PhotoNote – take notes with photos

PhotoNote - take notes with photos$1.99 from Bananas Design PhotoNote - take notes with photos

ON SALE to celebrate the NEW RELEASE

PhotoNote is a simple and easy to use application that lets you take notes with photos.

See something that sparks an idea, like something in a shop, find an article in a newspaper of magazine, or spot a new book or CD? Are you taking photos for your business and need to add context to them?

Snap a quick photo and tag it with a note, so you’ll remember to action it later. Use it to take a picture memo or use it as a diary.

—— VERSION 1.3 OUT NOW ——–
Thank you for your continued support. Version 1.3 is out now and contains various improvements.

As requested by many customers, this version allows you to email your PhotoNotes.

Several other improvements are also included in this release:
* bugfixes for odd-size pictures. now showing correctly.
* updated next and previous buttons
* full-screen display improved
* OS3.0 compatibility fixes
* increased resolution
* various performance improvements


The main screen shows a list of your PhotoNotes. Browse your notes, navigate to the detail or delete your Photo Notes from here.
To add a new PhotoNote, simply click the ‘+’ button. The application will ask if you want to use the Camera or use a photo from the Library. And now you can even take notes without a photo. [Make sure the “Select Camera/Library” option is turned ON to use this functionality.]

Within the detail screen you can easily navigate between the notes by clicking the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.
Send your PhotoNote by clicking the email button. You can use the PhotoNote Mailer or set up your own SMTP account.

The list of categories can be edited to suit your own needs. You can also set a default category for new PhotoNotes.

* Save Photos to the Photo Library
Can be turned ON or OFF. ON will save a copy of each photo in the Photo Library. This allows you to use the photos outside of the application as well.

* Start PhotoNote with the Camera
Turn this ON for instant camera access when you start the application.

* Select Camera / Library
Turn this OFF if you want to avoid the extra “tap” and go straight to camera.
Turn this ON if you want to use photos from the Photo Library or want to take notes without a photo.

This application is fully functional on the iPod Touch as well, but as the iPod Touch does not have a camera, you can only use the pictures from your photo library or create notes without a photo.

———- CUSTOMERS SAY ——————-
“Just what I needed. Great little app. Works a treat.”
“…it’s a great application!!!”
“I have been looking for a program such as this since I 1st got my iPhone ”

A free version, PhotoNote Lite, is also available in the AppStore and allows you to take up to 4 PhotoNotes.

PhotoNote - take notes with photosPhotoNote - take notes with photosPhotoNote - take notes with photosPhotoNote - take notes with photosPhotoNote - take notes with photos

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