ToyCamera$0.99 from Takayuki Fukatsu ToyCamera

AppleStore Ginza/Tokyo will have photo contest on 10th May and I have a talk session at that time. Threrefore one week(24th APR) sale of ToyCamera and QuadCamera for the event. Enjoy 🙂

This simple application changes your iphone’s camera to the fun toycamera. Now ToyCamera got effect selection!!

You do not need any difficult setting or photo editing knowledge. Actually this app has any setting panel.

All you need is just take a photo with this app.

ToyCamera automatically adds several random effects that is chosen in setting to your pictures.

– 800×600 or 600×600 resolution
– Vintage Green effect.
– Vintage Warm effect.
– Vintage Yellow effect.
– Low Saturation
– High Saturation
– Toning Sepia
– Black & White
– HiCon Black&White
– Uploader to the BigCanvas Photoshare


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