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April 15, 2009

mind Wave$1.99 from Jakub Koter mind Wave

Number 1 binaural tones app! Was 1 app in Canada, Italy and Singapore.

Now available on iTunes Music Store under Mindwave pro. Perfect for older ipods.

Mind Wave is a unique brain wave application that puts you to a certain state of mind. These Binaural tones help to improve the learning process, relieve headaches, help you fall asleep, relax and even get rid of bad habits like smoking, binaural tones are very useful for ADHD.

Mindwave is now also available via Itunes music store. But this app is still #1 deal.

I have included 16 binaural beats to entertain your brain waves:
●Study Aid
●Sleep Induction
●Deep Meditation
●Mental Refreshed
●Creativity Boost
●Focusing Attention
●Weight loss
●Headache Treatment
●Deep Theta – Powerful relaxer
●PMS Relieve *NEW
●Relax AirTunes (Can be used without headphones) *NEW
●ADD / ADHD Hyperactivity *NEW
●Accelerated Growth/Healing *NEW
NEW IQ intelligence increase listen during studying complex tasks.

Actual Reviews:
Awesome App!!
– used last night for my headache and it actually went away!!… been looking for something like this for a while now!.

I finally found the only app which really uses the right frequency for the learning mode (theta). The only binaural app worth it !

How it works: The easiest way of stimulating the brain is through ears. Other senses are often used as well like vision. The problem is that humans cannot hear low sounds, which are very useful for brain wave stimulation, that’s where a technique called binaural beats is used.

Let me give you an example of a binaural beat/tone. Right ear is given a steady tone of 400Hz and the left one is given 410Hz, these tones combine in your brain to achieve a 10hz difference. This 10Hz tone is totally formed by your brain. This can only be achieved when using stereo headphones since the right and left channels do not mix until in your brain.

There are four frequency stages:
●Delta (0.5Hz-5hz)
●Theta (4Hz-8Hz)
●Alpha (8Hz-14Hz)
●Beta (14Hz-30Hz

For example: Theta stage (4hz-7Hz) has been found to increase learning abilities. Children spend more time in theta stage than adults, which could explain their accelerated learning capabilities.

I hope you enjoy this brainwave entertainment application as much as I do. More presets to come every month.

●Can I use earbuds that came with iphone/ipod.
–Yes, these are stereo and work great.
●When should I listen to the tones?
–Best time is during the activity you want to accomplish. For example listen while studying, or while trying to fall asleep.
●There is static noise, is this from low quality sound?
— No, these static frequencies are intentional and have major effects on the potency of the tones.
●I got a headache after listening is it normal?
— Some(Very few) people may experience a headache the very first time they listen, this is due to neural change. Your brainwaves are adjusting causing a slight headache. Your next session should be fine.

NOTE: You must wear stereo headphones in order for this application to have any affect. Do not use if you have a pacemaker or if you have epilepsy(visual stimulator in v2).

If you have any questions please email me.
Support email: jakub@mediahead.com

mind Wavemind Wavemind Wave

Iphone to the Max #2
I have been using the Iphone since September 2007. My set of applications has evolved considerably. here is an updated current configuration: Organising my Day: Task Management -Things; Time Sheeting -Jobs 1.0. Record My Thoughts

Top 100 iPhone Apps for Your Health and Fitness
100 Fabulous iPhone Apps for Your Health and Fitness. For many people, the iPhone and iPod Touch mean holding the world in your pocket. But did you ever consider that you can use your device to become healthier?

IPhone to the Max
I am using my Iphone to the extreme at the moment. My goal is to use it to the absolute maximum to get the best possible benefit. Here is a list of applications and their purposes: Organising my Day:

aSleep vs. Mindwave: A Sleepy Showdown
aSleep v Brainwave. For the past two weeks I’ve been struggling to get some sleep. Whether it be insomnia or because I sometimes need to work night shifts – I’m still not sleeping until three in the morning.


April 15, 2009

Juxtaposer$2.99 from Hendrik Kueck Juxtaposer

Juxtaposer lets you combine multiple pictures into fun photomontages quickly and easily thanks to its amazingly intuitive and responsive user interface.

Take any element from one picture and add it to another. Put your friend’s head on a statue’s body, remix your pets into a mythical creature, or magically join your favorite band, it’s simple and the process is fun.

Quotes from external reviews:
* TUAW: “This $2.99 app is a lot of fun, as well as one of the best-executed compositing tools for a mobile device that I’ve ever seen.”
* IphoneAppReviews: “Pretty much everyone, at some point in time, has had the uncontrollable urge to take a friend’s photo and do something truly evil with it. Juxtaposer is an awesome photo-editing tool that can make that dream a reality!”
* WhatsOnIphone.com: “The application works incredibly well and makes an otherwise challenging process simple and fun. It blows my mind that you can do such things on an iPhone.”

This is how you work with Juxtaposer: First, load in any two pictures – perhaps one of your dad, and one of your dog. Next, use your finger to erase around your dog’s head.
Quickly zoom in and out using two finger gestures. To cut out your dog’s head exactly, you first zoom out and make a rough outline, then zoom in, and erase or un-erase with pixel-accuracy.
Switch to move mode and use two fingers to move, re-size and rotate your dog’s head into place over dad’s.
It’s easy, intuitive and fun, and you’ll have a great new Dog-Dad in about a minute.

There is detailed in-program help if you need it and many cool features, including:
– Unlimited undo means no mistake or accidental brushstroke is permanent.
– Save directly to your photo album.
– Save multiple sessions and return to them later.
– Save top image cutouts as ‘stamps’ and use them in future projects.
– Use hard or soft brushes to create sharp or blurred edges.
– Create smooth blends between images with transparent brushes.
– Keep adding elements from other pictures to your composite image if you like.
– Red mask mode (second screen shot) lets you accurately isolate part of one image without being distracted by the second image in the background.
– Translucent mode makes it easy to align your images precisely.
– The stamp tool lets you add multiple copies of your cut-out to your composite.
– Work in portrait or landscape orientation; optionally have images auto-rotate.
– Switch to and from full-screen with the tap of a finger.
– Double-tap to quickly switch between erase and un-erase functions.
– Flip the top image.
– Set advanced settings in the Settings application.


iPhone Photography App Watch (April 17, 2009)
200904170118.jpg. 200904170119.jpg. 200904170120.jpg. 200904170121.jpg. === ImagingInsider.com. #iphone ipod touch.

Eleven photo apps for the iPhone and iPod touch you will like
Photo apps for the iPhone and iPod touch don’t really have much to do with anything you usually find around here, so if you want to leave now, I’ll understand. Photo apps are fun to mess with and some of them are actually quite good,

Essential iPhone Apps Scoreboard
The other day, I summarized what I believe to be the essential iPhone apps. Since then, I have uninstalled some apps and added some others. Here are the recent changes. pboard i.TV (free) has been uninstalled.

Tech for Grownups: The Essential iPhone Apps
Unlike just about everything else we in the tech blogosphere love to write about, the iPhone has crossed over into mainstream America in a big, big way. Over half of the adults in my close circle of friends have iPhones and many of the

Day 4, Giveaway 3 – Juxtaposer
Juxtposer is just one of those apps that you either love or you hate. Personally, I love it and don’t understand how anyone could not. Think about it, you take a picture and you take another picture, you take the parts of the first

Juxtaposer: fotomontaggi in tasca
Juxtaposer è solo l’ultimo, tra i software di “ritocco fotografico” per iPhone, ma è decisamente simpatico. Utilizzare questa piccola applicazione è semplice, intuitivo e veloce. Prima di tutto si scelgono 2 immagini ad esempio come

Quick App: Juxtaposer for the iPhone
I will admit I am not the biggest fan of Photoshop but I am into all of these compositing apps in the App Store and this new application, Juxtaposer, [iTunes link] is one you can really have some fun with, especially if you like taking

Deluxeware Weather

April 15, 2009

Deluxeware Weather$2.99 from Chillingo Ltd Deluxeware Weather

Make your own weather station now! Current condition for the entire world (and for specific regions) updates every 15 minutes. Forecast information updates every 6 hours.

Before making travel plans for a hotel or flight, it can be useful to check the weather for where you want to go.

Features include:

– Fun images (clouds, sun, rain, snow) and indications of the general status
– High and low day temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
– Wind direction and speed in mph, km/h
– Dew point, Visibility, Humidity
– Current local time for cities
– Detailed view for each day of forecast
– The sun’s ultraviolet intensity level (UV index)
– Date/Time format settings
– Actual feel temperature
– 48-hours forecast
– 7 days forecast
– 14 days forecast
– Easy to use

Deluxeware Weather is developed by Deluxeware and published by Chillingo Ltd

Deluxeware WeatherDeluxeware WeatherDeluxeware WeatherDeluxeware WeatherDeluxeware Weather

App Roundup: 10 iPhone Weather Apps
In my line of work, I do quite a bit both indoors and outdoors. As such, it is crucial for me to know the weather forecast at the drop of a hat. The weather app built into the iPhone is a simple, no fluff, no garbage, weather app.


April 15, 2009

GolfCard$4.99 from Senygma Inc. GolfCard

A professional ALL-IN-ONE app for the casual and serious golfer. Includes scoring just like a real golf card, range finder with maps, and statistics with a calculated handicap. We understand that your primary goal is to improve your game, and have fun while you are out playing… not be distracted by the tools you use.

We are working to create a product that will have great value for years, which includes the desktop the companion called AppSafe. If there’s anything you want to see improved, just let us know and we’ll do it.


There are over 21,000 worldwide courses available. No other golf app comes close. If you don’t see the course you are looking for, then no problem… you have three options: 1. Ask info@oobgolf.com to add the course (typically added in a few hours). 2. Go directly to http://www.oobgolf.com to enter the course yourself. 3. Enter it directly into GolfCard using the powerful course editor.

SCORING (iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod Touch):
The revolutionary score entry makes it even easier than paper and pencil. It looks just like a real score card, so you always get a birds eye of all the scoring details of all the players. Scoring is as simple as tap on the appropriate square just like writing in your score on the paper card. Scoring can be as detailed or as simple as you would like depending on how many details you want to keep.

GRAPHS & STATISTICS (iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod Touch)
After playing a round you will be able to sit back and analyze your game in great detail. Even email it to your friends. See your updated handicap index. Compare previous rounds using several different line graphs, and a table of calculated details. You will always know where your game can improve.

RANGE FINDER (iPhone 3G only):
Mark up to 10 locations per hole (tee, green, hazards, ball). 4 satellite views are provided (here, tee, fairway, green). With the ‘Here’ view, you don’t ever need any markers. Use your finger on the image to measure distance to any location.

Use the free desktop app called AppSafe to backup/restore GolfCard information, and edit range finder markers. This desktop app will be evoling over time to include statistics and a course editor.

– Any number of players per round.
– Record chips, bunker shots, putts, penalties, G.I.R (yes, no), fairway hit (yes, no, left, right).
– Upload scores to oobgolf.com
– Designed for disc golf also.
– All screens support PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE.
– Call the golf club for a tee time.
– Get driving directions and conditions with google maps.
– Uses international characters, so course names and player names can be in any language.
– Can change date of score card to enter old rounds.


We take pride in making GolfCard the most sophisticated but easy to use, all in one golf tracking product. We have a fantastic development team and support group. This application is evolving incredibly quickly, and it’s all based on what customers are looking for. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding the following:
– Sharing range finder marker locations with everyone.
– Several betting modes including Nassau.
– A player manager.


Units calc

April 15, 2009

Units calc$0.99 from Petr Jankuj Units calc

Units calc is great application, which has really different user interface then other converters. Application was developed for fast and simple conversion. You don’t have to difficulty search what unit you need convert.
App is simple and has nice UI like weather app in your iPhone. It is also clever, because it supports negative values and exponents.
For really quick conversion, you can enable Quick look function and you will see all your converters. Just touch them!

-Convert temperature, mass, length, area, volume, pressure, power, energy,time and currency
-App remembers your last used converter
-Remove converters what you don’t need and then add them
-Support English, French, German, Spanish and Czech language


converter; convert; units; measure; measurements; unit; conversion; updating; currencies; currency; length; area; volume; time; energy; mass; weight; temperature; quick look;

Units calcUnits calcUnits calcUnits calcUnits calc

Chord Play

April 15, 2009

Chord Play$1.99 from rubbleDev Chord Play

Chord Play 2.0



Chord Play 2.0 lets you play chords on your iPhone and iPod Touch in a guitar 6 string interface. Simply tap on chords you want to play and then use the 6 strings to play the notes of the chord as you would on a guitar. You can pick and choose up to 12 chords to have in front of you at any time. You can easily save your song layouts to use any time.

Chord Play comes with multiple sounds to play with: Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Distorted guitar, Mute Pluck guitar, and even Piano.

Chord Play also features a built in library of 1600+ chords to choose from. Have other custom chords you want to use? The chord creator lets you define & save even more chords to use. Use sliders to position guitar strings to which fret you’d like them to play and then save the chord for use.


* Play chords using 6 strings like on a guitar
* Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Distorted guitar, Mute Pluck guitar & Piano sounds to play with
* Built in chord library of 1600+ chords to choose from
* Tab notation shown above strings for guitarist reference
* Position up to 12 chords for your most accessible chord layout
* Save and load song layouts for easy switching
* Easily define & save custom chords up to the 15th fret using the chord creator

Chord PlayChord PlayChord PlayChord PlayChord Play

iStockManager – Brokerage Services by TD AMERITRADE

April 15, 2009

iStockManager - Brokerage Services by TD AMERITRADE$0.00 from iStockManager iStockManager - Brokerage Services by TD AMERITRADE

iStockManager has teamed up with TD AMERITRADE to provide the most robust trading application available for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed to give you secure, quick and simple access to your TD AMERITRADE account to place trades and check the market while on the go. You will have access to equity and option trading, streaming data, real time balances and positions, news and more right at your finger tips. Make trades or simply keep an eye on the market, iStockManager gives you the freedom, access and security you need to stay on top of your TD AMERITRADE account.

Now also available for BlackBerry®!
Check our site for more info.

(Restrictions Apply)
For more info go to:

– Fully integrated trading with TD AMERITRADE
– Real Time Streaming Quotes
– Charts
– Level II quotes
– Market Data
– Trade Stocks & Options
– Order Status
– News
– Account information
– Balances and Positions
– Much more!

Look for iStockManager in TD AMERITRADE’s partner tools.

Ask your questions, report bugs and share your thoughts in our forum:

Brokerage services provide exclusively by TD AMERITRADE Inc. member FINRA/SIPC.
Requires a TD AMERITRADE account to access.
TD AMERITRADE and iStockManager are separate and unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other’s products and services

iStockManager - Brokerage Services by TD AMERITRADEiStockManager - Brokerage Services by TD AMERITRADEiStockManager - Brokerage Services by TD AMERITRADEiStockManager - Brokerage Services by TD AMERITRADEiStockManager - Brokerage Services by TD AMERITRADE


April 15, 2009

HANDiBIBLE$4.99 from JerryBeers.com HANDiBIBLE

With HANDiBIBLE, your Bible will always be close at hand. Whether you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be able to find scripture quickly and easily. And since HANDiBIBLE does not require an internet connection, you will be able to look up scripture no matter where you are.

What makes HANDiBIBLE better than some other iPhone Bible applications is that our users help determine the features that will be included in free updates. Currently, the translation is King James Version, but if you are looking for another translation, let us know.

Be a part of the HANDiBIBLE experience. For more information on HANDiBIBLE or to submit a feature idea visit http://www.handibible.com.

Previous updates:
– Pinch to change font size
– Swipe to change chapters
– Left and right chapter buttons
– Easier to read font
– Search: one of the most requested features is now here!
– Improved navigation: change verses more quickly with a new navigation system
– Feedback: send us your requests and comments more easily