2”

Longman English-Japanese DictionaryLongman English-Japanese DictionaryLongman English-Japanese DictionaryLongman English-Japanese DictionaryLongman English-Japanese Dictionary

Cardio Track

April 8, 2009

Cardio Track$1.99 from Bryan Gruver Cardio Track

What started out as a simple App that I designed to track my cardio workouts has turned into a full featured Cardio Tracking Application complete with Reports and an all new goal system.

Track your workouts by:
– Cardio Activity
(Running, Swimming, Cycling, etc.) (Customizable as well)
– Start Date and Time, End Date and Time
– Distance (With Pace Calculation)
– Calories Burned
– Notes

Reports (Customizable):
– Distance Totals
– Duration (Time) Totals
– Average Pace
– Calories Burned

Available Goals:
Session, Distance or Calories Burned
Track by the last 24 hours or 7 Days.

Visual Goal Indicator and Progress Bar.

This App is still under development and new features are constantly being added.

Check out the Cardio Track Website for the latest news.

Data Entry is Manual, although you can use the Start Time, End Time feature like a timer.

Built-In Backup/Restore System, including Auto Backup.
(Automatic Backups are off by Default.

For Strength Tracking, do a search for “OnTrac Fit”.
Also check out my Free App, “SoBe Scenes”.

*Note to Users: Before you update an App that contains data that’s really important to you, please allow iTunes to Sync/Backup that data so that if something does go wrong, you have a way to restore it.

Cardio TrackCardio TrackCardio TrackCardio TrackCardio Track