Save Dollars – Internet Shopping Pricer

Save Dollars - Internet Shopping Pricer$0.99 from Bad Dog Apps Save Dollars - Internet Shopping Pricer

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Ever find yourself standing in a store looking at what appears to be a great buy? How do you know?

Save $ is a remarkable iPhone tool that allows you to instantly:

• Find the range and lowest prices of an item
• Read reviews from customers about the seller
• See what buyers say about the product
• Save Favorites for later comparison and annotation
• Bookmark common searches for future use

If available, look at the complete technical specifications
And more

Free apps don’t always show the lowest prices. Save $ was developed with only one goal in mind—find the user the best price fast. You will probably pay for Save $ with your first purchase over $50 using comparative pricing.

Save $ is easy to use. Type in the bar code number, ISBN number or the name of the product and receive quick results. To make it even easier, Save $ has a Quick Lookup Directory to find common items from 15 product categories, with over 150 sub-categories and 3,000 sub-sub categories.

Scroll through search results to review sellers, products (including photos if available) and prices. When you select an item, you will see a list of the sellers with prices, star ratings for each seller and the number of seller reviews. You can use you iPhone to order the product if you have found what you are looking for, or mark sellers of interest for later review by clicking the Favorites icon.

Favorites is a powerful tool in Save $. Once you have added the various sellers you are interested in researching to Favorites, you are offered the following tools: a more complete description of the product, a link to the seller’s website and a link to all the reviews for the seller. The bottom of the page reveals additional icons. You can use these to return to Favorites, see product star ratings, link to user reviews and access full product technical information (if available). You can also email the seller’s website link to yourself or a friend. You can even add notes and and your own photo.

Note: An internet connection or 3G wireless is required to do live product searches. All searched information is in English. Product and pricing information from American retailers is in US dollars only. Depending on your location in the world, you may or may not be able to order products form their websites.

Save Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping Pricer

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