APODViewer – Astronomy Picture of the Day

April 16, 2009

APODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the Day$2.99 from sendmetospace APODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the Day

“A delight, a fantastic voyage, an education, and a joy for young and old…” – US App Store Review

APODViewer provides a best iPhone interface to NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day Website (APOD).

Each day NASA’s APOD presents an astronomical image along with a description written by a professional astronomer. These images range from pictures of The Planets, Galaxies, Nebula to astronomical phenomena here on Earth.

If you are an astronomy student, an enthusiast or just want to view beautiful images and discover and learn about the mysteries of the universe around you, then APODViewer is for you.

Feature rich, in addition to showing the current day’s APOD image, APODViewer provides the following:

– iPhone friendly interface in portrait and landscape mode
– Easy navigation back and forth between daily APODs
– Keywords SEARCH of every APOD ever published
– The ability to SAVE and store your FAVOURITE APODs
– OFF LINE access to saved Favourites – no network required!
– Select an APOD by date from over 5000 published since 1995
– Random APOD – just give your iPhone/Touch a quick shake to refresh with a new random APOD
– Display APOD picture with the ability to zoom and scroll the image to reveal its detail
– SAVE large or medium APOD PICTURE to the iPhone’s built in PHOTOS LIBRARY (where you can use it as Wallpaper or sync back to your machine).
– Localised Date Settings

UTILISATEURS EN FRANCAIS, Veuillez noter : Seule l’interface est en français. Le titre, l’explication, et les attributs d’images sont pour le moment UNIQUEMENT DISPONIBLE EN ANGLAIS

APODViewer requires an internet connection (GPRS or 3G recommended as the images can be large)

INSTALLATION – after downloading, we recommend you restart your iPhone/iPod Touch before using.

NB If you experience “fuzzy” images when saving, then ensure you upgrade your iPhone’s firmware to v2.2.1.

REVIEWS – all feedback is welcomed and helps us improve the application to give you the best possible experience.

About image permissions:

All the images displayed on the APODViewer are credited to the owner or institution where they originated. Some of the images are copyrighted and to use these pictures publicly or commercially you must write to the owners for permission.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – not sure you want to pay the price of a cup of coffee? Then check out APODViewerLite instead.

Need to contact us? http://sendmetospace.tel

APODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the DayAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the DayAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the DayAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the DayAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the Day

Keynote-video nu online te bekijken
keynote online De video van de Apple-keynote, gepresenteerd door Phil Schiller, is nu online te bekijken. Je kunt de video binnenkort ook als videopodcast via iTunes naar de iPhone kopiëren. Je kunt de Macworld-keynote hier vinden.

Liquidação Black Friday na AppStore US – Apps
Na sexta feira depois do feriado de Ação de Graças, ou Thanksgiving, acontece uma enorme liquidação chamada de “Black Friday” e vários aplicativos estão com preço reduzido na App Store. Fiz uma seleção com alguns dos programas com

Le offerte del giorno su AppStore (28/11)
Anche oggi non mancano delle occasioni interessanti su AppStore. Vediamole insieme. Ballz (associare le bolle dello stesso colore): 0,79 euro (prezzo pieno 1,79 euro); iCanDrive (esercitarsi sui quiz della patente): 0,79 euro (prezzo

NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)

April 16, 2009

NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)$3.99 from Alexander Clauss NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)

NewsTap is a powerful Usenet Newsreader for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

– Optimized for offline usage, so you can read and write news articles without an internet connection (important for the iPod Touch and if your news server is not accessible through a telephone line or foreign WLAN hotspots). With a simple tap of your finger, the app will download all the new articles and send your own ones to the news groups in one short transaction. The internet connection is only needed for a very short time.

– It’s easy and simple to subscribe, manage and read news groups.

– Filters (also known as “Killfile”) can automatically mark articles as read or mark them with a certain color.

– The application fully supports the portrait and landscape mode.

– Limited support for binary groups so photos and pictures can be displayed as well. It’s possible to add photos into the photo album of the iPod or iPhone.

– Quotes are displayed in different colors. Colors are also used to distinguish between read and unread articles, locked articles and your own articles.

– Hyperlinks are automatically detected and can be opened in the web browser Safari.

– Optimized article layout for the small iPhone display. The original article layout is also available.

– Navigate within the articles from within the thread view or simply by flipping to the next/previous article with your finger.

– It’s possible to hide articles that are already read and to hide quotes.

– Post new articles or send followups.

– Build-in help, which explains all the application features.

– A bonus for Mac Users only (sorry, currently not available for Windows): With a special app that runs on your Mac, you can backup all the subscriptions and preferences and you can import/export “newsrc” files from othe Usenet newsreader apps which are running on your Mac (so you can synchronize NewsTap with another Usenet Newsreader).

For more screenshots please look at the developers web site.

Important: SSL connections are not yet supported. Usually News servers do not require SSL, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)

というわけで、退潮著しいfjを今でも読んだり書き込んだりしてるのですが、 どこでも読み書きしたいというわがままな感情がありまして、いろいろ今まで環境を探してました。 一番良かったのは、LinuxZaurus+WilcomのCFカード+シェル+(リモート

RECalc – Mortgage Loan Calculator

April 16, 2009

RECalc - Mortgage Loan Calculator$1.99 from Anil Bajaj RECalc - Mortgage Loan Calculator

RECalc is a Mortgage Calculator that is also a traditional Mathematical Calculator.

You can use RECalc to calculate the Monthly Payment, Term, Interest Rate or Loan Amount for a loan, as well as standard mathematical calculations as you would in any other calculator. You can modify any of the Calculation variables and re-calculate any of the values. You can also figure in Annual Property Tax, Homeowner’s Insurance and Mortgage Insurance, as well as a Down Payment amount/percentage. RECalc supports semi-annual compounding (Canadian Amortization) in addition to normal monthly compounding. With a click, you can display the complete Loan Summary and Amortization Table for your calculation. You can also email this to your desktop.

Whether you’re a real estate professional, mortgage broker, first time home buyer or looking to refinance, you can have RECalc easily accessible on your iPhone or iPod touch.

RECalc - Mortgage Loan CalculatorRECalc - Mortgage Loan CalculatorRECalc - Mortgage Loan CalculatorRECalc - Mortgage Loan CalculatorRECalc - Mortgage Loan Calculator

ES Musica

April 16, 2009

ES Musica$0.99 from GoTV Networks ES Musica

ES Música is the first ever Video on Demand made-for-mobile Latin channel on major U.S. carriers. ES Música features Latin Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Reggaeton, Regional Mexican and more providing music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, live performances and more from today’s biggest and brightest Latin artists. If it’s happening in Latin Music, you will find it here!

Video Chicas – Video Chicas brings the spiciest Latina’s to mobile – and gets them to reveal what makes them sizzle! With a new girl each Monday, everyone gets to fall in love with their favorite chica.

La Merca – Discover what’s new in Latin music with La Merca! Every Tuesday we’ll review the latest albums and judge how artists are burning up the charts with our Hot Chiles Meter!

La Charla – La Charla puts you in the room with Latin music’s elite for in-depth interviews, behind-the-scenes exclusives and rockin’ live performances.

Clandestino – Our Artist of the Month! “Clandestino” emancipates viewers from the mainstream introducing them to innovative musicians breaking new ground. Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Es Musica Live – Es Musica Live is the greatest seat in the house! Catch Latin music’s best artists performing nationwide, live for our cameras! Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month.

La Escena – Every Thursday, La Escena defines the phrase “all access.” We put viewers front-and-center with the definitive guide to all the major events and hot-spots everyone will be talking about.

En Resumen – En Resumen is celebrity dish with a lot of spice. Find out who dominated the headlines with our daily re-cap of the top 5 chismes in Latin music. Que Chismosos!!!

ES MusicaES MusicaES MusicaES MusicaES Musica

Rock on Altitude

April 16, 2009

Rock on Altitude$0.99 from GoTV Networks Rock on Altitude

ROCK ON ALTITUDE is your one stop video shop for everything new in Rock, Pop, Metal, and Indie music. ROCK ON ALTITUDE delivers the hottest new music videos, exclusive live performances, backstage interviews, breaking news, and gives you a front row seat to all the biggest music festivals featuring the worlds biggest actsÖ.all in the palm of your hand !

Get all the up to the minute news and highlights on whats happening this week in rock! Breaking music news, charts, new releases, and the latest tour info are all covered right here

Want to hear directly from your favorite artists? This is the place! ROCK ON ALTITUDE brings you exclusive interviews with cutting edge artists making noise and creating a buzz. Whether its backstage, on the video set, or in our ALTITUDE ARTIST LOUNGE, we give you the scoop straight from the horses mouthsÖ..the artist themselves.

We give you an all access backstage pass, bringing you top quality live performances along with backstage interviews and much much more. Looking to get past the velvet rope at the hottest parties and red carpet events in music entertainment? Your VIP pass lives here.

This area is a must for any real music fanatic. Whether itís exclusive acoustic performances in our Artist lounge or live concert events, ROCK ON ALTITUDE delivers top quality performances you wonít find anywhere else.

Sick of music channels that don’t play music videos? So are we! That’s why ROCK ON ALTITUDE gives you the hottest new videos you won’t find anywhere else. Rock, Indie, Metal. It’s all here and it’s all for you!

This is a must for all the fellas ! Sexy profiles of the hottest Rock Bikini Girls live in this section along with the latest reviews and news of the hottest new video games and gadgets that are hitting the market.

Rock on AltitudeRock on AltitudeRock on AltitudeRock on AltitudeRock on Altitude

Accounts – Checkbook

April 16, 2009

Accounts - Checkbook$1.99 from SVT Software Accounts - Checkbook

Accounts is a powerful, fast, and easy to use personal finance application to replace your paper checkbook. With the Accounts application, you will have a quicker and more convenient way to track your daily finances. You can schedule transactions, create recurring payees list, transfer funds, reconcile, export data, view charts, and much more. All features of the Accounts application are designed to be quick, clean, intuitive, and easy to use.


– Charts and Reports
See your monthly income vs. expense and spending by category visually through charts and reports.

– Recurring Transactions
Schedule transactions to repeat based on start date and frequency you choose.

– Recurring Payee List
Create a list of recurring payees for quick selection to avoid retyping the transaction detail over and over again.

– Reconcile mode
Reconcile by checking off cleared transactions and comparing the actual and outstanding balances against a bank statement.

– Transfers
Make a one-time transfer between accounts or set up recurring transfers to automatically repeat on the cycle you choose.

– Multiple Accounts
Supports unlimited number of accounts.

– Passcode Security
Passcode protection to keep your accounts information private.

– Export in CSV & QIF Formats
Export of accounts data via email for used with desktop applications such Numbers, Excel, Quicken, or MS Money.

– Large Number Keypad
The large keypad allows for easier, faster, and more accurate entry of numeric amounts

– Smart Descriptions & Categories
As you type, a list will show you your previously entered descriptions and corresponding category. Selecting an entry from the list will fill both fields of the transaction.

– Auto-increment Check # Field
Accounts will suggest the next check number for you based on the previously entered number. If you replace your checkbook, just enter the new starting number and Accounts will auto-increment from there.

– Customization Settings
Configurable settings to customize the Accounts application based on your preferences.

– Accounts Reordering
You can reorder the accounts from the account list in any order you choose.

– Transactions Sorting
Sort transactions either in ascending or descending order by date.

– Accounts Delete Lock
Prevents accidental deletion of all the transactions under an account.

– Fast Performance
The Accounts application has been tested and proven to be fast with well over 10,000 transactions

– Clean, Intuitive User Interface

– FREE Accounts Lite version
The Accounts application is feature rich and very easy to use. We are confident in the high quality of the application and that’s why we provide the Lite version so you can try before you buy. Just download the Accounts Lite version and see for yourself.

Accounts - CheckbookAccounts - CheckbookAccounts - CheckbookAccounts - CheckbookAccounts - Checkbook

Hip Hop Official

April 16, 2009

Hip Hop Official$0.99 from GoTV Networks Hip Hop Official

Hip Hop Official is the only hip hop music and culture video channel you need for your iPhone! Watch the latest music videos & live performances, as well as in-depth and exclusive interviews with hip hop’s hottest stars. Keep in tune with our daily updates of hip hop news, fashion and breaking artists that you need to know!

Can’t make it to your favorite artist’s concert? Don’t trip! Hip Hop Official is your exclusive backstage pass to some of the freshest concerts and tours across the country! Watch as your hip hop heroes take the stage and rock for the thousands in attendance.

Does your swag need a boost? Check out our weekly video updates on the newest streetwear, sneakers and accessories to keep you looking fresh to def!

Get the biggest artists on demand and in the palm of your hand. Video. Music. Culture….this is Hip Hop Official.

Hip Hop OfficialHip Hop OfficialHip Hop OfficialHip Hop OfficialHip Hop Official

Medical Calculator

April 16, 2009

Medical Calculator$0.99 from MarketWall.com Medical Calculator

Helps doctors and nurses compute useful formulas and equations.

With more than 200,000 installs worldwide, this is the most popular Medical Calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Try our other popular medical apps:

This clinical calculator gives you quick access to calculations that are too hard to memorize or perform in your head. MedCalc supports US and SI units.

More equations are coming soon in free updates!

If there’s a particular equation you’d like to see, let me know by visiting my website. I’m keeping a list and will work on adding the most popular requests first:

Current formulas:
* A-a Oxygen Gradient
* ABCD2 Score for TIA
* Absolute Neutrophile Count (ANC)
* Age Calculator
* Alcoholic Hepatitis Discriminant Function
* Anion Gap
* APGAR Score
* Basal Energy Expenditure
* Body Mass Index (BMI)
* Body Surface Area (BSA)
* Bicarb Deficit
* CHADS2 Score for stroke risk
* Child-Pugh Score
* Corrected Calcium for Hypoalbuminemia
* Corrected Phenytoin
* Corrected QT for HR (QTc)
* Corrected Sodium
* Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault)
* Creatinine Clearance (Measured)
* CSF WBC Correction for RBCs
* Delta Gap
* Fick Cardiac Output
* Fractional Excretion of Sodium (FENa)
* Fractional Excretion of Urea (FEUrea)
* Framingham Cardiac Risk
* Free Water Deficit
* GFR and Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault)
* Glasgow Coma Scale
* Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
* IV Dose Calculator
* IV Infusion Rate
* Lean Body Weight
* LDL Cholesterol
* Maintenance Fluids
* Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
* MELD Score (Model for End-Stage Liver Disease)
* Opioid (Narcotic) Converter
* Oxygenation Index
* Parkland Burns
+ Fluid requirements for first 8 hours
+ Fluid requirements for first 24 hours
* Peak Expiratory Flow
* PERC Rule
* PORT (PSI) Score
* Pregnancy Wheel
+ Enter last menstrual period (LMP) or due date (EDC)
+ Conception date
+ 1st trimester date
+ 2nd trimester date
+ Estimated Date of Confinement (EDC, due date)
+ Weeks pregnant today
* Ranson’s Criteria for pancreatitis mortality
* Renal Failure Index
* Serum Osmolality
* Steroid Converter
* TIMI Score for STEMI
* TIMI Score for UA/NSTEMI
* Weight Conversions
* Well’s Criteria for Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
* Winter’s Formula for Metabolic Acidosis Compensation

Medical CalculatorMedical CalculatorMedical CalculatorMedical CalculatorMedical Calculator


April 16, 2009

iTimeSheet$5.99 from JF Grang softwares iTimeSheet

iTimeSheet is a poweful task management (timesheet) application that helps you track time spent of projects.
The objective of iTimeSheet is to allow you to record your daily activities in less than 3 minutes thanks to a smart interface. With iTimeSheet you will know how much time you spent on a task, on a mission, for a client in a given period of time. This is ideal to make you activity reports, create bills for clients, improve you productivity and the knowledge of your schedule.

iTimeSheet is a must have for consultants, project managers, freelancers or for people who wants to know what they did and how they spend their time.
The main features are :
– Export your data by email as an Excel file attachment or in a table inserted in the body of your mail. The export function is available everywhere you need it (analytics, search, week view, etc.).
– Analytic module with charts to analyze the time spent for a client/project/task.
– Navigation in week, month or day mode
– Complete search in all the informations of the activities (mission name, comment, etc.) and direct export in one click
– Backup your data on the FTP server of your choice. The best way to secure / share your database.
– Smart, powerful, customizable and easy to use user interface

iTimeSheet is a time tracking, billing, timer application that can be used in many ways and that is adaptable to your needs. You will never forget what you did last week or the month before.


iTimeSheet, because time matters.