Cardio Track

Cardio Track$1.99 from Bryan Gruver Cardio Track

What started out as a simple App that I designed to track my cardio workouts has turned into a full featured Cardio Tracking Application complete with Reports and an all new goal system.

Track your workouts by:
– Cardio Activity
(Running, Swimming, Cycling, etc.) (Customizable as well)
– Start Date and Time, End Date and Time
– Distance (With Pace Calculation)
– Calories Burned
– Notes

Reports (Customizable):
– Distance Totals
– Duration (Time) Totals
– Average Pace
– Calories Burned

Available Goals:
Session, Distance or Calories Burned
Track by the last 24 hours or 7 Days.

Visual Goal Indicator and Progress Bar.

This App is still under development and new features are constantly being added.

Check out the Cardio Track Website for the latest news.

Data Entry is Manual, although you can use the Start Time, End Time feature like a timer.

Built-In Backup/Restore System, including Auto Backup.
(Automatic Backups are off by Default.

For Strength Tracking, do a search for “OnTrac Fit”.
Also check out my Free App, “SoBe Scenes”.

*Note to Users: Before you update an App that contains data that’s really important to you, please allow iTunes to Sync/Backup that data so that if something does go wrong, you have a way to restore it.

Cardio TrackCardio TrackCardio TrackCardio TrackCardio Track


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