Fit Phone

Fit Phone$4.99 from bedaronco Fit Phone

Fit Phone is an electronic workout log and weight tracker for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Fit Phone is a highly customizable workout log that lets you add as many custom exercises, categories, and workouts as you like. We also have some unique features like interactive graphs that let you quickly and easily see how you’ve been progressing in selected exercises or see what exercises you’ve been performing the most. You can also track your body weight and body measurements and graph all your results.

Visit our website for a complete overview, including screenshots, at Know what you’re getting before you buy it. Once you check out Fit Phone you won’t have to look at any more Workout apps. We’ve been around since the app store opened and we only get better.


– Complete workout log so you can get rid of the pen and paper.

– Create custom workouts by setting a name, date, and adding exercises

– Enter results for weight/rep based or time based exercises

– Interactive graphs to easily track progress in just a few taps. Graph all exercises performed or graph exercise results over time.

– Preloaded with exercises with the ability to easily add your own custom exercises and custom categories

– Easily copy an entire workout with three taps. All data copied included weight, reps, and notes. Just change the date and you have a complete workout.

– Email workout results for easy import into spreadsheets

– Track body weight and graph your progress

– Track body measurements and graph your progress

– Backup all of your Fit Phone data in just a few seconds using SyncDocs. SyncDocs is available for free. Download it, run it, connect to your local WiFi network and backup your data so you never have to worry about unexpected data loss again.

– Constantly updated based on users feedback. So please contact us with any questions or feature requests.

Please read our reviews sorted by most recent. Unlike other apps out there we haven’t generated a bunch of fake reviews just to up our popularity. So you’ll find the most recent reviews the most useful since a lot of the older requests or issues have all been resolved.

Fit PhoneFit PhoneFit PhoneFit PhoneFit Phone


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