Range Finder

Range Finder$4.99 from Kuzmycz Software Range Finder

Range Finder is a golfing utility to provide you with information on how far it is to the green or specific hazards.

Using the iPhone’s GPS sensor the range finder can tell you how far it is to the front of the green, center of green, back of green or any hazard that you have chosen.

Rotate the iPhone to see all of the markers for the current hole. Select a marker and it will tell you its name and the distance to the marker.

Unit of Measure
Yards or meters your choice or you can leave it the iPhone to use you localization to determine what to use.

The range finder comes with seven gorgeous themes so that you can choose the theme that best suites you.

Club Tracking
With club tracking you can manage your clubs and track the distance you hit the ball with each club. Range finder has a fast and efficient interface for selecting your club. No need to change screens or respond to pop up dialog. Want to stop tracking clubs, hit clear. Its clean, its simple and its fast.

To enable this feature go to the iPhone settings, select range finder and enable club tracking.

– Distance to front, center and back of green
– Create your own courses
– Use the inbuilt maps to select the location of hazards
– Club tracking

If you are looking for a range finder and scorecard application, you cannot go wrong with Caddy.

Golf, range finder, GPS, iPhone 3G

Range FinderRange FinderRange FinderRange FinderRange Finder

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