April 12, 2009

iHappyDays$0.00 from NemusTech iHappyDays

HappyDays of Palm returns for iPhone/iPod touch world.

iHappyDays will help you remember the birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family members. It reads the built-in Birthday field and Date field from Contacts and displays it in table view. You can add or modify look-up contacts information from iHappyDays

* Features

* iHappydays reads the relevant information from the built-in Contacts
* Supports Lunar calendar (check HowToUse for lunar date input)
* Besides Birthday field, It supports the custom Date field (check HowToUse)
* iHappyDays stores the cached information for the faster lookup
* You can sort the entries by name, age, and days to left
* You can add or modify records from iHappydays. The records will be saved in built-in Contacts, which is the appropriate places for that information
* You can choose display type of age (incoming / current) at application setting option page in iPhone/iPod touch’s Settings
* Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch


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