LaTwit$2.99 from LaTwit

LaTwit is a full featured client for Twitter and Laconica based ((Twit Army, Identica) social networking sites. It also supports posting using

LaTwit has several features that set it apart, such as ability to show all of your friends messages from multiple accounts and sites in a single consolidated view. It also has the option to show TwitPic image previews directly in the timeline, and has support for XMPP instant messages.

Although Twitter and Laconica limit each message to 140 characters, you never have to worry about this limit with LaTwit. If you type more than 140 characters, you will be given the option to have it automatically split into multiple messages to meet the 140 character limit.

User names and URL links are highlighted directly within the timeline view, allowing you to quickly display a user profile or web page by tapping the link. Shortened URLs are automatically expanded to full form so you know where a link points to before clicking on it. LaTwit also supports landscape mode throughout the entire program, so you can choose how to view the timelines, and also have the ability to type on the wider landscape keyboard.

You can easily include web page links in your messages by using the built in browser to copy links, or by sending links from the iPhone Safari web browser directly to LaTwit. See the LaTwit help page at for more information. Links can be automatically shortened using one of the built-in URL shortening services.


– Include your current geolocation in any message.
– Include a picture in your messages using built-in TwitPic support.
– TwitPic image preview displayed directly in the timeline view.
– Automatically shortens URL links using, TinyUrl, Qurl, or
– Quickly resend (Retweet/Redent) a message.
– Post to, allowing your messages to go to a large number of social sites.
– Send a single message to multiple sites and accounts.
– View messages from multiple sites in a single timeline view.
– Copy and Paste of web site URLs into messages using built-in browser or from Safari.
– Hide specified users from all timeline views. This works separate from blocking features in Twitter or Laconica.
– Ability to tap directly on URL links within messages.
– Option to sort messages by account or by time posted.
– Full detail page on each message, showing profile of the user and display of the user’s messages.
– View public, friends, replies, in box, out box, favorites, and your own timeline.
– Quickly reply to any message from the timeline view.
– If a message was in reply to another one, allows you to view the replied to message.
– View users home page with built-in browser.
– Color coding of messages by account.
– Send direct (private) messages.
– Subscribe/Unsubscribe to other members.
– Customizable font size, post box transparency, refresh interval, and more.
– Create multiple accounts and manage them easily.
– Account specific settings for viewing and sending messages. Easily toggle accounts on/off or only have them show in certain views.
– Scroll indefinitely through timelines to view older messages.
– Easily favorite/unfavorite messages.
– Delete messages that you have sent.
– Fully customizable navigation bar. You can choose what timeline view buttons to display on the main screen, and in what order.
– Set starting timeline view.


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