iStayFit$5.99 from Looti Inc iStayFit

NOTE: For much more information and screen shots please visit our website so that you know what you are getting before you buy.

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A quoted review from a customer in the US store:

Best in class…

I’ve tried several of the available workout logs, and this is by far and away the best. The interface utilizes Apple conventions, which means a clean, predictable and intuitive interface for the user. There is a high degree of customizability: What you want to record for each exercise (up to 4 value wheels you can name, specify intervals, etc), change exercise names, input your own exercises, etc. The authors are accessible, devoted (look at how frequent the updates are, with improvements and added content), and clearly understand what makes a great iPhone app tick. Outstanding application. I use it everyday and it is rock-stable as well.

Mark D. Sawyer, M.D.
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iStayFit is a complete solution for tracking your exercises. The main goal of this application is to provide:
a) An easy to use interface with a well designed workflow so that your focus is on the exercise;
b) A fully customizable software that can be geared towards YOUR needs and specific exercise requirements.

At this moment there is no other workout application in the App Store that provides the above two points as elegantly as this application. Our happy customers are typically those with specific requirements that took this application over the other ones after trying them.

Beginners can start by using the predefined exercises and follow the animated images and the instructions to get going.

Advanced users can define a new program and also define their own exercises (if it is not in the predefined set). This allows the flexibility of designing a very large range of programs.

There is much more information provided on our website that will help you understand the features of this application before you buy.


– Design your own workout program
– Pick from a predefined set of 179 exercises (this list grows by each release) or design your own exercise details.
– Predefined exercises provide full animation so that you can easily follow the movements for the right posture.
– Start a workout session and the application remembers your progress at all times.
– Ability to leave and come back and your workout progress reloaded right from where you were left off.
– Support for Custom Types, which takes tracking to a new level. You define what you want to keep track in up to 4 easy to enter data wheels
– Full support for Cardio tracking by the use of Custom Types (see our 2.1 release notes on our website for details)
– You don’t need to buy another application to track your weight. You can track/graph your weight right within the application.
– Ability to zoom in/out of your weight graph and edit/delete items from it by using touch on the device.
– Graph your history for any type of workout for a visual representation of your progress
– One Rep Max automatic calculation at all times
– Add notes to your exercise
– Support for LB/KG and many other exercise types.
– At the end of the workout save to log
– The program remembers the last rep/weight you used, last time you did this exercise and automatically selects that weight for you. This minimizes data entry even more.
– Go through your logs by program or exercise and sort your history by name or date
– Ability to listen to music while using the app at the gym
– Ability to do a Free-Form workout. Just walk into the gym and start working out by picking from a searchable list of all the exercises.
– Full Scheduling capability with built-in Calendar. Setup scheduled workouts once and not to worry about what is due today. When you go to the Gym the scheduled workout for that day is hilighted for you.


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