NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)

NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)$3.99 from Alexander Clauss NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)

NewsTap is a powerful Usenet Newsreader for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

– Optimized for offline usage, so you can read and write news articles without an internet connection (important for the iPod Touch and if your news server is not accessible through a telephone line or foreign WLAN hotspots). With a simple tap of your finger, the app will download all the new articles and send your own ones to the news groups in one short transaction. The internet connection is only needed for a very short time.

– It’s easy and simple to subscribe, manage and read news groups.

– Filters (also known as “Killfile”) can automatically mark articles as read or mark them with a certain color.

– The application fully supports the portrait and landscape mode.

– Limited support for binary groups so photos and pictures can be displayed as well. It’s possible to add photos into the photo album of the iPod or iPhone.

– Quotes are displayed in different colors. Colors are also used to distinguish between read and unread articles, locked articles and your own articles.

– Hyperlinks are automatically detected and can be opened in the web browser Safari.

– Optimized article layout for the small iPhone display. The original article layout is also available.

– Navigate within the articles from within the thread view or simply by flipping to the next/previous article with your finger.

– It’s possible to hide articles that are already read and to hide quotes.

– Post new articles or send followups.

– Build-in help, which explains all the application features.

– A bonus for Mac Users only (sorry, currently not available for Windows): With a special app that runs on your Mac, you can backup all the subscriptions and preferences and you can import/export “newsrc” files from othe Usenet newsreader apps which are running on your Mac (so you can synchronize NewsTap with another Usenet Newsreader).

For more screenshots please look at the developers web site.

Important: SSL connections are not yet supported. Usually News servers do not require SSL, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)NewsTap (Usenet Newsreader)

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