CastCatcher Radio

CastCatcher Radio$1.99 from return7 CastCatcher Radio

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CastCatcher Radio streams MP3 and AAC audio directly to your iPhone or iPod touch. It has a simple, intuitive interface and comes loaded with several internet radio stations for your convenience. CastCatcher allows you to add additional stations.

CastCatcher features:
– Shoutcast, Icecast, or other mp3, AAC stream playback (pls or stream urls)
– Direct playback of stream URLs (e.g.
– Automatic reconnect on loss of connections
– Comes with several stations preloaded
– Buffer level indicator
– Add your favorite streams to the list (the point of this app!)
– Works over Wifi, 3G, and Edge (if the stream is of low bit rate)
– Adjustable buffer size (see Preferences on your iPhone)

Please read our blog and visit our forums for support/questions!


CastCatcher RadioCastCatcher RadioCastCatcher RadioCastCatcher Radio

Thanks to the 2.x firmware many of us iDevice owners have seem to forgotten that one of the things our gadgets do best is play music. Developers have not forgotten about how wonderful music can be on these devices though.

Le offerte del giorno su AppStore (28/11)
Anche oggi non mancano delle occasioni interessanti su AppStore. Vediamole insieme. Ballz (associare le bolle dello stesso colore): 0,79 euro (prezzo pieno 1,79 euro); iCanDrive (esercitarsi sui quiz della patente): 0,79 euro (prezzo

Apple Approves CastCatcher Update
Earlier this month developer Return7 reported that Apple had rejected an update to their iPhone app CastCatcher [App Store, $3.99] from being posted in the App Store on the grounds of excessive bandwidth usage.

Apple?s App Rejections Get Curiouser
Apple’s App Store rejections are making less and less sense. The latest victim, Cast Catcher, is a streaming Internet radio application in the same vein as AOL Radio and Pandora–both of which have been available through the App Store

Apple Denies Radio App For Too Much Bandwidth Usage
Apple may be tightening their restrictions for apps that use a lot of bandwidth in the App Store. According to iPhone app developer Return7, Apple has rejected their most recent version update to their internet radio app CastCatcher

Apple rejeita aplicativo de rádio para iPhones devido a ?uso de
Um desenvolvedor de aplicativos para iPhones revelou nesta semana que uma nova versão (1.3) do deu software de rádio CastCatcher foi rejeitada pela Apple, que citou “uso excessivo de banda” em redes de celular como razão para tal.

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