aSleep$0.99 from Signs Studios aSleep

aSleep is the “original” sleep machine for iPhone, the choice of 200.000 users around the world. Beware of the tons of imitations out there.

Relax and listen to the marvellous sounds of nature and suave melodies that will help you to fall asleep.
aSleep is also suitable for meditation, yoga, to release the stress and so on.

– 40 high quality stereo sounds
– Open AL Audio Engine:
– Auto Play
– Adjustable volume
– Adjustable speed
– Resume after interruption
– Accelerometer support:
– “Shake to Shuffle” sound selection
– Settable timer & options:
– Sound fades out
– Alarm
– Automatically exit the application
– Auto saving settings
– Built-in instructions for use

Easy to use: select a sound, set the timer, press play and relax. When the timer ends, you can deceide whether making the timer ring, automatically exitting the application or both of them (in this case, the alarm will ring for 60 seconds and then aSleep automatically ends).

aSleep. The best way to fall asleep.

Sound Library List

NATURE: Beach – Forest – Tundra – Night Camp – Rain – Rain with Thunder – Volcano Erupting – Water Drops – Waterfall – Wind.

LIFE: Bubbles – Ferry Fog Horn – Heart Beat – Helicopter – Scuba Breathing – Shower – Tennis.

NOISE: Computer – Synth Firefly – Hypnosis – Old Clock – Sine – White Noise – Keyboard Typing – Vinyl.

INSTRUMENTS: Bassline – Didjeridoo – Exotic Sarod – Guitar – Organ – Rhodes – Strings – Upbeat Piano.

SOUNDS: Borealis – Contemplative 1 – Contemplative 2 – Meditation 1 – Meditation 2 – Meditation 3 – Movie – Relax 1 – Relax 2 – Voices.



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