WeatherNow (with Clock)

WeatherNow (with Clock)$2.99 from AlbeBaubles WeatherNow (with Clock)

Now with landscape mode with weather and real-time clock with custom background images!!! Now display a picture of your children or dog or any other special photo you love with weather conditions and time on display as well. Makes a perfect clock for your desk — leave it running all day!

Do you travel a lot? Do you find yourself constantly wondering what the weather conditions are for whatever city you just landed in? Would you like to see the time for your current location or any location within the United States? Let WeatherNow answer that question for you! Since WeatherNow is location aware, simply shake your phone and WeatherNow will immediately provide you with the latest weather conditions for your current coordinates (as provided by GPS, Wifi or Cell).

Interested in the weather conditions for the next stop in your itinerary? Just ask WeatherNow by providing the city, state or zip code — FOR ANY U.S. LOCATION.

WeatherNow automatically saves the location viewed, so next time you open WeatherNow it will start at that location.

WeatherNow provides the following data:

-Graphics change based on the weather conditions
-Wind speed and direction
-Sunrise / Sunset
-Day’s high and low temperatures
-Longitude and Latitude
-real-time Clock with GMT offset date/time for location being shown
-Current temperature
-5 day forecast
-Color coordinated text…blue is temp below 70, red if above.

Note, I’ve received some requests to sell the application in other countries, for people who visit the states often. Note that although the app is for sale worldwide, it will only work for the United States.

Will only report weather information for the United States
Internet Access Required

This application is updated monthly with new features.

Please try my other iPhone Applications: ‘US Military Handbook’, ‘FXBox’, ‘Prezquotes’

WeatherNow (with Clock)WeatherNow (with Clock)

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