My Eyes Only™ (Password, Credit Card, ID Card, Passport Keeper)

My Eyes Only™ (Password, Credit Card, ID Card, Passport Keeper)$8.99 from Software Ops LLC My Eyes Only™ (Password, Credit Card, ID Card, Passport Keeper)

My Eyes Only™ is the iPhone and iPod Touch application designed to protect and keep your important personal information for your eyes only.

Do you have information like, web site passwords, family Social Security numbers, medical information, 401K, bank account information and credit card information written down in a little black book? Do you have that information, stored on your iPhone in Contacts? What happens if somebody steals your black book or iPhone? They now have access to all your personal information. My Eyes Only™ protects your personal by encrypting and password protecting your data.

★ Your Private Information is Safe
Encryption so Strong, it Needed U.S. Government Approval for Export
512 bit RSA encryption for small entry fields, like passwords, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers.
256 bit RSA encryption for the Notes field in Logins, Financial and Other categories.

★ Backup your data to Aerochive™ on Your Mac
Protect your data with a superior backup solution. Using your WiFi network and Apple’s Bonjour, you will be able to quickly backup, restore and transfer data to multiple devices. In addition, you can view all your data in Aerochive™ A trial version of Aerochive™ can be downloaded from our web site. Get it now and backup your data! (A PC version is under development).

★ Your Personal Information is Sent Nowhere!
That’s right, My Eyes Only sends zero information to a server over the network. When we say zero, we mean none. None of your personal information is being sent over a network. iTunes does a backup of the data to your Mac or PC to be restored if you need it, but all the critical information is encrypted. It is not possible to view the data in iTunes.

★ Eye Candy
Since passwords, bank account numbers are boring, it might as well be great to look at and My Eyes Only™ offers the eye candy you come to expect from the iPhone.

★★★★★ “Application & Developer 5 stars” CollegeTrackStar400 (US iTunes Store)
This application is far and beyond the average rating it receives. The developer has sincere interest in user feedback and actually will reply back to any comments, questions, and/or concerns a user may have. No other application utilizes the iPhones graphical supremacy when inputting, editing, and viewing content. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and know that future updates will make it even more so.

★ Predefined Templates for Fast Information Entry
It takes only seconds to enter in information you want protected. We understand that if it is too hard to enter your important information, then MEO isn’t much use to you. Our screens are based upon the actual card images and the important information that is presented on the cards. We use all the power of the iPhone OS to make your sensitive items fast and fun. Moving from field to field is automatic in many cases, or easily accomplished with the keyboard Next button or simply scrolling and touching with your finger. It is easier to use than LockBox, eWallet, SplashID or 1Password.

Credit Cards
Computer Logins and Web Site Logins
Financial Accounts
Rewards Cards
Identity Cards (US – Social Security Numbers, Drivers License, Medical Cards; Australia – Medicare, CentreLink, Drivers License; German – Krankenkassen Karte and drivers license)

The Other Category for Combination Locks, Garage Pass Codes and more.

★ International Support
Software Ops is committed to improving MEO, by providing support for our world wide installed base.
German Predefined Cards
Health Card (Techniker Krankenkasse Karte) and Drivers License
Drivers Licenses for Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia and US.

(*Price subject to change.)

If you like MEO, please write is a positive review.

My Eyes Only™ (Password, Credit Card, ID Card, Passport Keeper)My Eyes Only™ (Password, Credit Card, ID Card, Passport Keeper)My Eyes Only™ (Password, Credit Card, ID Card, Passport Keeper)My Eyes Only™ (Password, Credit Card, ID Card, Passport Keeper)My Eyes Only™ (Password, Credit Card, ID Card, Passport Keeper)


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