Translator – 16 Languages

Translator - 16 Languages$2.99 from Bad Dog Apps Translator - 16 Languages

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With Translator, translation of 16 languages into individual words or full sentences is at your finger tips!

Have you ever pulled out a translation book, thumbed through the pages looking for the correct translation then held up the book with its small type? Remember the confusion from the person you were trying to communicate with as they tried to see what you were talking about? This is why you need Translator.

Translator is an indispensable utility for any holiday or business trip abroad. Type in your own sentences for translation or modify one of the 250 stored popular sentences that are categorized for quick browsing and searching. You can store any translation for future use by creating your own favorites list. Stored translations are ALWAYS available to you and you can reach out to Google with one touch if you need additional translation power.

Engage in a live running conversation in an instant message chat format with the person standing next to you. You can even make conversations more personal by adding photos of you and your new friend to the translation screen using the built-in iPhone camera.

Ever wish you could easily email a hotel for accommodations in the local language? Translator can solve that problem. Write emails in your native language, translate, then touch the email button. Voilà!

Translator works in both portrait and landscape mode and includes a translation viewer to easily display the conversion in large, clear text. Custom settings allow you to adjust font sizes for both text and table views, making translation viewing easy—even without your reading glasses.

Easy navigation includes access to intelligent translations for commonly used sentences and favorite phrases. You can even swap languages with a single touch. Translator can work natively in 14 languages, excluding Greek and Romanian. Localization support (but not translation support) is available for Korean and Russian.

Translator is very efficient requiring only a minimal amount of Internet bandwidth per translation. If you are roaming the world outside of your data plan, the small cost for the capabilities of Translator will hardly be noticed. You are only sending and receiving a small amount of text—less than the size of a small email.

Translator supports 16 languages for two-way translation:
English, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish.

Note: A WiFi or Cell connection is required to run Translator, but not necessary to use the 250 stored translations or your favorite words or phrases.

Translator - 16 LanguagesTranslator - 16 LanguagesTranslator - 16 LanguagesTranslator - 16 LanguagesTranslator - 16 Languages

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