TravelTracker w/ TripIt

TravelTracker w/ TripIt$9.99 from Silverware Software TravelTracker w/ TripIt

TravelTracker – Your Personal Travel Assistant


March 3 – Featured in USA Today’s Money Section

With one tap, you can download all of your TripIt information into TravelTracker. It will download each of your trips and any flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, transports, meetings, activities, notes, articles and restaurant reservations. This information will then be available to you with our without an internet connection. Not familiar with TripIt? Check it out at

New Version now supports TripIt Notes and Articles!

Apple chose TravelTracker as one of their featured products for their World Travel focus for the iPhone.

TravelTracker is your all-inclusive personal travel assistant. It stores all vital information for a trip and displays it in a convenient itinerary screen. Additionally, it will allow you to record all of the key pieces of information you need after your trip. This is a must have product for both business and personal use.

Its most powerful features include:

* Intuitive and well crafted user interface.
* One touch flight status.
* Stores frequently flown flights.
* Customizable packing lists.
* Records all details of your travel expenses.
* Recordkeeping of all of your frequent traveler award programs.
* Worldwide airport database with links to airport websites.
* Airplane database with link to seating charts.
* Email your itinerary (HTML, plain text or comma delimited).
* Email your expenses (plain text or comma delimited).
* Download current weather conditions for airports you specify and those that are in your day’s travels.
* Download weather forecasts for airports.
* Download currency exchange rates and know exactly your total trip expenses in the currency you choose.
* Set a default currency for trips.
Silverware has been developing mobile software applications since 1993 when it sold it first mobile app for the Apple Newton.

Silverware – Elegant software you can hold in your hand

TravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripItTravelTracker w/ TripIt

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