The Wheel SP

February 25, 2009

The Wheel SP$1.99 from eNATAL LLC The Wheel SP

The Wheel SP is now the most powerful and easiest-to-use gestational age calculator in the App Store!

The Wheel SP (for ‘SPinner’) is a gestational age calculator (also known as a pregnancy wheel) that is used every day by doctors, obstetricians, midwives, nurses, and pregnant women. The Wheel SP is a professional tool that replaces and enhances the functionality of those worn-out cardboard wheels without compromise.

The Wheel SP accurately determines the estimated delivery date (EDD), or due date, of a pregnancy based on the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period (LMP), or from the date of conception, or from a known gestational age (GA) on a known date, e.g. from an ultrasound measurement, or from fetal biometry like Crown-Rump Length (CRL), Femur Length (FL), and Biparietal Diameter (BPD). Additionally, for appropriate gestational ages, The Wheel SP estimates fetal weight and display the number of days completed and remaining.

However, in its primary day-to-day role for healthcare providers, when the EDD is already known, The Wheel SP enables the precise calculation of the gestational age of a fetus at anytime during pregnancy in LARGE, easy-to-read characters.

To enter Gestational Age, CRL, FL, or BPD for a specific date, tap “Today”, enter the desired date, then repeatedly tap on the newly-displayed button displaying the gestational age to cycle through GA, CRL, FL and BPD.

To see information about the current gestational age (e.g. fetal weight, days completed/remaining) tap the gestational age display when NOT highlighted in white.

The Wheel SPThe Wheel SPThe Wheel SP



February 18, 2009

PubSearch$0.00 from deathraypizza PubSearch

PubSearch is a fast, efficient search tool for scientists, medical professionals and students who rely on the ability to quickly access the millions of research papers indexed in PubMed. By combining a simple, efficient user interface with fast access to the PubMed database, PubSearch lets you concentrate on finding the research articles you need without getting in your way.

+ unlimited search results
+ full-text articles
+ EZProxy support
+ button to email search results

For about the same price as a cup of coffee, you get full-text access to millions of scientific articles indexed through PubMed, all in the palm of your hand.

PubSearchPlus includes EZProxy support, so that even when you’re away from your Institution’s network, you can (if your institution uses EZProxy) access full-text of articles in any journal your Institution subscribes to.


Patient Tracker

February 11, 2009

Patient Tracker$9.99 from Patient Tracker

Designed by a doctor at a level 1 trauma center, Patient Tracker helps you track information about your patients.

Store history & physical (H&P) and notes for each patient. You won’t have to carry around index cards anymore, and dictation will be a breeze.

Includes standard answers for allergies, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, illicit drug history, pulmonary, cardiovascular, abdomen, neuro, HEENT, vitals, neck, and more. Quickly select standard answers by tapping instead of typing.

Includes shorthand symbols for CHEM-7 and CBC.

Perfect for doctors, medical students, nurses, and anybody else involved in patient care.

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Patient Tracker is for storing data about patients you are actively following in the hospital. Your list will typically have fewer than 15 patients so you can quickly tap the one you want. Usually, you will delete a patient from the list when their hospital course is complete. Patient Tracker is for personal reference and isn’t an EMR app.

All fields are optional. Enter as little or as much data about each patient as you want. Whatever makes your life easier!

In order to comply with HIPAA, you should set a passcode on your iPhone and set the passcode to be required immediately.

To set a passcode, open the “Settings” app, tap “General”, and tap “Passcode Lock”.

Patient TrackerPatient TrackerPatient TrackerPatient TrackerPatient Tracker


February 6, 2009

Points$19.99 from Miridia Technology, Inc. Points

Acupuncture Mastery Software

The only professional level acupuncture reference for students and practitioners.

The fastest, easiest way to master the Meridians.

We’ve all been there–working a busy practice day, helping lots of patients, and feeling great…when suddenly it hits. Call it mental block, blank-screen syndrome, or a brain cramp. No matter how you say it, the result is the same.

You need information and you need it now.

Maybe it’s a point you don’t use very often; maybe you just need to verify a location. Whatever it is, you don’t have time to dive for a book.

That’s where Points comes in.

Whether you’re working in a busy practice or preparing for your boards, Points is the fastest, most convenient and most powerful Acupuncture reference ever to fit in your pocket.

* Eliminate guesswork with complete information about all 361 numbered points, as well as 40 extra named points

* Practice confidently with locations, attributes, functions and cautions for every point right at your fingertips

* Locate each point precisely with “zoomable” photographic illustrations and complete anatomic descriptions

* Expand your knowledge with Chinese and English names for every point

* Quickly locate the information you need by point number or “flicking” flip chart – just flick left or right to move from point to point.

* Perfect your knowledge with the randomized quiz feature: Quiz by picture or printed description. Got 5 minutes to kill before a meeting? Between patients? Pump up your acupuncture knowledge!

* Simple, clean interface keeps the clutter away and allows you to focus on your personal mastery of the acupuncture points.

Of course, you could get the same information in a big, fat, clunky textbook–starting at about $80. Or you can step up to the speed and ease of Points–your always-available, always-convenient source for acupuncture knowledge–right in your pocket.



January 22, 2009

Epocrates$0.00 from Epocrates Epocrates

Epocrates puts continually updated clinical information at your fingertips. Our references are used by more than 600,000 healthcare professionals worldwide!


Please read about these options below.
– New to Epocrates? You’ll choose free or premium during installation.
– Already a free member? You can upgrade at

** Epocrates Rx FREE drug reference **

With our free download you can:

— Review continually updated information from the Epocrates Medical Editors on >3,300 brand and generic drugs, including dosing, black box warnings, adverse reactions, contraindications, pricing, pill pictures, and insurance coverage

— Check for drug-drug interactions among up to 30 drugs at a time

— Identify pills by their physical characteristics and imprint codes

— Perform dozens of medical calculations, such as BMI and GFR

— Customize your application to your specialty and practice

** Epocrates Essentials PREMIUM clinical reference **

If you’re looking for additional clinical information, we recommend Epocrates Essentials, which also includes:

— In-depth, peer-reviewed disease content developed in collaboration with the British Medical Journal Group, and a concise ID treatment guide

— Interpretation for hundreds of lab tests

— 600+ alternative (herbal) medications


ICD9 Consult

January 20, 2009

ICD9 Consult$29.99 from Evan Schoenberg ICD9 Consult

ICD9 Consult puts the complete, latest ICD9-CM on your iPhone or iPod Touch for about 1/3 the price of most printed ICD9-CM manuals which are far less convenient. With ICD9 Consult, you’ll never have to flip through a 30 pound book or go hunting for a coding reference page again.

The 2009 ICD9-CM diagnosis codes are both searchable and browsable by their traditional categories. Search simultaneously by code, diagnosis, included diagnoses, and description, through the whole ICD9-CM or through just a category or selected nonspecific code. Images within the list indicate whether a code is specific or nonspecific. Tap to view the diagnosis and the full text of its standard ICD-9 long description and to add it to your Favorites list for immediate access later.

The same features are available for the ICD9-CM procedure codes, too. ICD9 Consult 1.0 includes the 2008 procedure codes, as the 2009 codes are not yet available; a free update will be released with the 2009 procedure codes in the next month.

Features at a glance:
• Complete 2009 ICD9-CM diagnosis codes and 2008 ICD9-CM procedure codes, with all subcodes and all long descriptions: over 21,000 individual codes, instantly accessible
• Search within any list of codes, by code number, by diagnosis, and by full text of long descriptions
•Diagnoses’ descriptions have an “includes” section, which is also indexed and searched, which links alternate names and diagnoses to ICD-9 codes. A search for “B2 deficiency” will find 266.0 Ariboflavinosis!
• Search automatically expands abbreviations and terms for the best results; e.g. “MI” → “Myocardial Infarction.”
• Browse diagnoses and ICD9-CM procedures by category and subcategory; easily limit searches to particular categories
• Distinguish specific from non-specific codes at a glance; tap a non-specific code to view its specific children. Navigate to its parent to quickly compare one specific diagnosis to another, ensuring you code for maximum reimbursement every time.
• Keep a Favorites list of diagnoses and procedures, which may include specific and nonspecific codes.

Don’t be fooled by imitations! ICD9 Consult is the *only* ICD9 reference which provides:
• True search capabilities
• 100% of the ICD9-CM
• Real names for diagnoses and procedures rather than abbreviated, hard to guess names
• The complete text of the ICD9-CM descriptions.
• Extensive ‘includes’ diagnoses

Note regarding procedure codes: ICD9 Consult provides the ICD9-CM Procedure Codes. These are not the same as the CPT Procedure Codes (which are © the AMA). Please be sure to use the codes required by your practice and billing policies. There is an inaccurate 1-star review in the comments due to this misunderstanding.

Please visit for additional screenshots and to learn more.
A misleading review has been posted; I will respond to it here:
• Dr. Hegler claims the “procedure codes are wrong.” This is inaccurate. The procedure codes in ICD9 Consult are the ICD9-CM procedure codes, as described above, not the CPT procedure codes he was seeking. I found Dr. Hegler’s office via Google and left him a message offering a full refund, but he has declined to return my call. I also filled his request to provide searching by system in the Browser, in ICD9 Consult 1.1.
Please leave reviews if you like what you see… but please email me if you have questions or concerns, as it is impossible to respond to customer reviews! I promise 100% satisfaction and provide a 100% refund if ICD9 Consult is not exactly what you wanted it to be.

ICD9 ConsultICD9 ConsultICD9 ConsultICD9 ConsultICD9 Consult


January 16, 2009

RSI$3.99 from RSI

Provides quick access to the rapid sequence intubation (RSI) procedure.

Includes details on each of the 7 P’s of RSI, predictors of difficult intubation, BVM, and cric, calculated drug doses for the patient’s actual weight, and contraindications. Supports kg and lbs.

RSI is great for doctors and paramedics. With RSI on your iPhone or iPod touch, you won’t need to carry around extra reference cards or books anymore.

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Rapid sequence intubation is an advanced medical procedure, designed for the expeditious intubation of the trachea of a patient. Also known as rapid sequence induction.