Tripometer Mileage Log

Tripometer Mileage Log$3.99 from Green Arrow Software Tripometer Mileage Log

Tripometer turns your iPhone into a versatile mileage logger. Use Tripometer to keep track of your travel to make your month-end expense report a total breeze. Or use Tripometer to track your mileage for income tax purposes.

Tripometer allows you to organize your mileage tracking into user-configurable categories. Its simple, clean interface allows a number of details to be tracked per trip, including the date, origin and destination, purpose, start and end odometer readings, and distance traveled.

The flexible report creator allows reports to be created and emailed directly to you or your accountant. The reports are in comma-separated format for easy import into your favorite spreadsheet (such as Excel or Numbers).

Favorite destinations can be saved for quick data entry. Origins and destinations can also be selected from the iPhone address book. Trips can be duplicated using the button at the bottom of the edit trip screen. Odometer readings and distances are entered using a keypad to allow for easier data entry than with imitation odometer dials.

Tripometer Mileage LogTripometer Mileage LogTripometer Mileage LogTripometer Mileage LogTripometer Mileage Log


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