Save Dollars – Internet Shopping Pricer

April 14, 2009

Save Dollars - Internet Shopping Pricer$0.99 from Bad Dog Apps Save Dollars - Internet Shopping Pricer

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Ever find yourself standing in a store looking at what appears to be a great buy? How do you know?

Save $ is a remarkable iPhone tool that allows you to instantly:

• Find the range and lowest prices of an item
• Read reviews from customers about the seller
• See what buyers say about the product
• Save Favorites for later comparison and annotation
• Bookmark common searches for future use

If available, look at the complete technical specifications
And more

Free apps don’t always show the lowest prices. Save $ was developed with only one goal in mind—find the user the best price fast. You will probably pay for Save $ with your first purchase over $50 using comparative pricing.

Save $ is easy to use. Type in the bar code number, ISBN number or the name of the product and receive quick results. To make it even easier, Save $ has a Quick Lookup Directory to find common items from 15 product categories, with over 150 sub-categories and 3,000 sub-sub categories.

Scroll through search results to review sellers, products (including photos if available) and prices. When you select an item, you will see a list of the sellers with prices, star ratings for each seller and the number of seller reviews. You can use you iPhone to order the product if you have found what you are looking for, or mark sellers of interest for later review by clicking the Favorites icon.

Favorites is a powerful tool in Save $. Once you have added the various sellers you are interested in researching to Favorites, you are offered the following tools: a more complete description of the product, a link to the seller’s website and a link to all the reviews for the seller. The bottom of the page reveals additional icons. You can use these to return to Favorites, see product star ratings, link to user reviews and access full product technical information (if available). You can also email the seller’s website link to yourself or a friend. You can even add notes and and your own photo.

Note: An internet connection or 3G wireless is required to do live product searches. All searched information is in English. Product and pricing information from American retailers is in US dollars only. Depending on your location in the world, you may or may not be able to order products form their websites.

Save Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping Pricer


Note And Sketch

April 14, 2009

Note And Sketch$1.99 from Hung Duong Note And Sketch

Take note by typing input text and drawing using your figures.

Email text from your note.

Export your notes to your photo album. From there, you can sync it with your desktop or laptop computer, or you can email it to any email address.

Find our notes instantly with search, and sort (by title or by date) features. A sophisticated search algorithm will understand what your looking for and give your the best matched result.

– Sketch your ideas during brain storming.
– Create your cool diary with visual illustrations to express your feeling and emotions.
– Take lecture notes, class notes. Must have for students.
– Illustrate flow diagrams or systems.
– Create scientific histograms.
– Explain business trends.
– Layout plans.
– Draw art pictures.
– Create notes for math, physics, chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, medicine, mechanics, computer science, electrical engineering, geology, earth science, finance, economy, accounting, statistics, history, physiology, social sciences, education, or any subject.
– Write down simple to-do lists, shopping list, grocery items, sport game plan, cheat sheets, memo and task for lab experiments, keep track of what you spend or business expenses, travel and trips plan, or any typical document.

No matter who you are, journalist, student, scientist, medical doctor, engineer, designer, businessman, tradesman, team manager, musician, artist, or anyone else, NoteAndSketch is the most powerful tool to record and share your thoughts to others. It boosts up your productivity and creativity.

Enjoy convenient typing with virtual keyboard and sketch confidently with the undo and redo feature.

Please visit htttp:// for questions and 24/7 technical supports.

1. The height of your note page is not limited to the size of the screen.
2. Easy switching between drawing mode and typing mode by touch on the same pencil button in the toolbar.
3. Redo and undo drawings are available. Not only that, you can still undo drawing even if you quit the application and relaunch it.
4. Export your notes to your photo album.

Note And SketchNote And SketchNote And Sketch

iSSH – SSH Console

April 14, 2009

iSSH - SSH Console$3.99 from Zinger-Soft iSSH - SSH Console

SSH and Telnet emulator of VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, xterm, and xterm-color terminals. Raw connections also supported.

* Portrait and landscape mode
* 53×24 or 80×24 with scroll-back buffer (by swiping in right 1/3rd of screen)
* Arrow keys (by swiping in left 2/3rd of screen). Ctrl, alt, esc, tab, shift, Fn keys (1-10), ` key, all in combination.
Keys are highlighted to confirm combination.
* Multiple simultaneous connections
* Store any number of connections and configurations
* Command execution on connection
* Transparent keyboard
* Three selectable monospaced fonts
* Via EDGE, WiFi or 3G
* Support for any non-standard ssh port
* RSA and DSA key generation and exchange via email or password-connected SSH
* Can support “uninterrupted” connections via GNU Screen and the command option.
* Transfers public keys automatically, without needing to email first.
* Pinch zooming
* Reachability notification
* Clean, consistent iPhone UI

Multiple simultaneous connections, more secure, more complete terminal compatibility, more language-complete fonts, more keys and a more iPhone consistent UI than all other SSH clients, both more and less expensive.

Like all other legitimate SSH apps in the App Store, this is an SSH CLIENT ONLY. Transferring files via WinSCP will not and cannot work.

Version 3.0 will have:
* Xserver

Future Plans:
* Tunneled VNC Client

iSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH Console

iNavX Marine Navigation

April 14, 2009

iNavX Marine Navigation$49.99 from GPSNavX iNavX Marine Navigation

iNavX™ brings official NOAA RNC raster US waters marine charts to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Detailed chart coverage includes West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast, Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii, and Virgin Islands.

Navionics Gold charts and HotMaps, Trak Canada lakes maps or Solteknik Sweden waters marine charts may be purchased separately via X-Traverse.

With iNavX™ you can use the iPhone’s built in location services (i.e. GPS, cell tower, wifi) to plot your position in real-time on the multi-touch scrolling and zooming marine chart.

Using the iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s WiFi connection, iNavX™ can act as a repeater for popular marine navigation software that supports NMEA data over TCP/IP such as MacENC or other MS Windows marine navigation applications (i.e. Coastal Explorer, Expedition). This includes GPS, AIS receivers & transponders, and Instruments (Depth, Speed, Wind, etc.)

In addition to real-time chart plotting, iNavX™ supports waypoints, track log, measuring bearing/distance, GRIB weather forecast, tides/currents and port/navaid search.

iNavX is updated frequently and all updates are provided at no additional expense. More chart & map coverage is coming very soon.

Keywords: boat boating sail sailing map maps waypoint wind pressure temperature sea Navionics Hotmaps X-Traverse

iNavX Marine NavigationiNavX Marine NavigationiNavX Marine NavigationiNavX Marine NavigationiNavX Marine Navigation

QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!

April 14, 2009

QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!$0.99 from nFinity Inc QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!

QuickVoice PRO has all the GREAT FEATURES of our free recorder plus 20 times longer voice emailing (up to 20MB!) and a FREE BONUS copy of our award winning QuickVoice for Mac and Windows PCs. It’s a whopping $15 value for just 99 cents! The free bonus is for a limited time only so GET IT NOW!

These two QuickVoice apps are ideal for capturing ideas, voice memos, dictation, To Do lists, classes, meetings, even entire lectures and seminars! Great for professional, educational, and personal use.

QuickVoice for the iPhone
Is simply the best featured iPhone voice recorder available. #1 in more countries than any other and as such provides: 1-Touch Recording, Voice Email, HQ Recording Modes, ‘Mic on Top’ Record Mode, Scan/FFWD/RWND, Pause Record, and many more features too numerous to mention here (visit our site).

QuickVoice BONUS for Mac & Windows
This is a Macworld “Best Software Under $40” (you get it free!) featuring an award-winning Voice Recorder, Voice Email, Voice Reminders, Desktop Voice Stickies, Send to iTunes, and a Full Blown Editor. To obtain the free bonus app simply send an email to

This is arguably the best deal in the entire app store so GET IT NOW while it’s available. The bonus offer ends soon!

QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!

Fit Phone

April 14, 2009

Fit Phone$4.99 from bedaronco Fit Phone

Fit Phone is an electronic workout log and weight tracker for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Fit Phone is a highly customizable workout log that lets you add as many custom exercises, categories, and workouts as you like. We also have some unique features like interactive graphs that let you quickly and easily see how you’ve been progressing in selected exercises or see what exercises you’ve been performing the most. You can also track your body weight and body measurements and graph all your results.

Visit our website for a complete overview, including screenshots, at Know what you’re getting before you buy it. Once you check out Fit Phone you won’t have to look at any more Workout apps. We’ve been around since the app store opened and we only get better.


– Complete workout log so you can get rid of the pen and paper.

– Create custom workouts by setting a name, date, and adding exercises

– Enter results for weight/rep based or time based exercises

– Interactive graphs to easily track progress in just a few taps. Graph all exercises performed or graph exercise results over time.

– Preloaded with exercises with the ability to easily add your own custom exercises and custom categories

– Easily copy an entire workout with three taps. All data copied included weight, reps, and notes. Just change the date and you have a complete workout.

– Email workout results for easy import into spreadsheets

– Track body weight and graph your progress

– Track body measurements and graph your progress

– Backup all of your Fit Phone data in just a few seconds using SyncDocs. SyncDocs is available for free. Download it, run it, connect to your local WiFi network and backup your data so you never have to worry about unexpected data loss again.

– Constantly updated based on users feedback. So please contact us with any questions or feature requests.

Please read our reviews sorted by most recent. Unlike other apps out there we haven’t generated a bunch of fake reviews just to up our popularity. So you’ll find the most recent reviews the most useful since a lot of the older requests or issues have all been resolved.

Fit PhoneFit PhoneFit PhoneFit PhoneFit Phone