mind Wave

mind Wave$1.99 from Jakub Koter mind Wave

Number 1 binaural tones app! Was 1 app in Canada, Italy and Singapore.

Now available on iTunes Music Store under Mindwave pro. Perfect for older ipods.

Mind Wave is a unique brain wave application that puts you to a certain state of mind. These Binaural tones help to improve the learning process, relieve headaches, help you fall asleep, relax and even get rid of bad habits like smoking, binaural tones are very useful for ADHD.

Mindwave is now also available via Itunes music store. But this app is still #1 deal.

I have included 16 binaural beats to entertain your brain waves:
●Study Aid
●Sleep Induction
●Deep Meditation
●Mental Refreshed
●Creativity Boost
●Focusing Attention
●Weight loss
●Headache Treatment
●Deep Theta – Powerful relaxer
●PMS Relieve *NEW
●Relax AirTunes (Can be used without headphones) *NEW
●ADD / ADHD Hyperactivity *NEW
●Accelerated Growth/Healing *NEW
NEW IQ intelligence increase listen during studying complex tasks.

Actual Reviews:
Awesome App!!
– used last night for my headache and it actually went away!!… been looking for something like this for a while now!.

I finally found the only app which really uses the right frequency for the learning mode (theta). The only binaural app worth it !

How it works: The easiest way of stimulating the brain is through ears. Other senses are often used as well like vision. The problem is that humans cannot hear low sounds, which are very useful for brain wave stimulation, that’s where a technique called binaural beats is used.

Let me give you an example of a binaural beat/tone. Right ear is given a steady tone of 400Hz and the left one is given 410Hz, these tones combine in your brain to achieve a 10hz difference. This 10Hz tone is totally formed by your brain. This can only be achieved when using stereo headphones since the right and left channels do not mix until in your brain.

There are four frequency stages:
●Delta (0.5Hz-5hz)
●Theta (4Hz-8Hz)
●Alpha (8Hz-14Hz)
●Beta (14Hz-30Hz

For example: Theta stage (4hz-7Hz) has been found to increase learning abilities. Children spend more time in theta stage than adults, which could explain their accelerated learning capabilities.

I hope you enjoy this brainwave entertainment application as much as I do. More presets to come every month.

●Can I use earbuds that came with iphone/ipod.
–Yes, these are stereo and work great.
●When should I listen to the tones?
–Best time is during the activity you want to accomplish. For example listen while studying, or while trying to fall asleep.
●There is static noise, is this from low quality sound?
— No, these static frequencies are intentional and have major effects on the potency of the tones.
●I got a headache after listening is it normal?
— Some(Very few) people may experience a headache the very first time they listen, this is due to neural change. Your brainwaves are adjusting causing a slight headache. Your next session should be fine.

NOTE: You must wear stereo headphones in order for this application to have any affect. Do not use if you have a pacemaker or if you have epilepsy(visual stimulator in v2).

If you have any questions please email me.
Support email: jakub@mediahead.com

mind Wavemind Wavemind Wave

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