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PanoLab is the first application to enable photographers to capture and assemble multi-frame panoramas and collages directly on the iPhone. PanoLab makes it simple to align photos that you pull from your photo library or capture on the fly. Once you’ve finished building your panorama, you may save it back to your photo library for viewing, emailing, and sharing online. PanoLab’s features include:

— a multi-touch, OpenGL-accelerated interface for exploring and editing your panorama
— hemispherical panoramas — up to 180° field of view vertically and horitzontally!
— capture images on the fly using the iPhone camera, or use existing images in your library
— linear projection — output images contain no distortion
— up to 1024×768 output images

Unlike collage applications, PanoLab applies perspective correction and linear projection to make many photos from one viewpoint align into a cohesive wide-angle view.

Unlike other panorama applications available for iPhone, PanoLab joins photos both vertically and horizontally, and can combine as few as 2 or as many as 30 images.

See what other photographers are doing with PanoLab and PanoLab Pro at and

Check out the Pro version of PanoLab for advanced features such as:

– EXTRA-WIDE AND HIGH-RESOLUTION EXPORTS: a wide variety of aspect ratios and resolutions for saving images back to your photo album.

– EXPOSURE ADJUSTMENT: adjust exposure and white balance manually, or let PanoLab Pro do it automatically.

– AUTOSAVE: works in progress are preserved when you exit PanoLab Pro or take a call.


iPhone Photography App Watch (April 14, 2009)
200904140159.jpg 200904140200.jpg. 200904140201.jpg. \. === #iphone ipod touch.

iPhone applications
My iPhone recently had to go back to Vodacom for an issue with the vibrate button. The thing broke off after only 2 months out the box. Something that’s completely unacceptable. Unfortunately the only thing to do was to book it in at

Auf dem IPhone kann man malen
Mein kleines Spielzeug, das IPhone hat viel mehr auf Lager als man glaubt. Heute habe ich mich mit der Bearbeitung von grade damit geschossenen Fotos befasst und dabei ist mir auch folgende kleine Software aufgefallen…

Quella sera eravamo a cena nel ristorante del Riccio che ospitava per qualche giorno un cuoco jappo che cucinava il sushi originale. Quella sera eravamo già abbronzati, era estate da 2 mesi qui a genova.

Snap Decision: A Look At iPhone Photography Apps
Next to its lack of true cut and paste, the iPhone’s camera is probably its most coulda-shoulda-woulda feature that third-party app developers are addressing. We’ve already looked at software solutions like Flickr’s iPhone front end,

Having fun with photos
glendora-all. One of the things I love doing with iPhone is taking photos. Yes, the camera is a low quality, bad featured camera and it’s not for taking professional images, but it’s fun! Almost every couple weeks there’sa new photo app

個人的にお薦めのアプリ。結構有名なものばかりですが…。にしてもやっぱiPhoneは最高の遊び道具です。 さいすけ googleカレンダーと同期出来るアプリ。iPhoneに搭載しているデフォルトのカレンダーなんかより100倍使いやすい。

CES 2009 Here I Am!
Packing for CES09. I packed my bag last night and took the first flight possible this morning to Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronic Show. While packing last night, I felt very much like aschek on Twitter (left) as I packed a

Essential resources for panoramic photography
You’ve seen panoramas used to illustrate the wondrous beauty of the world such as the interactive landscapes of Australia available at Panedia, the beautiful 360º images at Virtual Africa and the hundreds of images available at

iPhone Panorama App Review: Pano v. PanoLab (Pro)
This is a complete rewrite of my original review, updated to account for the latest versions and the addition of PanoLab Pro. So I’ve been playing around with the latest versions of these apps, Pano (v2.0), PanoLab (v1.1) and PanoLab


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