MyNetDiary – Online Calorie Counter

April 19, 2009

MyNetDiary - Online Calorie Counter$0.00 from 4Technologies Corporation MyNetDiary - Online Calorie Counter

Free add-on for – PAID online weight loss program.

Serious weight loss comes to the iPhone.

This free iPhone app complements web site – the premier online food diary, with 88,000 foods, providing diet analysis and planning tools, advanced charts, reports, export to Excel, and the comfort of a large screen and keyboard.

Both the iPhone app and the web site are always in perfect sync.

NEW, now available on the iPhone – our online Community area – with support groups, teams, and forums for extra help, advice, and motivation in your journey to better health.

The Forum is supported by a Registered Dietitian.

You can participate in Community groups and forums, check on your friends, write blog entries, or ask for support directly from your iPhone.

* Wonderfully easy and fast food entry. No other iPhone, web site, BlackBerry, or desktop application is even close.
* Huge 88,000 foods database covering US, UK, and Canada – accurate, up-to-date, and without duplicates. We continuously update the database – let us know if something is missing!
* Two-way, instantaneous sync to the MyNetDiary web site.
* Rock-solid, professional implementation, no crushes.
* Nice and clean, ad-free web site.
* Customer support to answer your e-mails quickly and knowledgeably.

You get what you pay for.

Change your lifestyle and achieve permanent weight loss with

Access your online diary with the iPhone on the go, or with any browser online, at All information is safely stored on servers available 24×7.

* Internet connection is required to enter and save data in this version.
* Paid membership is required.
* Free test drive of full functionality of MyNetDiary iPhone app is provided, try and see everything in action. No e-mail or registration is needed.
* Supports English and metric units.

* USA TODAY Weight-Loss Challenge
* Health Magazine
* Chicago Tribune

MyNetDiary - Online Calorie CounterMyNetDiary - Online Calorie CounterMyNetDiary - Online Calorie CounterMyNetDiary - Online Calorie CounterMyNetDiary - Online Calorie Counter



April 19, 2009

GreenFinder$34.99 from Itinerant Software Inc. GreenFinder

GreenFinder helps you answer the most asked question on the golf course – “How far is it?”

GolfDigest says GreenFinder is “our favorite in golf distance programs built for GPS-enabled mobile phones”. They tested our competitors and said they “weren’t as reliable”.

GreenFinder turns your iPhone 3G into a golf rangefinder. It leverages the built-in GPS to display the distance to the front, center and back of the green as well as hazards along the fairway.


– Distance to the front, center and back of the green
– Distance to hazards along the fairway
– Can display your shot length
– Auto-advances to the next hole
– Use GPS to search for nearby courses
– Over 10,000 courses available and growing by 250+ every week
– Ability to mark your own course
– Supports yards and meters

Visit our website to see the full list of golf courses.

The new iPhone 3G is required. Does not work on the original iPhone.

Be sure to have a fully charged iPhone 3G before heading to the course, because GPS is demanding on the battery.



April 19, 2009

iBartender$0.99 from Kevin Kozan iBartender

A database of cocktail recipes in your pocket for less than a cup of coffee.

– Recipes for many of the most popular mixed drinks
– Ability to email drink recipes
– Search by drink name or ingredient
– Shake your iPhone / iPod touch to pick a random drink
– Simple, easy to use interface
– Free future upgrades with more drinks and more features

Please drink responsibly.



April 19, 2009

aSleep$0.99 from Signs Studios aSleep

aSleep is the “original” sleep machine for iPhone, the choice of 200.000 users around the world. Beware of the tons of imitations out there.

Relax and listen to the marvellous sounds of nature and suave melodies that will help you to fall asleep.
aSleep is also suitable for meditation, yoga, to release the stress and so on.

– 40 high quality stereo sounds
– Open AL Audio Engine:
– Auto Play
– Adjustable volume
– Adjustable speed
– Resume after interruption
– Accelerometer support:
– “Shake to Shuffle” sound selection
– Settable timer & options:
– Sound fades out
– Alarm
– Automatically exit the application
– Auto saving settings
– Built-in instructions for use

Easy to use: select a sound, set the timer, press play and relax. When the timer ends, you can deceide whether making the timer ring, automatically exitting the application or both of them (in this case, the alarm will ring for 60 seconds and then aSleep automatically ends).

aSleep. The best way to fall asleep.

Sound Library List

NATURE: Beach – Forest – Tundra – Night Camp – Rain – Rain with Thunder – Volcano Erupting – Water Drops – Waterfall – Wind.

LIFE: Bubbles – Ferry Fog Horn – Heart Beat – Helicopter – Scuba Breathing – Shower – Tennis.

NOISE: Computer – Synth Firefly – Hypnosis – Old Clock – Sine – White Noise – Keyboard Typing – Vinyl.

INSTRUMENTS: Bassline – Didjeridoo – Exotic Sarod – Guitar – Organ – Rhodes – Strings – Upbeat Piano.

SOUNDS: Borealis – Contemplative 1 – Contemplative 2 – Meditation 1 – Meditation 2 – Meditation 3 – Movie – Relax 1 – Relax 2 – Voices.


Spend – Personal Budgeting

April 19, 2009

Spend - Personal Budgeting$0.99 from Spend - Personal Budgeting


The price of this app will be increasing to $1.99 when the version 2.1 update is released, so buy now to take advantage of the 99 cent price!

Keep track of your money with Spend, a quick and easy-to-use personal budget tracker. Spend travels with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch and does not require internet access, so you can enter your purchases before you even leave the mall or grocery store!


-Daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, semimonthly, quarterly, yearly, and manual budgets

-Customize Budget Start and End Dates

-Budget Groups

-Beautiful and Efficient Interface

-Includes smart title autocomplete and a large number pad for easy item entry

-Recurring Expenses

-CSV Export

-Complete History View

-Transfer funds between budgets

-Password Protection

-International Currency Support (based on your International settings)

Spend is perfect for people who like to budget their money but don’t want to bother with using a full-blown money management application.

NOTE: If you have a question/problem with the app, please see our FAQ page or contact us. There is no way for us to respond if you just leave a question in a review!

Spend - Personal BudgetingSpend - Personal BudgetingSpend - Personal BudgetingSpend - Personal BudgetingSpend - Personal Budgeting

TravelTracker w/ TripIt

April 19, 2009

TravelTracker w/ TripIt$9.99 from Silverware Software TravelTracker w/ TripIt

TravelTracker – Your Personal Travel Assistant


March 3 – Featured in USA Today’s Money Section

With one tap, you can download all of your TripIt information into TravelTracker. It will download each of your trips and any flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, transports, meetings, activities, notes, articles and restaurant reservations. This information will then be available to you with our without an internet connection. Not familiar with TripIt? Check it out at

New Version now supports TripIt Notes and Articles!

Apple chose TravelTracker as one of their featured products for their World Travel focus for the iPhone.

TravelTracker is your all-inclusive personal travel assistant. It stores all vital information for a trip and displays it in a convenient itinerary screen. Additionally, it will allow you to record all of the key pieces of information you need after your trip. This is a must have product for both business and personal use.

Its most powerful features include:

* Intuitive and well crafted user interface.
* One touch flight status.
* Stores frequently flown flights.
* Customizable packing lists.
* Records all details of your travel expenses.
* Recordkeeping of all of your frequent traveler award programs.
* Worldwide airport database with links to airport websites.
* Airplane database with link to seating charts.
* Email your itinerary (HTML, plain text or comma delimited).
* Email your expenses (plain text or comma delimited).
* Download current weather conditions for airports you specify and those that are in your day’s travels.
* Download weather forecasts for airports.
* Download currency exchange rates and know exactly your total trip expenses in the currency you choose.
* Set a default currency for trips.
Silverware has been developing mobile software applications since 1993 when it sold it first mobile app for the Apple Newton.

Silverware – Elegant software you can hold in your hand

TravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripIt