April 10, 2009

SoundPad$1.99 from Stefan Welebny SoundPad

Play music – anywhere, anytime.

Move your finger left/right to change the tone pitch, and up/down to change the volume.

Shake your device gently to switch between different sounds.

Turns your iPhone into an addictive musical instrument. SoundPad is simple to use and has been made for music enthusiasts, suitable for children and adults as well.


① Connect the sound output of your iPhone/iPod touch to the mic/line input of your mixer or recorder (male-male audio jack cable required).

② Connect it in the same way to your Mac and setup as a real instrument in GarageBand to use all the effects and techniques there. You can even create music for the iPod or ring tones that way.

③ If you want to mix your own sounds check out our App “Synthesizer”



Tripometer Mileage Log

April 10, 2009

Tripometer Mileage Log$3.99 from Green Arrow Software Tripometer Mileage Log

Tripometer turns your iPhone into a versatile mileage logger. Use Tripometer to keep track of your travel to make your month-end expense report a total breeze. Or use Tripometer to track your mileage for income tax purposes.

Tripometer allows you to organize your mileage tracking into user-configurable categories. Its simple, clean interface allows a number of details to be tracked per trip, including the date, origin and destination, purpose, start and end odometer readings, and distance traveled.

The flexible report creator allows reports to be created and emailed directly to you or your accountant. The reports are in comma-separated format for easy import into your favorite spreadsheet (such as Excel or Numbers).

Favorite destinations can be saved for quick data entry. Origins and destinations can also be selected from the iPhone address book. Trips can be duplicated using the button at the bottom of the edit trip screen. Odometer readings and distances are entered using a keypad to allow for easier data entry than with imitation odometer dials.

Tripometer Mileage LogTripometer Mileage LogTripometer Mileage LogTripometer Mileage LogTripometer Mileage Log

Luminair (DMX Remote)

April 10, 2009

Luminair (DMX Remote)$99.99 from Synthe FX Luminair (DMX Remote)


Luminair enables you to wirelessly control, view, record and manage intelligent DMX lighting fixtures, consoles, media servers and other software directly from your iPhone or iPod touch. Using Artistic License’s Art-Net protocol over your device’s built-in Wi-Fi connection, Luminair communicates with other compatible hardware and software nodes on your network. A gorgeous user interface provides desktop-calibre features and performance, all on a mobile platform. Use Luminair as the ultimate remote focus tool, for advanced architectural lighting, or simply as the centerpiece of your intelligent lighting rig.

☀ Multi-touch output controls
Multi-touch fader controls allow you to manipulate DMX values with accurate precision. Control fixture color values in both CMY and RGB color modes with color changer tracks. XY grid controls allow you to pan and tilt moving heads with fine control. The touch-board channel editor provides quick channel setup for all of your DMX fixtures. Quick-Touch cues, each with an assignable fade time, allow you to store fixture information for easy touch-based triggering.

☀ Input analyzing & recording
Art-Net input port allows data to be displayed in realtime, as a touch-scrollable overview of all channels in the input universe. Selecting a specific channel shows the current value, as well as the past 24 seconds of data in graph form. Record snapshots from the Art-Net input port directly to Quick-Touch cues, a useful feature for backing up from a console or any other DMX source.

☀ File management
Fixtures and projects can be saved and restored at any time, making Luminair an indispensable tool for configuring your intelligent lighting networks. A built-in file manager makes this a simple process.

☀ Industry standards
Luminair was created with industry standards in mind, and is compatible with numerous existing hardware and software products. All DMX signals are computed natively on the iPhone or iPod touch.

More highlights:
• Full multi-touch controls
• Touch sensitive mixer view, plus a traditional list view for manipulating the output universe
• Large touch buttons for triggering Quick-Touch cues
• Record snapshots of DMX data directly to Quick-Touch cues from the Art-Net input port
• Individual fade times for each Quick-Touch cue, which can seamlessly and smoothly transition from any currently running fade
• Create custom channel layouts with the Channel editor
• XY control grid has normal and scrub modes, plus inverse and lock axis controls
• Realtime CMY & RGB color manipulation
• Master Blackout control
• Individual Blackout and Solo controls on each track
• Low-power modes for conserving battery
• Auto-save and auto-restore retains the application state between uses
• One input universe, one output universe
• Compatible with lighting consoles and fixtures such as grandMA, Robe & more
• Ships with a building-block preset library for controlling intensity, color, and pan/tilt positions on 100 popular lighting fixtures from Clay Paky, Coemar, High End Systems, Martin, Vari-Lite, & generic. More to come in future updates
• Sort through saved fixtures by Manufacturer and Model
• Build fixtures presets, plus transfer fixture and project files to and from your device(s) via LCompanion app on your Mac
• Includes 10% off coupon for Enttec’s ODE Art-Net to DMX converter redeemable via the online Enttec store for a limited time*

* Coupon valid until 6/30/09 for purchases of Enttec ODE, ODE with PoE, and related accessories made via the Enttec online store ( Please see our web site for complete offer details and instructions on redeeming the coupon.

Requires an Art-Net compatible hardware or software device, as well as a Wi-Fi connection. More complete information and User Manual available at:

Luminair (DMX Remote)Luminair (DMX Remote)Luminair (DMX Remote)Luminair (DMX Remote)Luminair (DMX Remote)