Mail2Group – Send email to groups

Mail2Group - Send email to groups$3.99 from Javid Alimohideen Mail2Group - Send email to groups

New features in the latest update.
1. Sending pictures to group using SMTP.
2. Forward mode.
3. Minor bug fixes.

Mail2Group, a powerful, yet easy to use application to send email to groups. The highly customizable and configurable nature of this application allows users to create several groups with multiple contacts and launch the mail application with just one click.
It provides an elegant, simple interface that you are already familiar with, to create and maintain your groups.

With as single tap, you can change your contact to be a either “To”, “CC” or “BCC” recipient in the group. Apart from just adding contacts from your phone book, it also allows you to add email address of contacts outside of your phonebook. Also, a pre-defined subject and body message can be set for every group which makes it much easier when you are sending repetitive information to same group of people often.

With Mail2Group, you can also email picture to the groups using SMTP.

If still not sure Mail2Group would meet all your needs, try Mail2Group Lite for FREE!!

Some useful tips:
1. Use the body message to set personalized signatures for every group.
2. To change the type to “To”, “CC” or “BCC”, just touch the contact’s email address or name on the detailed view.
3. Use the copy feature to create new groups from existing ones without having to add contacts manualy.
3. Change type to “X” to exclude a member from the group easily without removing him/her from the group.
4. Use reply/forward mode to ignore pre-defined subject or body text when wanting to forward emails to groups.
5. Checkout the settings feature (resembles a toolbar icon) on how to show a confirmation message, sort groups by name and configure
SMTP settings.

Please, visit the support website to learn on how to setup SMTP settings to be able to send pictures to groups.

Feature List:
Create multiple groups.
Existing Groups can be copied to create new groups.
Support any number of email addresses.
Email address can be chosen from the Phonebook or entered manually.
Add/Edit/Delete email addresses from the group.
Email addresses can be re-arranged in the order you would like to populate the recipients list.
Set “To”, “cc” and “BCC” labels to individual email address.
Set a customized subject and body text for every group.
Groups can be sorted alphabetically or re-arranged by you.
Change label of contact to “X” to exclude them temporarily from the list.
Send pictures to groups.

Planned Features for next release:
1. Ability to select multiple groups.

Have any more wish list for version 1.2?
Post it as a review or comment and I will try to make the wish come true.

Post your likes and dislikes about the app. Please, report any bugs on the support site or email me

Please, visit the website for a brief overview and tutorial of all the features available in Mail2Group

How to use Mail2Group to reply or forward from Mail App.
1. Open Mail Application, select the message to be forwarded (or replied).
2. Choose the forward or reply option from the bottom menu.
3. Close Mail App and Open Mail2Group.
4. Click on the Group that you would like to forward the mail.
The message to be forwarded is populated with all the recipient’s email addresses.

This application was primarily built to aid the built in Mail application and not duplicate its functionality.

Note: Groups created within this application are not available outside of this application. A future update is to allow the groups created within the phone book to be shown on the list.

Mail2Group - Send email to groupsMail2Group - Send email to groupsMail2Group - Send email to groupsMail2Group - Send email to groupsMail2Group - Send email to groups

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