Range Finder

April 10, 2009

Range Finder$4.99 from Kuzmycz Software Range Finder

Range Finder is a golfing utility to provide you with information on how far it is to the green or specific hazards.

Using the iPhone’s GPS sensor the range finder can tell you how far it is to the front of the green, center of green, back of green or any hazard that you have chosen.

Rotate the iPhone to see all of the markers for the current hole. Select a marker and it will tell you its name and the distance to the marker.

Unit of Measure
Yards or meters your choice or you can leave it the iPhone to use you localization to determine what to use.

The range finder comes with seven gorgeous themes so that you can choose the theme that best suites you.

Club Tracking
With club tracking you can manage your clubs and track the distance you hit the ball with each club. Range finder has a fast and efficient interface for selecting your club. No need to change screens or respond to pop up dialog. Want to stop tracking clubs, hit clear. Its clean, its simple and its fast.

To enable this feature go to the iPhone settings, select range finder and enable club tracking.

– Distance to front, center and back of green
– Create your own courses
– Use the inbuilt maps to select the location of hazards
– Club tracking

If you are looking for a range finder and scorecard application, you cannot go wrong with Caddy.

Golf, range finder, GPS, iPhone 3G

Range FinderRange FinderRange FinderRange FinderRange Finder

Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)

April 10, 2009

Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)$1.99 from Sudobility Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)

New! Now supports Air Photo technology. Print photos directly in Photo Lab.
Air Photo Server required to be installed on PC (Windows XP or Vista) or Mac (10.5 Leopard):

Enhance your photos with one or a combination of Photo Lab’s 20+ image effect filters, from the basic to the fancy, in their native 1600×1200 resolution.

– COLOR: Auto Correction, White Balance, Saturated, Adjust Brightness, Adjust Contrast, Adjust Color Balance and Adjust Color Saturation, Invert, Night Gain;
– MONOCHROME: Black and White, Dramatic Black and White, Sepia, Negative and Night Vision;
– ART: Pencil, Pencil with Color, Sculpture, Sculpture with Color, Stencil, Posterize, 30’s Photo, and 70’s Photo.
– CROP: Crop photo to different print sizes.

Take a look at the screenshots for a sample of the filters, or go to our website for details.

– Take a photo with iPhone camera, or pick a photo from your album
– Easy-to-use and fast preview panel, so you can see how the photo will look like before applying the filter with double tap.
– Rollback (undo) with a single tap.
– Supports both portrait and landscape operation.
– Supports both right hand and left hand use.
– Auto-save when you leave the app, when receiving a call or text message. Ability to continue the editing when you come back.
– Option to work on the original 1600×1200 resolution.

Have some fun with your photos!

Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)

iPhone Photography App Watch (April 15, 2009)
200904150039.jpg. 200904150040.jpg. === ImagingInsider.com. #iphone ipod touch.

iPhone Photography App Watch (April 14, 2009)
200904140159.jpg 200904140200.jpg. 200904140201.jpg. \. === ImagingInsider.com. #iphone ipod touch.

Las 25 mejores aplicaciones de fotografía para el iPhone
Todos sabemos que la cámara del iphone no es una maravilla y aunque esperamos que los rumores de que la vayan a mejorar sean ciertos, podemos ver como mucha gente ha conseguido exprimirle los píxeles sacando fotos realmente chulas.

iPhone Photography App Watch (February 25, 2009)
iLeica Camera – Take old style photos making your images come to life. Cost: $0.99. iKalled – Create extraordinary artwork from ordinary images. Cost: $0.99. Photo Lab 1600 (with WiFi Printing) – Now support Air technology .

iPhone Photography App Watch (February 14, 2009)
QuadCamera – Continuous shooting with high quality effects.This is the 4th release. (Cost: $1.99* Limited Time. Later $2.99.) Photo Lab 1600 – Print directly in Photo Lab. Now support Air Photo technology. (Cost: $2.99)

Apps On Sale In The App Store on 01/29/2009
This is your daily serving of iPhone and iPod Touch applications on sale. Today, iPhone Download Blog is bringing you the latest apps that are currently on sale in the App Store. Some of them are even free! If you were hesitating about

iPhoneItalia App Store Sales – 28 Gennaio 2009
Oggi vi presentiamo una nuova rubrica, intitolata App Store Sales, che vi guiderà nella scelta delle migliori applicazioni di App Store scontate, giorno dopo giorno. Questa nuova rubrica si propone di sostituire la precedente,

50 aplicaciones para iPhone dedicadas a fotografía y video
Se vienen las vacaciones y seguramente los usuarios de iPhone van a querer sacar fotos por todos lados. Ya sabemos que su cámara de 2 megapíxeles no es lo mejor del mundo por eso para sacarle todo el jugo es necesario darse una vuelta

iPhone Photos & Videos, what should you know?
We know you’re obsessed with your iPhone, and chances are you’ve been taking a lot more photos – perhaps even recording videos – over the holidays. To satisfy aspiring iPhone photographers and videographers, we’ve assembled a collection

Useful Iphone Video/Photo Apps
Photo Sharing PixelPipe – Media Gallery – PixelPipe is a free and fully loaded photo sharing app that lets users easily send and geotag their photos to any of 50 supported destination sites including Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Seesmic,

iPump Fat Burn

April 10, 2009

iPump Fat Burn$1.99 from PumpOne iPump Fat Burn

LATEST NEWS – iPump Fat Burn is just one of the many workout programs included in the just-released iPump FITNESSBUILDER. This Beyond-Revolutionary program is truly the only Fitness App you will ever need with over 400 ready-made Workouts, 4,000+ exercise images & videos, Drag & Drop Workout Builder, Exercise Image Creator and a lot more. It is available now, just search for FITNESSBUILDER.

If you just want Fat Burn read below for App description.

Let iPump Fat Burn put some life back into your cardio with 6 fat burning, muscle toning workouts containing 90 Male & Female exercise images, videos* & audio coaching that really turns up the intensity with no equipment needed.

Cardio Cross-Training (3 levels) are bouts of bodyweight cardio work done between strength training moves.
Cardio Intervals (3 levels) combines bouts of cardiovascular work with sets of high intensity exercises.
Both are geared to reduce body fat, increase muscle tone and improve aerobic endurance.

With our intuitive LOG interface all you have to do is enter your reps, sets and weight for each exercise. There’s nothing easier or faster. Once you’ve completed a workout, all your tracking information gets automatically copied into your workout Log, ready for you to INSPIRE.

Inspire is all about accountability, to help you stay on your iPump fitness plan. One of the best ways to inspire others is to show them that you’ve started a fitness program and are sticking to it. By emailing others your progress, you can encourage them to start training today as well as stay motivated yourself.

• Fat Burn is also available as part of iPump FITNESSBUILDER
• Exercises require typical gym equipment
• Videos require Edge, 3G or WiFi connectivity

iPump Fat BurniPump Fat BurniPump Fat BurniPump Fat BurniPump Fat Burn

Tu iPhone te ayuda a bajar de peso
abs n core The_iPump_20. El día de hoy en MacWorld se presentó la aplicación para iPhone y iPod Touch: iPump Abs & Core. Está app forma parte de la serie de iPump, en la que se encuentran aplicaciones como iPump Yoga, Total Body,

Free Menstrual Calendar

April 10, 2009

Free Menstrual Calendar$0.00 from Tamtris Web Services Inc. Free Menstrual Calendar

FertilityFriend.com’s Free Menstrual Calendar is a simple and easy to use calendar designed to predict your menstrual cycles and possible fertile days.

With this App you can:

* Record your periods.
* Optionally record your intercourse data.
* Store daily notes
* Calculate your cycle length automatically based on your data or set it manually.
* Get predictions for both your periods and your fertile days. Plan ahead.
* Optionally set a privacy code.
* Display your cycles at a glance on a easy to read calendar.
* Read educational tips and information about your menstrual cycle and your fertility signs.
* Sync/Backup your data with your free FertilityFriend.com account.

Simply enter your last period and your cycle length to get started. The calendar will then display your predicted period start days as well as your expected ovulation and most fertile days in color.

Double tap any day on the calendar to enter data (i.e. your period and optionally your intercourse data and/or daily notes). To start a new cycle simply enter your period data. Your cycle length is automatically calculated as you enter more data.

The calendar is also a period tracker as well as a way to document your cycle history. You can use an optional privacy code to better protect your data.

IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS: This calendar uses only approximate prediction and cannot be used to schedule procedures, avoid pregnancy or anything where more accuracy would be required. It is intended for educational use only. Use at your own risk. Please consult your health care provider for any health concern. For more accurate analysis of your cycle please visit FertilityFriend.com.

Free Menstrual CalendarFree Menstrual CalendarFree Menstrual CalendarFree Menstrual Calendar

PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader

April 10, 2009

PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader$0.99 from VirtueSoft.com PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader

** HALF PRICE SALE for a limited time **

Get the most useful all-in-one photo tool in the App Store!

PhotoWizard is a photo fixer. It can auto fix the under exposure photos taken from iPhone camera. Manual tool is also available to manually adjust brightness, contrast and color saturation.

PhotoWizard is a photo uploader. It can upload photos to your Picasa and Flickr online albums with specified title, description and tags.

PhotoWizard supports five amazing filters that turns your photos into artworks.

1. Oil Paint Effect
Turning your photos into oil paints.

2. Fish-Eye & Anti Fish-Eye Effect
Photo distortion. It is a fun effect to make funny distorted face.

3. Sketch
Turning your photos into pencil / charcoal sketches.

4. Block waves

5. Monochrome

You can apply effect on top of another one, e.g. applying oil paint and fish eye effects to get an distorted oil paint style artwork.

Next update on its way:
Facebook uploader

PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader

iPhone Photography App Watch (April 14, 2009)
200904140159.jpg 200904140200.jpg. 200904140201.jpg. \. === ImagingInsider.com. #iphone ipod touch.

iPhone Photography App Watch (February 26, 2009)
PhotoWizard – A photo processing tool to add special effects to your images. Cost: $0.99. Photo Brush Lite – The Lite version of Photo Brush that contains a smaller selection of brushes. Customize your photos with the touch of your

[News] Featured in App Store 2008.11.17
New. Yahtzee Adventures, Electronic Arts, Games The Weather Channel, The Weather Channel Interactive, Weather Ocarina, Smule, Music Lemonade Stand, Maverick Software, Games RjDj album, Reality Jockey Ltd., Music

なんでもない写真が、モノクロ化すると妙に雰囲気を持つということがよくある。デジカメだとただの邪魔者にしか見えない高感度ノイズも、モノクロフィルムだと独特の粒状感というかザラザラ感がかえって味を生んだりする。 というわけで、最先端デジタル

iTrack – Package Tracker

April 10, 2009

iTrack - Package Tracker$0.99 from MacEnvy.com iTrack - Package Tracker

The easiest to use Package Tracker is updated with new features!

iTrack is an easy to use multiple carrier (DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS) package tracker with bookmarking for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Track multiple packages with a streamlined, intuitive interface.


-Track DHL
-Track FedEx
-Track UPS
-Track USPS
-Multiple package tracking
-Easily sort tracking information by touch
-Add, Edit and Delete tracking information
-Add a meaningful description to each tracking number
-View tracking details via super fast RSS!

iTrack - Package TrackeriTrack - Package TrackeriTrack - Package TrackeriTrack - Package TrackeriTrack - Package Tracker

Hey Companies, Where Are Your iPhone Apps?
A funny thing happened on the way to the airport. I searched through the iTunes App Store on my iPhone for a Southwest app that allowed for flight check-ins, only to find that it didn’t exist. I don’t know why I expected it to be there,

Webster’s New World Dictionary

April 10, 2009

Webster's New World Dictionary$14.99 from AcroDesign Technologies Webster's New World Dictionary

The official dictionary of the Associated Press, Webster’s New World Dictionary is a well-recognized collegiate English dictionary. With 163,000 entries and the power of advanced search in the palm of your hand, this dictionary is sure to please everyone from students and word lovers to professional writers.

Dictionary Features
* Large dictionary with over 163,000 entries
* Over 12,000 Americanisms
* Includes pronunciations (text), usage notes, examples, and synonyms
* Fast lookup using the first few letters of a word
* History list to quickly see recently viewed definitions
* Lookup words from within another word’s definition
* Bookmark words to learn
* Ultra-small database (10MB)

Advanced search
* Wildcard word search
* Scrambled word search
* Full-text definition search

The entire dictionary is stored on the iPhone/iPod touch and an Internet connection is not required.

Does not include etymologies from print edition.

Webster's New World DictionaryWebster's New World DictionaryWebster's New World DictionaryWebster's New World DictionaryWebster's New World Dictionary