Package Tracker

Package Tracker$0.99 from Ethan Productions Package Tracker

Track multiple packages from any place at any time with Package Tracker. This application is a unique one in that it allows you to track as many different packages you want from every major carrier: UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. It also allows you to custom label your packages, so you’re not just looking at a tracking number, but a label that you create to describe what’s in the box.

Main features:

– Track UPS
– Track FedEx
– Track USPS
– Track DHL
– Custom Label your packages
– Multiple package tracking
– Add, Edit, and Delete your packages at any time
– Scrollable history of every major scan your package gets
– Up to the second details on what route a package is on

This is an app that many people have been waiting for. Whether you’re a business person who does a lot of shipping, or a simple consumer who just likes to know where their stuff is, this is a must-have for the iPhone.

– Email your tracking info to someone
– Larger font for easier readability
– Bug fixes

– Estimated delivery dates

EXTRA INSTRUCTIONS: To edit an existing package, touch the blue arrow icon to the right of the package listing.

SPECIAL NOTE: Sometimes this app may lag behind in terms of what the shipping carriers show by up to a few hours. This is because of the way the shipping carriers send their tracking data externally. If your tracking information is not showing up right away, please give it a few hours and try again. It will eventually appear and catch up in the system. Also, you MUST have an Internet connection for this app to work. Please make sure you have Internet access when using, otherwise you will get a “No tracking info available” message. iPod Touch owners beware.

Package TrackerPackage TrackerPackage TrackerPackage TrackerPackage Tracker


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