iSSH – SSH Console

iSSH - SSH Console$3.99 from Zinger-Soft iSSH - SSH Console

SSH and Telnet emulator of VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, xterm, and xterm-color terminals. Raw connections also supported.

* Portrait and landscape mode
* 53×24 or 80×24 with scroll-back buffer (by swiping in right 1/3rd of screen)
* Arrow keys (by swiping in left 2/3rd of screen). Ctrl, alt, esc, tab, shift, Fn keys (1-10), ` key, all in combination.
Keys are highlighted to confirm combination.
* Multiple simultaneous connections
* Store any number of connections and configurations
* Command execution on connection
* Transparent keyboard
* Three selectable monospaced fonts
* Via EDGE, WiFi or 3G
* Support for any non-standard ssh port
* RSA and DSA key generation and exchange via email or password-connected SSH
* Can support “uninterrupted” connections via GNU Screen and the command option.
* Transfers public keys automatically, without needing to email first.
* Pinch zooming
* Reachability notification
* Clean, consistent iPhone UI

Multiple simultaneous connections, more secure, more complete terminal compatibility, more language-complete fonts, more keys and a more iPhone consistent UI than all other SSH clients, both more and less expensive.

Like all other legitimate SSH apps in the App Store, this is an SSH CLIENT ONLY. Transferring files via WinSCP will not and cannot work.

Version 3.0 will have:
* Xserver

Future Plans:
* Tunneled VNC Client

iSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH Console


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