Guitar: Play and Share

Guitar: Play and Share$3.99 from Frontier Design Group Guitar: Play and Share

“The first truly *musical* app for the iPhone … While other virtual instruments are severely limited by the iphone’s dimensions, this one caters to its strengths. Oh Joy!” – Wintancian, 5 stars

“OUTA SIGHT!!! I have the other guitar apps… This is a REAL instrument!” – 3radart, 5 stars

“I bought all the other guitar apps….. A+ on this update, guys. It has made the best iphone guitar application even better! A must buy for guitar players.” – Geetarmoore, 5 stars

Guitar is compatible with iShred, the new electric guitar app from Frontier Design Group. Check it out at

Learn and play your favorite songs with Guitar, the amazing acoustic guitar app for your iPhone or iPod touch. More than just a virtual fretboard, Guitar is an instrument optimized for performance. You can perform songs with any combination of chords and melodies on Guitar’s highly playable and easy-to-use interface. And you can strum along to your iTunes music with Guitar and hear your playing added into the mix!

Check out these great features!

– Built in library of over 1900 chords!
– Easily create and save your own custom chords
– Dynamics!: strum position controls loudness of chords
– Chords are easily reordered for fast access

– 21 scales, available in 12 keys, let you play melodies
– “Advanced moves”: hammer-on’s, pull-off’s, and slides
– User-selectable string labels

Songs and playlist:
– Combinations of chords & scales can be saved as songs
– Songs can be edited, renamed, deleted
– Songs can be reordered in the Playlist
– Save songs to the web, and share globally with AirPlay

– 4 great acoustic guitar sounds, including 12-string
– Notes dever “drop out” due to limited sample length
– Adjust tuning to match recordings, other instruments
– Reverb effect simulates room ambience

– Slide finger between buttons for fast chord transitions
– Shortcuts for fast song editing and button reordering
– Left-handed support

– Record performances with optional metronome
– Play along with recordings, even use different sound
– Speed up or slow down performance after recording
– “AirPlay” lets you share your songs around the world

Note: After installing Guitar we recommend powering your device off and then on to reset system memory.

Guitar: Play and ShareGuitar: Play and ShareGuitar: Play and ShareGuitar: Play and ShareGuitar: Play and Share

iShred, una aplicación de guitarra para el iPhone que vale la pena
Las primeras aplicaciones de guitarra que salieron para el iPhone, incluyendo las de la era pre-App Store (cuando necesitábamos un iPhone con jailbreak), no funcionaban bien. El concepto era interesante – aprovechar el multitouch del

アコースティックギターが弾けるアプリGuitarを購入しました。450円。 PocketGuitarは持っていたのですが、コードしか弾けない自分は「どうやってコード押さえたらいいんやねん??」という感じで全然使ってなかったのですが、Guitarは登録したコードを

Guitar: Trasforma il tuo iPhone in una chitarra da suonare!
Nome: Guitar. Prezzo: 2.99 Euro. Autore: Frontier Design Group. Descrizione: Guitar è un applicazione che simula una vera e propria chitarra. Il suono è molto simile ed è fantastica da suonare, si puo cambiare gli accordi facilmente e

iPhone and iPod Touch Evolve as Musical Instruments
There are a bunch of guitar-oriented apps on the AppStore but the one demo’d in the video above, from developers at Frontier Design Group seems to have a lot of promise. Called, simply, Guitar, unlike many of the instructional apps or

Guitar: suonare facilmente tutti gli accordi della chitarra
Guitar non è una delle tante applicazioni che simulano il suono di una chitarra, in quanto consente un utilizzo veloce e funzionale degli accordi in modo tale da poterli cambiare senza alcuna difficoltà mentre si suona la chitarra su

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