EirText Pro

EirText Pro$2.99 from Vincent Coyne EirText Pro

EirText Pro allows VoIP service subscribers to use their iPhone or iPod Touch to send their free or cheap SMS text messages directly from their handset.

An account with one of the following providers:

– O2.ie
– Meteor.ie
– Vodafone.ie

– blueface.ie
– voipcheap.com
– voipcheap.co.uk
– internetcalls.com
– 12voip.com
– lowratevoip.com
– smsdiscount.com
– voipdiscount.com
– freecall.com
– voipbuster.com
– dialnow.com
– nonoh.net
– smsListo.com
– sipdiscount.com
– calleasy.com
– voipraider.com
– voipwise.com
– justvoip.com
– poivy.com
– voipbusterpro.com
– sparvoip.de
– voipstunt.com
– netappel.fr
– webcalldirect.com

EirText Pro combines the functionality of EirText with new enhanced features:

– Character counter
– Multiple recipients
– International texting for O2.ie (and pay-for VoIP service) subscribers
– Extended history
– Message forwarding
– Dial out from message history
– Message scheduling (O2 only)
– Easily switch between multiple accounts/services

EirText ProEirText ProEirText ProEirText ProEirText Pro


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