HANDiBIBLE$4.99 from JerryBeers.com HANDiBIBLE

With HANDiBIBLE, your Bible will always be close at hand. Whether you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be able to find scripture quickly and easily. And since HANDiBIBLE does not require an internet connection, you will be able to look up scripture no matter where you are.

What makes HANDiBIBLE better than some other iPhone Bible applications is that our users help determine the features that will be included in free updates. Currently, the translation is King James Version, but if you are looking for another translation, let us know.

Be a part of the HANDiBIBLE experience. For more information on HANDiBIBLE or to submit a feature idea visit http://www.handibible.com.

Previous updates:
– Pinch to change font size
– Swipe to change chapters
– Left and right chapter buttons
– Easier to read font
– Search: one of the most requested features is now here!
– Improved navigation: change verses more quickly with a new navigation system
– Feedback: send us your requests and comments more easily


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