Save Dollars – Internet Shopping Pricer

April 14, 2009

Save Dollars - Internet Shopping Pricer$0.99 from Bad Dog Apps Save Dollars - Internet Shopping Pricer

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Ever find yourself standing in a store looking at what appears to be a great buy? How do you know?

Save $ is a remarkable iPhone tool that allows you to instantly:

• Find the range and lowest prices of an item
• Read reviews from customers about the seller
• See what buyers say about the product
• Save Favorites for later comparison and annotation
• Bookmark common searches for future use

If available, look at the complete technical specifications
And more

Free apps don’t always show the lowest prices. Save $ was developed with only one goal in mind—find the user the best price fast. You will probably pay for Save $ with your first purchase over $50 using comparative pricing.

Save $ is easy to use. Type in the bar code number, ISBN number or the name of the product and receive quick results. To make it even easier, Save $ has a Quick Lookup Directory to find common items from 15 product categories, with over 150 sub-categories and 3,000 sub-sub categories.

Scroll through search results to review sellers, products (including photos if available) and prices. When you select an item, you will see a list of the sellers with prices, star ratings for each seller and the number of seller reviews. You can use you iPhone to order the product if you have found what you are looking for, or mark sellers of interest for later review by clicking the Favorites icon.

Favorites is a powerful tool in Save $. Once you have added the various sellers you are interested in researching to Favorites, you are offered the following tools: a more complete description of the product, a link to the seller’s website and a link to all the reviews for the seller. The bottom of the page reveals additional icons. You can use these to return to Favorites, see product star ratings, link to user reviews and access full product technical information (if available). You can also email the seller’s website link to yourself or a friend. You can even add notes and and your own photo.

Note: An internet connection or 3G wireless is required to do live product searches. All searched information is in English. Product and pricing information from American retailers is in US dollars only. Depending on your location in the world, you may or may not be able to order products form their websites.

Save Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping PricerSave Dollars - Internet Shopping Pricer

2012 US Election

April 13, 2009

2012 US Election$0.00 from Ethan Productions 2012 US Election

A simple application that tells you how many days are left until the 2012 US elections, and how many days are left until a potential new president takes office. A must-have for any political junkie who’s excited about voting.

Once the election and inauguration takes place, the text will change to reflect that. This application will again be updated for free in 2013 to countdown towards the 2016 elections.

2012 US Election


April 7, 2009

iQuotes$1.99 from Better Day Wireless iQuotes

iQuotes features hundreds of quotes set atop a background of famous works of art and vibrant photos chosen specifically for each. Use iQuotes to get a new quote for every day of the year or easily browse through them all with forward and back buttons.

Get quotes of the world’s greatest thinkers from Einstein to Confucius. Experience the witticisms of some of literature’s most creative minds like Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, or Shakespeare to name a few.

Quotes range from the witty and humorous to motivational words of wisdom.

Quotes are brought to life by vibrant nature scenes, portraits, cosmic images, and some of history’s greatest works of art.

Don’t have time to browse them all? Don’t worry, when you open iQuotes, the order is rearranged giving you a unique experience every time.

Plus, iQuotes will get updated frequently, adding more quotes to your collection!

Try iQuotes today for a bit of inspiration and entertainment!

Better Day Wireless. Better Apps. Better Value.


Name That Baby!

April 5, 2009

Name That Baby!$3.99 from DoubleTapApps Name That Baby!

Name That Baby the fun way! Designed by a stay-at-home mom, Name That Baby has thousands of baby names to choose from. Pick your sex, choose a starting letter and shake your iPhone! Baby names are displayed in a scrollable list in the quantity you choose. Shake your iPhone again for more names! Irish, Italian or American – you choose. With the sound of a baby rattle as your iPhone shakes, Name That Baby makes a perfect addition to any baby shower event!


– Search and access thousands of baby names with full descriptions from an array of origins

-Search by boy’s names, girls names, starting letter and/or origin

-Save names that you like to your “Favorites” list

-Share the fun by emailing your friends, family or yourself your list of favorites!

-Names are displayed in an easy scrollable list and can be displayed in the quantity you choose

-Hear the sound of a baby rattle when you shake your iPhone (on/off feature included)

Name That Baby!Name That Baby!Name That Baby!Name That Baby!Name That Baby!


April 5, 2009

CraigsMobileList$1.99 from Mobile Simplicity CraigsMobileList

CraigsMobileList is a simple and intuitive application designed to greatly improve the ease of searching, browsing, and responding to craigslist listings on an iPhone.

By streamlining the interface, CraigsMobileList makes craigslist as quick and effortless to browse and search on the iPhone as it is through a standard browser on a computer. Now it’s easy to find a dinner date on a business trip or last minute tickets to a sold out show.

– Search and browse all standard craigslist categories from a centralized homepage
– Bookmark details of favorite and/or often repeated searches
– Recall your last location setting
– Save individual listings to favorites for later use
– Respond to listings quickly and easily
– Email listings to yourself or a friend
– Forget about resizing screens and clicking on tiny links!

The current version of CraigsMobileList supports the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, and the U.K.

CraigsMobileList is developed by Mobile Simplicity who has no association or affiliation with craigslist. This is an application developed by lovers of craigslist for lovers of craigslist.

For more information please visit


OneTap Movies

April 2, 2009

OneTap Movies$0.00 from Avantar LLC OneTap Movies

NEW: Ticket sales to theaters who partner with

OneTap Movies™ is the famous ultimate app for movie lovers. From now on, and for a fraction of the price of a single movie ticket, you will enjoy the show even when you are searching for a movie now playing at your local theater near you.

With a single tap of your finger, OneTap Movies recognizes where you are and displays the nearest movie theaters, along with the movies that are being played, as well as the show times, critic ratings, basic info based on box office sales, posters, etc. You can also watch the trailers or enjoy reading the details for any movie with a link to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Metacritic, & Rotten Tomatoes.


Publication – MACWORLD: “Let’s go out to the movies. OneTap Movies…provides showtime information for movies in your area, but it does it with a slick collapsible list of theaters”

User Review – PUNKINB1: “(5 Star Rating) Freaking Awesome!…Since I travel a lot I would have to figure out what zip code I was in to find the closest theater. Now with location based services it tells me the closest theaters without the hassle. And to view trailers within 10 seconds or so is totally cool too.”

Blogger – THE FRISKY: “[One of the] 16 best iPhone apps.”

Blogger – /FILMS: “OneTap Movies is the clear winner in the presentation category”

– Auto detects your location
– Interactive map with driving directions to each theater
– One tap shortcuts: Sort your results by theaters, movie popularity, star ratings, newest movies, additional info based on boxoffice sales
– Modify your default location
– View movie times now showing or up to 5 days ahead
– Links to Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Rotten Tomatoes & Metacritic
– Choose your favorite theaters to show up top by location
– View showtimes for every theater in your vicinity by movie title under the Popular, Rating, and Newest shortcuts
– Results cashing is used to display quicker search results when doing multiple searches in a short period of time
– Refresh listings to reset cashed results

– Movie trailers
– Movie posters
– Movie theaters
– Titles
– Times
– Description
– Critic ratings (stars)
– Movie ratings (PG, R, etc.)
– Movie length

– iPhone
– iPod touch: Since the iPod touch’s online connection is limited to WiFi, you may have to manually set your location

– United States
– Other: Some features may not work properly and may require that you set the location

– Yellow Pages
– Munch
– AirYell

OneTap MoviesOneTap MoviesOneTap MoviesOneTap MoviesOneTap Movies

Holiday Countdown – w/Custom Recurring Events

April 1, 2009

Holiday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring Events$0.99 from Energize Software Holiday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring Events

Find out the dates, day of the week, and number of days until the next 25 upcoming U.S. holidays and special events with Holiday Countdown. In addition, you can add, edit and delete up to 150 of your own custom events including recurring events with customized colors.

– The holiday name, icon representing the holiday, days until the holiday, day of the week, and date of the holiday are displayed in a sorted list that can be scrolled with the closest future date always listed first.

– Add, edit, and delete up to 150 custom events through the year 2030. Custom events default to being displayed in red, but you can select from 12 alternate colors. By default when the date of a custom event has passed, it will display “expired” on the selection screens and will no longer display on the main screen.

– Optionally select a custom event as a recurring event and it will reschedule itself weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, every month or every year. You can delete any custom event or edit the event to one in the future. Great for adding a repeating event such as a birthday, anniversary, meeting, appointment, etc.

– Ability to import Birthdays from your contacts . Choose to import only new entries or also update previously imported birthdays.

– Change the background image from the included picture of Kauai to any image stored on your device. To see more of a background image, select fewer holidays to be displayed. To restore the original background picture of Kauai, hold down the “Change Picture” button for about 3 seconds until you receive an acknowledgement.

– In the program’s options, enable/disable the display of holiday icons, change the display to one of four fonts, and set the level of visual transparency of the event (So you can see more or less of the background image).

– All future holiday dates are automatically calculated so the results will be accurate for years.

– Selectively enable and disable which dates you would like to have displayed.

– Traditional Holidays include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Included Jewish holidays: Purim, Pesach, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, and Hanukkah.

– Special Events include Daylight Saving Time start and end dates and Flag Day.

Note: While the ability to be notified of upcoming events without the program running is a requested feature, Apple does not allow a program to run in the background, so this is currently not possible. If Apple allows this ability in the future, it will be added to the program.

Additional features will be added, so we welcome your suggestions as to future enhancements. Check out our Web site at to see a video of Holiday Countdown in action or to leave your suggestions.

Holiday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring EventsHoliday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring EventsHoliday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring EventsHoliday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring EventsHoliday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring Events


April 1, 2009

iDiscount$0.99 from Mobile Simplified iDiscount

Discount Sale … Shop

FREE FREE FREE — If you like this app then check out my other apps:

iFav Pizza
Gift Manager
Holiday List
Auto Loan / Lease Calculator

This application is a set of tools to make life easier while you shop at the store. Quickly figure out a discount or bundle deal value.

Have you ever been at the store for a really great sale and were trying to figure out what 40% of something is? Or, better yet, trying to figure out what taking an additional 10% off of something that is already 35% off? The Sale Tool of iDiscount does the math for you and in the tradition of the iPhone or iPod Touch, makes it really easy to use.

iDiscount also provides two additional tools on the unit price screen. The first tool is for use at the grocery store. When you are at the deli and trying to figure out what 1/2 lb. of Turkey costs, or what 2 1/2 lb. of Roast Beef would be. The Total Cost tool does the math for you.

Unit cost figures out what the individual price would be for sales that give you 2 for 1.

iDiscount is all about making everyday shopping math easy!!!


Party Pro

March 31, 2009

Party Pro$0.99 from Helmes Innovations, LLC Party Pro

Party Pro is the ultimate drink, bartending and party guide for iPhone & iPod touch. Party Pro gives you the most bang for your buck. Compare Party Pro to the competition.

Party Pro includes the following:

– Drink library with 20,000+ DRINK RECIPES
– Bartending guide with many useful tools
– Bar locator with GPS support
– Liquid unit measurement converter

Party Pro’s drink library contains over 20,000 drink recipes stored locally on your device. You can search and view drink recipes by name, category, ingredient, multi-ingredient, random, your favorites, and your top rated. You can now add and delete drink recipes, ingredients, and drink categories. Drink recipes can be displayed in either imperial or metric unit measurements (indicate your preference in the Settings application).

Party Pro’s bartending info feature will teach you the basics of bartending as well as provide you with several fun and useful tools.

The bar locator feature will find bars near your current location or in major cities throughout the world.

The unit converter will convert liquid volume measurements from imperial to metric and from metric to imperial as well as perform several other conversions to help you mix and measure drinks properly.

Please drink responsibly!

Party ProParty ProParty ProParty ProParty Pro

Apps for Less: Weightbot, Party Pro, Armado
Is one of your New Year resolutions to shed a few pounds? Well if it is then this application, Weightbots, by Tabots[iTunes Link] is just for you. Whether you are trying to lose (or gain) a few pounds, tracking your weight has never

It's here: Party Pro for iPhone and iPod touch!
Party Pro is the ultimate bartending and party guide for iPhone & iPod Touch. We challenge any customer to compare our app with the competition. We are certain you will find that Party Pro is the best bartending application in iTunes.

TrueLove (speed-dial)

March 31, 2009

TrueLove (speed-dial)$0.99 from Memengo TrueLove (speed-dial)

TrueLove lets you dial the number of your one true love with a single touch. Think of it as a special speed-dial.

Guys! Put this on your phone and show it to your lady – she’ll be delighted to know she’s on your mind. It costs less than roses, does not fade and is just as good for making her feel special.

Before first use, go to Settings->TrueLove and enter the phone number of your choice. Afterwards this number will be dialed every time you touch the heart button. And if your love changes the phone number, visit Settings again to update it.

TrueLove (speed-dial)TrueLove (speed-dial)