Currency Converter Pro

Currency Converter Pro$1.99 from Paolo Grifantini Currency Converter Pro

Winner of iPhoneFootprint excellence awards, 2008, and born from one of the top 10 most downloaded MacOs X widgets.

This Currency Converter has the most comprehensive set of features, among them:

– support for more than 200 currencies: all the trading currencies of the world plus many legacy currencies and even unofficial or virtual currencies (like the Linden dollar for Second life). Commodities price (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) is supported as well

– support for a conversion table like interface (like the successful one I introduced in my Currency Converter widget for the Mac), with support for conversion as you type, simple math expressions evaluation support, optional conversion fees evaluation support: just click on a value in the table and enter your data and see how it works

– graphic interface with a comprehensive set of information readily available, like the currency code and country, the country flag, the currency symbol

– inverse conversion support: just click the button at the left of the title bar to switch from normal conversion mode to inverse conversion mode

– simple and fast currency selection: just click on a currency name to change it to a new currency (or click on the modify button to edit the table and add new currencies); then the list of available currencies will appear, and you can have it sorted by currency name, currency code or countries; you can search the list, too

– currency data automatically updated from the web (but you can manually update them clicking on the button at the left of the bottom status bar; anyway be aware that manually updates will happen only once in an hour)

– a comprehensive list of options available (just click on the ‘i’ button at the right of the bottom status bar)

– two graphic skins available, standard and blackboard

– INSERT VALUE: just touch on a value on any of the rows!
– CHANGE CURRENCY: just touch on the currency name
– ADD CURRENCY: just touch on the ‘Edit’ button, then on the ‘Plus’ button


Currency Converter ProCurrency Converter ProCurrency Converter ProCurrency Converter ProCurrency Converter Pro

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환율 정보를 얻는 다양한 방법
단순히 현재 다양한 외화의 환율을 알고 싶다면 Currency Converter라는 맥용 위젯이 쓸만하다. 이 회사에서는 iPod Touch용도 제공한다. 간단히 환율 계산을 하고 싶다면 구글 검색에서도 가능하다. 예를 들어 12달러가 몇원인지 알고 싶다면 12달러=? Softwaretest: “Währungen” für iPhone/iPod touch
Alle Mac-User sollten dieses Programme für das Dashboard besitzen: Currency Converter von Paolo Grifantini. Das komplett kostenlose und sehr gut aufgemachte Tool gibt es nun auch für iPhone und iPod touch über den App Store zu beziehen.

Convertire tutte le valute con Currency Converter
Currency Converter, sviluppata dall’italiano Grifantini, consente di convertire quasi 200 valute correnti, nonchè altre fuori corso. Titolo: Currency Converter. Prezzo: 1,59 euro. Dimenzione: 700 Kb. Link AppStore.

Currency Converter: nuova versione per le quotazioni touch
È da poco disponibile in App Store la nuova versione di Currency Converter, il programma tramite il quale è possibile avere su iPhone e iPod touch le quotazioni valutarie sempre aggiornate, differenziandosi da prodotti simili con alcune

Uno tra i più scaricati widget per Mac si trasforma in applicativo
Nasce 2 anni fa come widget per Mac, ma poi Paolo decide di svilupparlo per iPhone. E’ Currency Converter il programma sviluppato da Paolo Grifantini. Sentiamo come la pensa sulla sua esperienza in AppStore.

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