TapExpense$4.99 from Lukhnos TapExpense

TapExpense is a fast and straightforward expense tracker. You open the app, enter the income and expense entries, and that’s all you need to do. Then you can see the reports or export the data.

We have a screencast showing you the major features of the app at our web site linked below (or visit http://lithoglyph.com/tapexpense). Take a look and see how it can work for you.

This is an app designed for both daily personal bookkeeping and business trip expense tracking. If you do international travel often, it also comes with nifty multi-currency and conversion support.

Major features:

– Fast, easy entry of income and expense records
– Customizable categories, payment instruments (methods), groups (trips), income sources, and vendors (payees)
– Consie summary report of different types
– Multi-currency support
– Currency conversion in report
– Exporting data as an Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet file or CSV-formatted email
– Pie chart in landscape mode
– Passcode lock

A lite version is also available for evaluation purposes. The lite version limits the number of entries you can browse but has all the features of the paid version. Give it a try and buy the fully functional version!



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