PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader

PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader$0.99 from PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader

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Get the most useful all-in-one photo tool in the App Store!

PhotoWizard is a photo fixer. It can auto fix the under exposure photos taken from iPhone camera. Manual tool is also available to manually adjust brightness, contrast and color saturation.

PhotoWizard is a photo uploader. It can upload photos to your Picasa and Flickr online albums with specified title, description and tags.

PhotoWizard supports five amazing filters that turns your photos into artworks.

1. Oil Paint Effect
Turning your photos into oil paints.

2. Fish-Eye & Anti Fish-Eye Effect
Photo distortion. It is a fun effect to make funny distorted face.

3. Sketch
Turning your photos into pencil / charcoal sketches.

4. Block waves

5. Monochrome

You can apply effect on top of another one, e.g. applying oil paint and fish eye effects to get an distorted oil paint style artwork.

Next update on its way:
Facebook uploader

PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader

iPhone Photography App Watch (April 14, 2009)
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iPhone Photography App Watch (February 26, 2009)
PhotoWizard – A photo processing tool to add special effects to your images. Cost: $0.99. Photo Brush Lite – The Lite version of Photo Brush that contains a smaller selection of brushes. Customize your photos with the touch of your

[News] Featured in App Store 2008.11.17
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なんでもない写真が、モノクロ化すると妙に雰囲気を持つということがよくある。デジカメだとただの邪魔者にしか見えない高感度ノイズも、モノクロフィルムだと独特の粒状感というかザラザラ感がかえって味を生んだりする。 というわけで、最先端デジタル

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