April 17, 2009

iDiary$6.99 from Triple Creeks Studio iDiary

* Keep your everyday ideas, plans, events, trips, encounters, and more — you can even keep multiple diary entries in a single day

* Protect your privacy with password authentication and data encryption with Blowfish and MD5 algorithms

* The calendar-like interface enables you to easily navigate through, organize, preview, and edit your diaries

* Search key words and locate your journals conveniently

* Export single or multiple diaries from a range of dates via mail

* Support landscape editing mode

* Tag journals with time stamps

* Mark date with different colors

* Choose your favorite fonts and text sizes

When you run the iDiary for the first time on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be prompted to set up a password. Please keep the password safe because you will need it when logging into the application later.

On the Monthly Calendar view, an green dot above a date indicates that you have saved a journal for that day. Click on the date, a preview of your diary will appear on the bottom of the screen. Double tap the date to mark it with colors. Press the ‘+’ button to add a new entry and enter the Editing view. You can also easily navigate to the previous and next months, go to a specific date, or return to ‘today’. Use the search view to browse all your journals in a list. You can also enable or disable the auto correction feature when editing. Entries will automatically saved if the auto-save option is on. The exported journals are sorted by creation or date order.

If the encrypted journal was altered without authorization, or the database is damaged, iDiary will display the following message: “Corrupted data!”.

DO NOT delete the old version of iDiary on your iPhone or iPod Touch, as this will erase any data you have entered. When upgrading, Please install the update over the existing installation.

Please write a review. We would like to hear your thoughts and feedback! Please email us your bug report and suggestions too.


Teniamo un diario su iPhone con iDiary
iDiary nasce con l’intento di integrare, in una nuova applicazione, le limitate funzioni dell’applicazione nativa “Calendario” presente su iPhone. Titolo: iDiary Prezzo: 5,49€ Dimensioni: 0.3MB Link App Store

[TestLab] iDiary
Версия программы: 1.4 Сайт программы: Triple Creeks Studio Стоимость: $6.99 Триал: Нет Русский язык: Нет Доступен в: Installer – Нет; Cydia – Нет; AppStore – Категория Productivity iTunes Link. Календарь с расшириными возможностями и


Flight Status

April 17, 2009

Flight Status$4.99 from UnitConvertr Flight Status

Flight Status if your end-to-end powerful flight tracking application and a great information assistant for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It provides information on Flights, Airports and Airlines – the only flight tracking app to do so in AppStore.

Flight Status lets you check the status of thousands of flights across 1200 Airlines flying between 4250+ Airports world wide making it the only app you’ll need for your air travel.

Apart from checking the status of the flights, you can view maps with live weather radar for En Route flights, view Terminal, Gate and Baggage Claim information, live airport temperature and weather forecast information (for US & Canada) and even zoom-able maps of all airports worldwide.

You can check the status of the flights in three ways. 1) By Flight Number 2) By Route and 3) By Airport. With these three approaches, you can pretty much track any flight with this app. The Trips module lets you manage your travel itinerary for your flights. You can check the status of flights and add them to a Trip for quick access with a simple tap.

Flight Status is the only application that provides Flights, Airports and Airlines information all clubbed together into a single powerful application. Combining this information with the organizational capabilities of the Trips module provides all the info you need at your finger tips during your travel.

Here are the key highlights of this application…

* Powerful flight tracker application
* Check Flight Status for worldwide flights
* Searches flights by Flight Number, Route & Airport
* Displays Terminal, Gate & Baggage Claim Information
* Provides estimates for Arrival, Takeoff and Landing
* Provides information about Flight Delays & Cancellations
* Maps for En Route flights in US, Canada and UK
* Arrival & Departure Delay information for airports in US & Canada
* Weather Forecast & live temperature info for airports in US & Canada
* Displays zoom-able map of all airports worldwide
* Remembers recently used Airports & Airlines
* Trips module manages your flight itinerary
* Lets you filter your results by Airlines
* Horizontal views for Flight Status screen – When you tilt your phone
* Enlarged Maps for En Route flights available in horizontal mode
* Tracks status of multi-segment flights
* Lets you input your flight confirmation numbers in the Trips module
* Tracks flights from 4250+ Airports operated by 1200+ Airlines

and more…

The information displayed in this app is gathered from and maps from FlightView which are very reliable sources of information for tracking flights.

If you are a frequent flier, this application can be priceless. If you’d like to manage your complete travel itinerary including Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Meeting, Appointments etc check out our ‘Trips’ application.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/issues, please email us at

Flight StatusFlight StatusFlight StatusFlight StatusFlight Status


April 17, 2009

BunruiMemo$3.99 from shakusi BunruiMemo

★About BunruiMemo
BunruiMemo is simple and light note application.

– Select text color and background color.
– Change font size by pinch gesture.
– Landscape and Portrait mode.
– Email note.
– Sync to Mac via Wi-Fi.
– Search notes.
– Sort notes by title or date.
– Copy & Paste.
– Lock notes.
– Enter Date & Time button.
– Undo function in edit text.
– View mode.


Edibles – Diet Journal

April 17, 2009

Edibles - Diet Journal$5.99 from Random Ideas, LLC Edibles - Diet Journal

“(★★★★★) Makes food journaling FUN!” – MacStudio

Studies have shown that maintaining a diet journal while dieting can actually *double* your weight loss.

Edibles is the most reliable and intuitive diet journal available for iPhone and iPod Touch. It comes with everything you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Features include:

* Tracks either calories, carbs or any single user-defined value and automatically deducts it from configurable daily, weekly, and exercise pools.
* Keeps a user-defined database of your favorite foods so that you never have to enter the same food twice.
* Keeps daily entries as long as you choose to have them.
* Built-in programmable calculator can be configured to calculate nutritional information.
* Food categories allow you to track specific food types you want to be sure you eat daily. It does this automatically without having to manually choose “Water”, “Vegetables”, “Fruit” etc.
* Automatically resets weekly allowances on a specific configured day.
* Displays unused daily allowance as a badge on the application icon.
* Keeps a chart of your weight and allows you to track your progress toward your goal.
* Calculates and displays your BMI with other weight statistics such as current weight, average lost, total lost, etc.
* Fully supports metric and european units.
* Does not come with a cluttered database full of foods that you never eat. Database is defined by you to include only the things you want.

What makes Edibles unique and better than other diet journals?

Edibles is optimized around fast entry of log entries. Most diets track one particular thing as part of one’s diet. Be it calories, carbs, sodium or whatever. Because Edibles tracks *only* that one thing, it’s UI isn’t cluttered with extra bits of nutritional information that aren’t useful to you.

Edibles does not require an internet connection for day to day use. However, when you combine Edibles with the free Edibles Online service, you gain peace of mind, knowing that your Edibles data is safe and secure. This is because Edibles has the ability to backup and restore all of it’s data over the wireless network to Edibles Online.

Additionally, you gain the ability to share your foods, diet plan, daily log entries, and weight log entries with your friends, family, doctor, or whoever you choose.

Edibles Online even gives you the ability to enter your Edibles foods using your PC through the web! That means you don’t need to spend all your time hunting and pecking on the iPhone keyboard. You can just go to Edibles Online and type it in! After downloading, it’s available in Edibles for you to use when you log your meals.

Check out some of our reviews:

“It’s simple to use… Check it out, especially if scribbling on paper feels “so last millennium” to you…” – HUNGRY-GIRL.COM

“Love Love Love it! … Can’t say it enough!” – Urnski (★★★★★)

“Sure to be a hit with anybody who is fighting the battle of the bulge.” – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Note: Edibles allows you to track *one* thing at a time. That one thing can be calories, or protein, or carbs, or fat, or whatever, but only one thing.

Edibles - Diet JournalEdibles - Diet JournalEdibles - Diet JournalEdibles - Diet JournalEdibles - Diet Journal

Drum Kit: As seen on TV!

April 17, 2009

Drum Kit: As seen on TV!$1.99 from CrimsonJet, Inc. Drum Kit: As seen on TV!

Download the drum app featured in Apple’s latest iPod Touch TV commercial, billboards, and posters!

Drum Kit will be updated at least once every two weeks with new sounds, themes, and features.

Ever wanted to play the drums? This is the closest you can get without a real kit. This is a fun app for drummers and non-drummers alike. Impress your friends with your chops, or fine tune a beat while away from your kit.

Play along while listening to songs. Simply start playing a song in the iPod app, then launch Drum Kit and play along! You can adjust the song’s volume or Drum Kit’s volume to find the right mix.

“If you are a drummer or constantly tapping on things, you may really enjoy this app” -Ars Technica

* 6 piece kit (4 toms, snare, bass, hi-hat (open and closed), crash, ride, splash)
* Repeated cymbal taps blend in like real cymbals (only app in store that does this)
* Visual feedback when drum head is tapped
* Two volume controls, one for drum sounds, one for your music playing in the background
* Professionally recorded, high quality 16-bit stereo drum sounds
* Play multiple drum heads simultaneously
* Extra long bass drum touch area for double bass (new: slide back and forth for fast double bass)
* Play along with your existing music, add beats or fills
* Optionally play with a friend, one on each side of the kit
* Record tracks, load and edit tracks

* Tap the info button on the bottom right
* Tap the record and play a beat. When you are done tap it again. Give your track a name and save it.
* Tap load to find your tracks.
* Tap play to play a loaded track.
* You can play on top of a track while it’s playing

* You can now slide your fingers across Drum Kit to play rolls. Turn on rolls in Settings and change the BPM (beats per minute) to fine tune your rolls. Try sliding in a circle around toms and snare for instance.

TV ad:

YouTube video of Drum Kit 1.0:

Lead Developer: Shane Vitarana (@shanev)

Drum Kit: As seen on TV!Drum Kit: As seen on TV!Drum Kit: As seen on TV!Drum Kit: As seen on TV!Drum Kit: As seen on TV!


April 17, 2009

iSpend$9.99 from EpIPhone Coders’ Guild iSpend

Chosen Apple’s AppStore Pick of the Week!

iSpend is a powerful yet easy-to-use expense log that lets you track travel and business expenses as you incur them.
If you need to balance your checkbook, or graph how much you spend on beer each week, this app is not for you.
If you know what it means to pore over faded receipts and crumpled napkins, struggling to construct a plausible story for Accounting, if every cab fare you forget to document comes out of your pocket, iSpend will save you time and money. iSpend lets you enter new expenses in seconds so you will know what you spent when.

Using iSpend you will easily switch among multiple expense logs each with its own custom categories and payment types. Define custom units for a category to enter miles, hours, or even another currency, that will automatically be converted to your base currency. The powerful outline view lets you quickly scroll through all your expense entries, or collapse entire categories into summaries with a touch.
Getting your data out of your phone can be as important as getting it in, so iSpend lets you export your expense report or CSV data directly to any web browser on your wifi network, even another iPhone, with no extra software to install. You can also export reports or spreadsheets directly to the free Google Docs service, for even more editing, export, and sharing options, or email expenses.

– Outliner mode expense log: collapse entire categories to totals

– Live cost summaries, hide unused categories

– Easily customizeable categories for expenses

– Customizable Payment types, date export format

– Customizable, flexible per-category units system supports mileage, hourly costs, and different currencies/exchange rates within an expense log

– Reuse custom category and payment types with templates

– Add notes to expense log, exported as report header

– Email export expense log to Excel, Numbers, etc. via CSV format.

– Export expenses to Google Docs as report or spreadsheet*

– Set different currency for each expense log.

– Snap photos of receipts from within the app, store them in iPhone camera roll for easy access from any app.

– Negative entries shown in red, to make budgeting or per diem accounting easy

– Deutsch, Español, Francais

– As always, free support is available on our user forum, or by emailing “epiphonecoders at mac dot com”

* Google Docs features require a free Google account.



April 17, 2009

TapExpense$4.99 from Lukhnos TapExpense

TapExpense is a fast and straightforward expense tracker. You open the app, enter the income and expense entries, and that’s all you need to do. Then you can see the reports or export the data.

We have a screencast showing you the major features of the app at our web site linked below (or visit Take a look and see how it can work for you.

This is an app designed for both daily personal bookkeeping and business trip expense tracking. If you do international travel often, it also comes with nifty multi-currency and conversion support.

Major features:

– Fast, easy entry of income and expense records
– Customizable categories, payment instruments (methods), groups (trips), income sources, and vendors (payees)
– Consie summary report of different types
– Multi-currency support
– Currency conversion in report
– Exporting data as an Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet file or CSV-formatted email
– Pie chart in landscape mode
– Passcode lock

A lite version is also available for evaluation purposes. The lite version limits the number of entries you can browse but has all the features of the paid version. Give it a try and buy the fully functional version!