Flight Status

Flight Status$4.99 from UnitConvertr Flight Status

Flight Status if your end-to-end powerful flight tracking application and a great information assistant for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It provides information on Flights, Airports and Airlines – the only flight tracking app to do so in AppStore.

Flight Status lets you check the status of thousands of flights across 1200 Airlines flying between 4250+ Airports world wide making it the only app you’ll need for your air travel.

Apart from checking the status of the flights, you can view maps with live weather radar for En Route flights, view Terminal, Gate and Baggage Claim information, live airport temperature and weather forecast information (for US & Canada) and even zoom-able maps of all airports worldwide.

You can check the status of the flights in three ways. 1) By Flight Number 2) By Route and 3) By Airport. With these three approaches, you can pretty much track any flight with this app. The Trips module lets you manage your travel itinerary for your flights. You can check the status of flights and add them to a Trip for quick access with a simple tap.

Flight Status is the only application that provides Flights, Airports and Airlines information all clubbed together into a single powerful application. Combining this information with the organizational capabilities of the Trips module provides all the info you need at your finger tips during your travel.

Here are the key highlights of this application…

* Powerful flight tracker application
* Check Flight Status for worldwide flights
* Searches flights by Flight Number, Route & Airport
* Displays Terminal, Gate & Baggage Claim Information
* Provides estimates for Arrival, Takeoff and Landing
* Provides information about Flight Delays & Cancellations
* Maps for En Route flights in US, Canada and UK
* Arrival & Departure Delay information for airports in US & Canada
* Weather Forecast & live temperature info for airports in US & Canada
* Displays zoom-able map of all airports worldwide
* Remembers recently used Airports & Airlines
* Trips module manages your flight itinerary
* Lets you filter your results by Airlines
* Horizontal views for Flight Status screen – When you tilt your phone
* Enlarged Maps for En Route flights available in horizontal mode
* Tracks status of multi-segment flights
* Lets you input your flight confirmation numbers in the Trips module
* Tracks flights from 4250+ Airports operated by 1200+ Airlines

and more…

The information displayed in this app is gathered from FlightStats.com and maps from FlightView which are very reliable sources of information for tracking flights.

If you are a frequent flier, this application can be priceless. If you’d like to manage your complete travel itinerary including Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Meeting, Appointments etc check out our ‘Trips’ application.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/issues, please email us at support@touchmeme.com.

Flight StatusFlight StatusFlight StatusFlight StatusFlight Status


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