Drum Kit: As seen on TV!

April 17, 2009

Drum Kit: As seen on TV!$1.99 from CrimsonJet, Inc. Drum Kit: As seen on TV!

Download the drum app featured in Apple’s latest iPod Touch TV commercial, billboards, and posters!

Drum Kit will be updated at least once every two weeks with new sounds, themes, and features.

Ever wanted to play the drums? This is the closest you can get without a real kit. This is a fun app for drummers and non-drummers alike. Impress your friends with your chops, or fine tune a beat while away from your kit.

Play along while listening to songs. Simply start playing a song in the iPod app, then launch Drum Kit and play along! You can adjust the song’s volume or Drum Kit’s volume to find the right mix.

“If you are a drummer or constantly tapping on things, you may really enjoy this app” -Ars Technica

* 6 piece kit (4 toms, snare, bass, hi-hat (open and closed), crash, ride, splash)
* Repeated cymbal taps blend in like real cymbals (only app in store that does this)
* Visual feedback when drum head is tapped
* Two volume controls, one for drum sounds, one for your music playing in the background
* Professionally recorded, high quality 16-bit stereo drum sounds
* Play multiple drum heads simultaneously
* Extra long bass drum touch area for double bass (new: slide back and forth for fast double bass)
* Play along with your existing music, add beats or fills
* Optionally play with a friend, one on each side of the kit
* Record tracks, load and edit tracks

* Tap the info button on the bottom right
* Tap the record and play a beat. When you are done tap it again. Give your track a name and save it.
* Tap load to find your tracks.
* Tap play to play a loaded track.
* You can play on top of a track while it’s playing

* You can now slide your fingers across Drum Kit to play rolls. Turn on rolls in Settings and change the BPM (beats per minute) to fine tune your rolls. Try sliding in a circle around toms and snare for instance.

TV ad: http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/gallery/ads/

YouTube video of Drum Kit 1.0: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO5YESsOPQE

Lead Developer: Shane Vitarana (@shanev)

Drum Kit: As seen on TV!Drum Kit: As seen on TV!Drum Kit: As seen on TV!Drum Kit: As seen on TV!Drum Kit: As seen on TV!

Rock on Altitude

April 16, 2009

Rock on Altitude$0.99 from GoTV Networks Rock on Altitude

ROCK ON ALTITUDE is your one stop video shop for everything new in Rock, Pop, Metal, and Indie music. ROCK ON ALTITUDE delivers the hottest new music videos, exclusive live performances, backstage interviews, breaking news, and gives you a front row seat to all the biggest music festivals featuring the worlds biggest actsÖ.all in the palm of your hand !

Get all the up to the minute news and highlights on whats happening this week in rock! Breaking music news, charts, new releases, and the latest tour info are all covered right here

Want to hear directly from your favorite artists? This is the place! ROCK ON ALTITUDE brings you exclusive interviews with cutting edge artists making noise and creating a buzz. Whether its backstage, on the video set, or in our ALTITUDE ARTIST LOUNGE, we give you the scoop straight from the horses mouthsÖ..the artist themselves.

We give you an all access backstage pass, bringing you top quality live performances along with backstage interviews and much much more. Looking to get past the velvet rope at the hottest parties and red carpet events in music entertainment? Your VIP pass lives here.

This area is a must for any real music fanatic. Whether itís exclusive acoustic performances in our Artist lounge or live concert events, ROCK ON ALTITUDE delivers top quality performances you wonít find anywhere else.

Sick of music channels that don’t play music videos? So are we! That’s why ROCK ON ALTITUDE gives you the hottest new videos you won’t find anywhere else. Rock, Indie, Metal. It’s all here and it’s all for you!

This is a must for all the fellas ! Sexy profiles of the hottest Rock Bikini Girls live in this section along with the latest reviews and news of the hottest new video games and gadgets that are hitting the market.

Rock on AltitudeRock on AltitudeRock on AltitudeRock on AltitudeRock on Altitude

ES Musica

April 16, 2009

ES Musica$0.99 from GoTV Networks ES Musica

ES Música is the first ever Video on Demand made-for-mobile Latin channel on major U.S. carriers. ES Música features Latin Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Reggaeton, Regional Mexican and more providing music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, live performances and more from today’s biggest and brightest Latin artists. If it’s happening in Latin Music, you will find it here!

Video Chicas – Video Chicas brings the spiciest Latina’s to mobile – and gets them to reveal what makes them sizzle! With a new girl each Monday, everyone gets to fall in love with their favorite chica.

La Merca – Discover what’s new in Latin music with La Merca! Every Tuesday we’ll review the latest albums and judge how artists are burning up the charts with our Hot Chiles Meter!

La Charla – La Charla puts you in the room with Latin music’s elite for in-depth interviews, behind-the-scenes exclusives and rockin’ live performances.

Clandestino – Our Artist of the Month! “Clandestino” emancipates viewers from the mainstream introducing them to innovative musicians breaking new ground. Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Es Musica Live – Es Musica Live is the greatest seat in the house! Catch Latin music’s best artists performing nationwide, live for our cameras! Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month.

La Escena – Every Thursday, La Escena defines the phrase “all access.” We put viewers front-and-center with the definitive guide to all the major events and hot-spots everyone will be talking about.

En Resumen – En Resumen is celebrity dish with a lot of spice. Find out who dominated the headlines with our daily re-cap of the top 5 chismes in Latin music. Que Chismosos!!!

ES MusicaES MusicaES MusicaES MusicaES Musica

Hip Hop Official

April 16, 2009

Hip Hop Official$0.99 from GoTV Networks Hip Hop Official

Hip Hop Official is the only hip hop music and culture video channel you need for your iPhone! Watch the latest music videos & live performances, as well as in-depth and exclusive interviews with hip hop’s hottest stars. Keep in tune with our daily updates of hip hop news, fashion and breaking artists that you need to know!

Can’t make it to your favorite artist’s concert? Don’t trip! Hip Hop Official is your exclusive backstage pass to some of the freshest concerts and tours across the country! Watch as your hip hop heroes take the stage and rock for the thousands in attendance.

Does your swag need a boost? Check out our weekly video updates on the newest streetwear, sneakers and accessories to keep you looking fresh to def!

Get the biggest artists on demand and in the palm of your hand. Video. Music. Culture….this is Hip Hop Official.

Hip Hop OfficialHip Hop OfficialHip Hop OfficialHip Hop OfficialHip Hop Official

Chord Play

April 15, 2009

Chord Play$1.99 from rubbleDev Chord Play

Chord Play 2.0



Chord Play 2.0 lets you play chords on your iPhone and iPod Touch in a guitar 6 string interface. Simply tap on chords you want to play and then use the 6 strings to play the notes of the chord as you would on a guitar. You can pick and choose up to 12 chords to have in front of you at any time. You can easily save your song layouts to use any time.

Chord Play comes with multiple sounds to play with: Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Distorted guitar, Mute Pluck guitar, and even Piano.

Chord Play also features a built in library of 1600+ chords to choose from. Have other custom chords you want to use? The chord creator lets you define & save even more chords to use. Use sliders to position guitar strings to which fret you’d like them to play and then save the chord for use.


* Play chords using 6 strings like on a guitar
* Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Distorted guitar, Mute Pluck guitar & Piano sounds to play with
* Built in chord library of 1600+ chords to choose from
* Tab notation shown above strings for guitarist reference
* Position up to 12 chords for your most accessible chord layout
* Save and load song layouts for easy switching
* Easily define & save custom chords up to the 15th fret using the chord creator

Chord PlayChord PlayChord PlayChord PlayChord Play

Sonos Controller

April 14, 2009

Sonos Controller$0.00 from Sonos, Inc. Sonos Controller

Turn your iPhone™ or iPod® touch into a full-fledged Controller for the Sonos® Multi-Room Music System. When combined with Sonos ZonePlayers™ in the rooms of your choice, you can find and play all the music you want, all over your house. Wirelessly.

With Sonos and an iPhone you can instantly access all the music in your personal collection, including your iTunes playlists, plus thousands of free Internet radio stations. And Sonos works seamlessly with the most popular online music services, including Deezer, Last.fm, Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody and SIRIUS, so you can listen to millions of songs in every room. Play the same song all over the house in perfect synchronization. Or let everyone in the house listen to exactly what they want — rock in the kitchen, local news in the bedroom and jazz in the living room. Simply grab the iPhone and pick a room, point and flick to pick a song, and then hit play.

– Wirelessly stream millions of songs and stations all over the house — no computer required.
– Play the same song in every room or different songs in every room.
– Instantly access music stored on your computer, and play tunes from a NAS drive or Apple Time Capsule without turning on your computer.
– Control the music selection and volume in each room individually.
– Search for any song with the touch-screen keyboard.
– Wake up or fall asleep to your favorite music or Internet radio station with full-featured alarms.
– Set up or expand the Sonos system wirelessly with a touch of a finger.

Sonos ControllerSonos ControllerSonos ControllerSonos ControllerSonos Controller

Sonos adds more firepower to iPhone app
Filed under: iPhone, App Store, iPod touch, App Review. Sonos, maker of the highly regarded multi-room music system, has updated the free controller software the company provides for the iPhone. The Sonos Controller [App Store link]

Sonos Updates iPhone Controller App
Got a Sonos multi-room music system and an iPhone? Sonos has updated its Controller app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Sonos owners can now wake up to music by creating, editing, or deleting multiple alarms from the iPhone,

Review: Sonos ZonePlayer 90 with iPhone Controller App
Sonos is a “multi-room music system” that lets you wirelessly stream music to any “zone” in your house either independently or synchronized together using a centralized controller. And, oh yeah, that centralized controller can be an

Jedem eine App (iPhone / iPod touch als Fernbedienung Teil III)
In Anbetracht der Vielzahl von speziellen Programmen bzw. Applikationen (kurz App genannt) für den iPod touch und das iPhone im Apple iTunes App Store rückt die ursprüngliche Funktion (MP3-Player bzw. Telefon) glatt in den Hintergrund.

Our dozen favourite iPhone music apps
We’ve been banging on about iPhone applications for a while ago, and in last week’s issue of the Music Ally Report, we covered some of the ways iPhone apps are coming onto the music industry’s radar. But which apps are we actually using

Guitar: Play and Share

April 13, 2009

Guitar: Play and Share$3.99 from Frontier Design Group Guitar: Play and Share

“The first truly *musical* app for the iPhone … While other virtual instruments are severely limited by the iphone’s dimensions, this one caters to its strengths. Oh Joy!” – Wintancian, 5 stars

“OUTA SIGHT!!! I have the other guitar apps… This is a REAL instrument!” – 3radart, 5 stars

“I bought all the other guitar apps….. A+ on this update, guys. It has made the best iphone guitar application even better! A must buy for guitar players.” – Geetarmoore, 5 stars

Guitar is compatible with iShred, the new electric guitar app from Frontier Design Group. Check it out at frontierdesign.com/iShred

Learn and play your favorite songs with Guitar, the amazing acoustic guitar app for your iPhone or iPod touch. More than just a virtual fretboard, Guitar is an instrument optimized for performance. You can perform songs with any combination of chords and melodies on Guitar’s highly playable and easy-to-use interface. And you can strum along to your iTunes music with Guitar and hear your playing added into the mix!

Check out these great features!

– Built in library of over 1900 chords!
– Easily create and save your own custom chords
– Dynamics!: strum position controls loudness of chords
– Chords are easily reordered for fast access

– 21 scales, available in 12 keys, let you play melodies
– “Advanced moves”: hammer-on’s, pull-off’s, and slides
– User-selectable string labels

Songs and playlist:
– Combinations of chords & scales can be saved as songs
– Songs can be edited, renamed, deleted
– Songs can be reordered in the Playlist
– Save songs to the web, and share globally with AirPlay

– 4 great acoustic guitar sounds, including 12-string
– Notes dever “drop out” due to limited sample length
– Adjust tuning to match recordings, other instruments
– Reverb effect simulates room ambience

– Slide finger between buttons for fast chord transitions
– Shortcuts for fast song editing and button reordering
– Left-handed support

– Record performances with optional metronome
– Play along with recordings, even use different sound
– Speed up or slow down performance after recording
– “AirPlay” lets you share your songs around the world

Note: After installing Guitar we recommend powering your device off and then on to reset system memory.

Guitar: Play and ShareGuitar: Play and ShareGuitar: Play and ShareGuitar: Play and ShareGuitar: Play and Share

iShred, una aplicación de guitarra para el iPhone que vale la pena
Las primeras aplicaciones de guitarra que salieron para el iPhone, incluyendo las de la era pre-App Store (cuando necesitábamos un iPhone con jailbreak), no funcionaban bien. El concepto era interesante – aprovechar el multitouch del

アコースティックギターが弾けるアプリGuitarを購入しました。450円。 PocketGuitarは持っていたのですが、コードしか弾けない自分は「どうやってコード押さえたらいいんやねん??」という感じで全然使ってなかったのですが、Guitarは登録したコードを

Guitar: Trasforma il tuo iPhone in una chitarra da suonare!
Nome: Guitar. Prezzo: 2.99 Euro. Autore: Frontier Design Group. Descrizione: Guitar è un applicazione che simula una vera e propria chitarra. Il suono è molto simile ed è fantastica da suonare, si puo cambiare gli accordi facilmente e

iPhone and iPod Touch Evolve as Musical Instruments
There are a bunch of guitar-oriented apps on the AppStore but the one demo’d in the video above, from developers at Frontier Design Group seems to have a lot of promise. Called, simply, Guitar, unlike many of the instructional apps or

Guitar: suonare facilmente tutti gli accordi della chitarra
Guitar non è una delle tante applicazioni che simulano il suono di una chitarra, in quanto consente un utilizzo veloce e funzionale degli accordi in modo tale da poterli cambiare senza alcuna difficoltà mentre si suona la chitarra su