IM+ Lite

IM+ Lite$0.00 from SHAPE Services IM+ Lite

An elegant feature-rich IM client with unmatched reliability of 7 years of technology refinement and support for all major instant messaging networks:

– AIM® / MobileMe®
– MSN® / Windows Live®
– Yahoo®
– ICQ®
– Jabber®
– Google™ Talk
– MySpaceIM
and yes, Facebook® now! / in full version only

With IM+ you can:
– Communicate with all your friends in a single buddylist.
– Share your favorite photos with ease. Just take a photo on your iPhone and send it to your buddy in dialogue right away. / in full version only
– Send voice messages. Audio files recorded with IM+ can be played back on any Mac, PC or mobile due to on-the-fly conversion to MP3 format. / in full version only
– Stay connected even when IM+ is closed. No more sudden disconnects when someone calls you or you want to play other apps from App Store.
– In the IM Push™ mode you may receive IMs as e-mails pushed to your iPhone mailbox. Your replies will be converted to instant messages and will be delivered back to your buddy. / in full version only
– Send your location to quickly inform your friends on where you are. / in full version only
– Add emotions to your messages with our set of funny smileys.
– See avatars of your buddies.

An abiity to set your own status message will be added in the next release. It’s coming very soon!

Happy Chatting!

Additional benefits include:

– Landscape mode convenient typing (though you may always turn it off).
– Multi-lingual support: chat in any language supported by your iPhone.
– Free and frequent updates with fixes and free new features!


– Facebook Chat / in full version only
– Avatars in contact list and dialogues.
– Groups in contact list.
– Display custom status messages of your buddies.
– Send voice messages. / in full version only
– Send location. / in full version only
– Search in Contact List
– New, lovely UI.

About SHAPE Services

SHAPE Services is the premier provider of cross-platform mobile instant messaging since 2002. Visit for more details.


IM+® is a registered trademark of SHAPE Services GmbH.
AIM®, ICQ® are registered trademarks owned by AOL LLC.
Yahoo!® is a registered trademark of Yahoo Inc.
MSN®, Windows Live™ are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Jabber® is a registered trademark of Jabber Inc.
Google™ Talk is a trademark of Google Inc.™ is a trademark of MySpace Inc.
Facebook® is a trademark of Facebook, Inc.

See also IM+ for Skype, GPSed, VR+

IM+ LiteIM+ LiteIM+ LiteIM+ LiteIM+ Lite

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