Bid Estimate

April 18, 2009

Bid Estimate$4.99 from Mobile Simplified Bid Estimate

BidEstimate is a tool for the Contractor on the go. Whether you do carpet installation, flooring, landscaping or general housing maintenance, BidEstimate enables you to get your estimate in the hands of the customer faster.

This tool is simple to use and provides a quick method of providing an estimate to a potential customer. Information is entered into the main screen and the total value of the work to be done is automatically calculated. When you are done entering information about the job, just hit the envelope on the main screen to flip over to the email screen.

EMAIL YOUR ESTIMATE directly from the application: On the email screen, just enter in the email address of the customer, then enter in a title for the email itself and click send. Bid Estimate will take all the information you entered in on the Bid screen and put it into the contents of the email. An additional review panel has been added on the email screen so that you can review the information about the Bid before sending the Estimate out to the customer.

PERSONALIZE: Setting have been added so that you can make this tool, a tool for your company. By going into the the settings control of the iPhone or iPod, you can change what the Name is on the top of the Bid Screen and you can change what the color is as well. This way the tool looks like it was made specifically for your company.

A help screen has been added as well. Just hit the little info button at the bottom of the Bid screen to see all the items listed in the help screen.

This tool is intended to help make your life as a contractor a little easier. If you have suggestions for changes, please do not hesitate to email me at

Bid EstimateBid Estimate


April 17, 2009

iSpend$9.99 from EpIPhone Coders’ Guild iSpend

Chosen Apple’s AppStore Pick of the Week!

iSpend is a powerful yet easy-to-use expense log that lets you track travel and business expenses as you incur them.
If you need to balance your checkbook, or graph how much you spend on beer each week, this app is not for you.
If you know what it means to pore over faded receipts and crumpled napkins, struggling to construct a plausible story for Accounting, if every cab fare you forget to document comes out of your pocket, iSpend will save you time and money. iSpend lets you enter new expenses in seconds so you will know what you spent when.

Using iSpend you will easily switch among multiple expense logs each with its own custom categories and payment types. Define custom units for a category to enter miles, hours, or even another currency, that will automatically be converted to your base currency. The powerful outline view lets you quickly scroll through all your expense entries, or collapse entire categories into summaries with a touch.
Getting your data out of your phone can be as important as getting it in, so iSpend lets you export your expense report or CSV data directly to any web browser on your wifi network, even another iPhone, with no extra software to install. You can also export reports or spreadsheets directly to the free Google Docs service, for even more editing, export, and sharing options, or email expenses.

– Outliner mode expense log: collapse entire categories to totals

– Live cost summaries, hide unused categories

– Easily customizeable categories for expenses

– Customizable Payment types, date export format

– Customizable, flexible per-category units system supports mileage, hourly costs, and different currencies/exchange rates within an expense log

– Reuse custom category and payment types with templates

– Add notes to expense log, exported as report header

– Email export expense log to Excel, Numbers, etc. via CSV format.

– Export expenses to Google Docs as report or spreadsheet*

– Set different currency for each expense log.

– Snap photos of receipts from within the app, store them in iPhone camera roll for easy access from any app.

– Negative entries shown in red, to make budgeting or per diem accounting easy

– Deutsch, Español, Francais

– As always, free support is available on our user forum, or by emailing “epiphonecoders at mac dot com”

* Google Docs features require a free Google account.



April 16, 2009

iTimeSheet$5.99 from JF Grang softwares iTimeSheet

iTimeSheet is a poweful task management (timesheet) application that helps you track time spent of projects.
The objective of iTimeSheet is to allow you to record your daily activities in less than 3 minutes thanks to a smart interface. With iTimeSheet you will know how much time you spent on a task, on a mission, for a client in a given period of time. This is ideal to make you activity reports, create bills for clients, improve you productivity and the knowledge of your schedule.

iTimeSheet is a must have for consultants, project managers, freelancers or for people who wants to know what they did and how they spend their time.
The main features are :
– Export your data by email as an Excel file attachment or in a table inserted in the body of your mail. The export function is available everywhere you need it (analytics, search, week view, etc.).
– Analytic module with charts to analyze the time spent for a client/project/task.
– Navigation in week, month or day mode
– Complete search in all the informations of the activities (mission name, comment, etc.) and direct export in one click
– Backup your data on the FTP server of your choice. The best way to secure / share your database.
– Smart, powerful, customizable and easy to use user interface

iTimeSheet is a time tracking, billing, timer application that can be used in many ways and that is adaptable to your needs. You will never forget what you did last week or the month before.


iTimeSheet, because time matters.


Units calc

April 15, 2009

Units calc$0.99 from Petr Jankuj Units calc

Units calc is great application, which has really different user interface then other converters. Application was developed for fast and simple conversion. You don’t have to difficulty search what unit you need convert.
App is simple and has nice UI like weather app in your iPhone. It is also clever, because it supports negative values and exponents.
For really quick conversion, you can enable Quick look function and you will see all your converters. Just touch them!

-Convert temperature, mass, length, area, volume, pressure, power, energy,time and currency
-App remembers your last used converter
-Remove converters what you don’t need and then add them
-Support English, French, German, Spanish and Czech language


converter; convert; units; measure; measurements; unit; conversion; updating; currencies; currency; length; area; volume; time; energy; mass; weight; temperature; quick look;

Units calcUnits calcUnits calcUnits calcUnits calc

iSSH – SSH Console

April 14, 2009

iSSH - SSH Console$3.99 from Zinger-Soft iSSH - SSH Console

SSH and Telnet emulator of VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, xterm, and xterm-color terminals. Raw connections also supported.

* Portrait and landscape mode
* 53×24 or 80×24 with scroll-back buffer (by swiping in right 1/3rd of screen)
* Arrow keys (by swiping in left 2/3rd of screen). Ctrl, alt, esc, tab, shift, Fn keys (1-10), ` key, all in combination.
Keys are highlighted to confirm combination.
* Multiple simultaneous connections
* Store any number of connections and configurations
* Command execution on connection
* Transparent keyboard
* Three selectable monospaced fonts
* Via EDGE, WiFi or 3G
* Support for any non-standard ssh port
* RSA and DSA key generation and exchange via email or password-connected SSH
* Can support “uninterrupted” connections via GNU Screen and the command option.
* Transfers public keys automatically, without needing to email first.
* Pinch zooming
* Reachability notification
* Clean, consistent iPhone UI

Multiple simultaneous connections, more secure, more complete terminal compatibility, more language-complete fonts, more keys and a more iPhone consistent UI than all other SSH clients, both more and less expensive.

Like all other legitimate SSH apps in the App Store, this is an SSH CLIENT ONLY. Transferring files via WinSCP will not and cannot work.

Version 3.0 will have:
* Xserver

Future Plans:
* Tunneled VNC Client

iSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH ConsoleiSSH - SSH Console

QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!

April 14, 2009

QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!$0.99 from nFinity Inc QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!

QuickVoice PRO has all the GREAT FEATURES of our free recorder plus 20 times longer voice emailing (up to 20MB!) and a FREE BONUS copy of our award winning QuickVoice for Mac and Windows PCs. It’s a whopping $15 value for just 99 cents! The free bonus is for a limited time only so GET IT NOW!

These two QuickVoice apps are ideal for capturing ideas, voice memos, dictation, To Do lists, classes, meetings, even entire lectures and seminars! Great for professional, educational, and personal use.

QuickVoice for the iPhone
Is simply the best featured iPhone voice recorder available. #1 in more countries than any other and as such provides: 1-Touch Recording, Voice Email, HQ Recording Modes, ‘Mic on Top’ Record Mode, Scan/FFWD/RWND, Pause Record, and many more features too numerous to mention here (visit our site).

QuickVoice BONUS for Mac & Windows
This is a Macworld “Best Software Under $40” (you get it free!) featuring an award-winning Voice Recorder, Voice Email, Voice Reminders, Desktop Voice Stickies, Send to iTunes, and a Full Blown Editor. To obtain the free bonus app simply send an email to

This is arguably the best deal in the entire app store so GET IT NOW while it’s available. The bonus offer ends soon!

QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!QuickVoice Pro w/Bonus!

iLeaseMyCar Pro Loan and Lease Calculator

April 11, 2009

iLeaseMyCar Pro Loan and Lease Calculator$2.99 from NotTooShabby Software iLeaseMyCar Pro Loan and Lease Calculator

**Version 3.0 is a huge update which has just been submitted on 4/16 and greatly simplifies your sales tax settings. Look for it soon!*****

Have you been looking for an auto finance app that lets you save your deals and reload them later + handle all the important details of a car lease or purchase. iLeaseMyCar Pro lets you store and reload your deals as you shop around at different dealers and handles all the details of auto finance. For those in sales, you can save a customers deal, reload it when they come back, edit it if they want to change something and save it again! Use deal garage to store monthly lease programs for quick payment calculations.

When you are going to spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle spend $3 on an auto finance app that handles the entire transaction from trade-in, payment, drive-offs, and sales tax for a purchase or a lease. iLeaseMyCar Pro helps you with complex auto transaction details like rolling sales tax and fees into your transaction, handling sales tax in states that don’t simply tax the lease payment, handling trade-in sales tax credit, and reverse calculations. iLeaseMyCar Pro gives you much of the functionality car dealers have in their software, in the palm of your hand for a fraction of the price. No other app comes even close. iLeaseMyCar Pro uses helper views that allow you to quickly enter all the details of your deal. The first snapshot shows 4 of the 5 views that make up the lease calculator. For the sales professional, don’t lose a customer going back to your office to calculate their payment–run numbers for them right on the showroom floor!

iLeaseMyCar Pro is the premiere tool for closing the deal without leaving the showroom floor. This tool has been tested with numerous real deals sent to me from sales professionals like you. If you sell or buy cars for a living it is a must have. All of the items mentioned in the reviews have already been added with version 2.1. You’ll pay for this app hundreds of times over by negotiating a better lease or purchase deal and for the sales professional with just one commission.

LeaseMyCar Pro Features:

– Save and reload up to 30 lease and loan deals in your “deal garage” *NEW*
– A summary view that details the key elements of your transaction on one screen. It provides a place to enter standard fees for auto transactions and calculates the total amount due at drive-off. When finished, email or save it in your deal garage!
-The ability to configure the handling of sales tax for states like Texas, Illinois, Ohio, New York and New Jersey which either allow you to pay sales tax up front or tax the total sales price or the cap cost. No other tool has this capability!
– Reverse loan and lease calculator that lets you calculate the terms of your deal based on the payment
– Ability to enter taxable and non-taxable fees to roll into lease payments
-Roll fees and taxes into your loan payment
-Enter residual in dollars or percent *NEW*
-View an amortization schedule for your loan
– Includes detailed help so you aren’t guessing what the appropriate inputs are.

iLeaseMyCar Pro Loan and Lease CalculatoriLeaseMyCar Pro Loan and Lease CalculatoriLeaseMyCar Pro Loan and Lease CalculatoriLeaseMyCar Pro Loan and Lease CalculatoriLeaseMyCar Pro Loan and Lease Calculator