Edibles – Diet Journal

Edibles - Diet Journal$5.99 from Random Ideas, LLC Edibles - Diet Journal

“(★★★★★) Makes food journaling FUN!” – MacStudio

Studies have shown that maintaining a diet journal while dieting can actually *double* your weight loss.

Edibles is the most reliable and intuitive diet journal available for iPhone and iPod Touch. It comes with everything you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Features include:

* Tracks either calories, carbs or any single user-defined value and automatically deducts it from configurable daily, weekly, and exercise pools.
* Keeps a user-defined database of your favorite foods so that you never have to enter the same food twice.
* Keeps daily entries as long as you choose to have them.
* Built-in programmable calculator can be configured to calculate nutritional information.
* Food categories allow you to track specific food types you want to be sure you eat daily. It does this automatically without having to manually choose “Water”, “Vegetables”, “Fruit” etc.
* Automatically resets weekly allowances on a specific configured day.
* Displays unused daily allowance as a badge on the application icon.
* Keeps a chart of your weight and allows you to track your progress toward your goal.
* Calculates and displays your BMI with other weight statistics such as current weight, average lost, total lost, etc.
* Fully supports metric and european units.
* Does not come with a cluttered database full of foods that you never eat. Database is defined by you to include only the things you want.

What makes Edibles unique and better than other diet journals?

Edibles is optimized around fast entry of log entries. Most diets track one particular thing as part of one’s diet. Be it calories, carbs, sodium or whatever. Because Edibles tracks *only* that one thing, it’s UI isn’t cluttered with extra bits of nutritional information that aren’t useful to you.

Edibles does not require an internet connection for day to day use. However, when you combine Edibles with the free Edibles Online service, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your Edibles data is safe and secure. This is because Edibles has the ability to backup and restore all of it’s data over the wireless network to Edibles Online.

Additionally, you gain the ability to share your foods, diet plan, daily log entries, and weight log entries with your friends, family, doctor, or whoever you choose.

Edibles Online even gives you the ability to enter your Edibles foods using your PC through the web! That means you don’t need to spend all your time hunting and pecking on the iPhone keyboard. You can just go to Edibles Online and type it in! After downloading, it’s available in Edibles for you to use when you log your meals.

Check out some of our reviews:

“It’s simple to use… Check it out, especially if scribbling on paper feels “so last millennium” to you…” – HUNGRY-GIRL.COM

“Love Love Love it! … Can’t say it enough!” – Urnski (★★★★★)

“Sure to be a hit with anybody who is fighting the battle of the bulge.” – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Note: Edibles allows you to track *one* thing at a time. That one thing can be calories, or protein, or carbs, or fat, or whatever, but only one thing.

Edibles - Diet JournalEdibles - Diet JournalEdibles - Diet JournalEdibles - Diet JournalEdibles - Diet Journal


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