Day Bank – Budget Edition SALE

Day Bank - Budget Edition SALE$0.99 from Quantum Quinn Day Bank - Budget Edition SALE

Countdown to 2.0 SALE!

With Day Bank, your checkbook is now obsolete.

√ New Budget Alert system! Never go over budget again without knowing!

Two apps for half the price of one. Full-featured account management and budgeting.

The pocket app built for speed and simplicity. Unlimited accounts, categories, budgets and transactions. All of the basic features to get started. Plus several advanced features to keep you on top of your finances like never before.

FREE DESKTOP APP: Day Bank Station, now you can wirelessly backup, restore, and export Day Bank data. Desktop editing coming very soon!

What others say about Day Bank:

iPhone’s Best Business Tools

10 iPhone Finance Apps That Count

I’m pretty impressed. Easy to use, understand and operate. I’m more than pleased!

Key Features:

– Unlimited multi-account budgets
– Budget surplus rollover
– Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly budgets
– Color-coded budget indicators
– Track amount spent and amount available
– Budget alerts (one time & repeat)
– Total budget spent and available

Money Tracking
– Scheduled transactions (Repeat Entry)
– Total/Pending balances for all accounts
– Unlimited accounts, transactions and categories
– Reconcile transactions
– Filter by category
– Sort transactions descending or ascending
– Records check numbers
– Filter by day, week, and month

User Friendly
– Smart Memorized Payees
– Highly Customizable User Experience
– Quick transaction entry
– Upcoming transaction reminders
– Rename categories
– Pre-defined transactions (Quick Entry)
– Multi-filter transaction viewer
– Restores the last used account on startup
– Add categories “on-the-fly”
– Restores last used filter on startup
– Transaction grouping
– Large number keypad, with calculator functions
– New Transaction on startup

Desktop App
– FREE for Mac OS X 10.4+ and Windows
– Wi-Fi Backup & Restore
– Exports to CSV, QIF, OFX & QFX
– Map transaction locations
– Bonjour support for easy setup
– Desktop editing coming soon!

iPhone Integration
– Transaction Geo-Tagging
– Photo receipts, leverages the built-in camera
– Full international currency and date support
– Add unlimited images to transactions
– Passcode protection, using AES encryption
– Save images to your Camera Roll

Advanced Management Features
– Sub-filter for un/cleared transactions
– Graph category spending per month and week
– Schedule one-time (or any count) transactions
– Transfer between accounts
– Statistics for scheduled transactions
– Itemized spending per week
– View expenses graphically (No internet connection required)

√ Budget Alerts – First and only Finance app with a built-in budget warning system! Now Day Bank warns you when you are going over your budget. Set a budget threshold and never go over budget again!

√ Top-notch performance – Unlike other apps, Day Bank can easily handle 1000s of transactions

1.8 Documentation is available online.

!Note! The budget totals scroll issue will be addressed in the next update.

Day Bank - Budget Edition SALEDay Bank - Budget Edition SALEDay Bank - Budget Edition SALEDay Bank - Budget Edition SALEDay Bank - Budget Edition SALE

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