April 19, 2009

ToyCamera$0.99 from Takayuki Fukatsu ToyCamera

AppleStore Ginza/Tokyo will have photo contest on 10th May and I have a talk session at that time. Threrefore one week(24th APR) sale of ToyCamera and QuadCamera for the event. Enjoy 🙂

This simple application changes your iphone’s camera to the fun toycamera. Now ToyCamera got effect selection!!

You do not need any difficult setting or photo editing knowledge. Actually this app has any setting panel.

All you need is just take a photo with this app.

ToyCamera automatically adds several random effects that is chosen in setting to your pictures.

– 800×600 or 600×600 resolution
– Vintage Green effect.
– Vintage Warm effect.
– Vintage Yellow effect.
– Low Saturation
– High Saturation
– Toning Sepia
– Black & White
– HiCon Black&White
– Uploader to the BigCanvas Photoshare



April 15, 2009

Juxtaposer$2.99 from Hendrik Kueck Juxtaposer

Juxtaposer lets you combine multiple pictures into fun photomontages quickly and easily thanks to its amazingly intuitive and responsive user interface.

Take any element from one picture and add it to another. Put your friend’s head on a statue’s body, remix your pets into a mythical creature, or magically join your favorite band, it’s simple and the process is fun.

Quotes from external reviews:
* TUAW: “This $2.99 app is a lot of fun, as well as one of the best-executed compositing tools for a mobile device that I’ve ever seen.”
* IphoneAppReviews: “Pretty much everyone, at some point in time, has had the uncontrollable urge to take a friend’s photo and do something truly evil with it. Juxtaposer is an awesome photo-editing tool that can make that dream a reality!”
* “The application works incredibly well and makes an otherwise challenging process simple and fun. It blows my mind that you can do such things on an iPhone.”

This is how you work with Juxtaposer: First, load in any two pictures – perhaps one of your dad, and one of your dog. Next, use your finger to erase around your dog’s head.
Quickly zoom in and out using two finger gestures. To cut out your dog’s head exactly, you first zoom out and make a rough outline, then zoom in, and erase or un-erase with pixel-accuracy.
Switch to move mode and use two fingers to move, re-size and rotate your dog’s head into place over dad’s.
It’s easy, intuitive and fun, and you’ll have a great new Dog-Dad in about a minute.

There is detailed in-program help if you need it and many cool features, including:
– Unlimited undo means no mistake or accidental brushstroke is permanent.
– Save directly to your photo album.
– Save multiple sessions and return to them later.
– Save top image cutouts as ‘stamps’ and use them in future projects.
– Use hard or soft brushes to create sharp or blurred edges.
– Create smooth blends between images with transparent brushes.
– Keep adding elements from other pictures to your composite image if you like.
– Red mask mode (second screen shot) lets you accurately isolate part of one image without being distracted by the second image in the background.
– Translucent mode makes it easy to align your images precisely.
– The stamp tool lets you add multiple copies of your cut-out to your composite.
– Work in portrait or landscape orientation; optionally have images auto-rotate.
– Switch to and from full-screen with the tap of a finger.
– Double-tap to quickly switch between erase and un-erase functions.
– Flip the top image.
– Set advanced settings in the Settings application.


iPhone Photography App Watch (April 17, 2009)
200904170118.jpg. 200904170119.jpg. 200904170120.jpg. 200904170121.jpg. === #iphone ipod touch.

Eleven photo apps for the iPhone and iPod touch you will like
Photo apps for the iPhone and iPod touch don’t really have much to do with anything you usually find around here, so if you want to leave now, I’ll understand. Photo apps are fun to mess with and some of them are actually quite good,

Essential iPhone Apps Scoreboard
The other day, I summarized what I believe to be the essential iPhone apps. Since then, I have uninstalled some apps and added some others. Here are the recent changes. pboard i.TV (free) has been uninstalled.

Tech for Grownups: The Essential iPhone Apps
Unlike just about everything else we in the tech blogosphere love to write about, the iPhone has crossed over into mainstream America in a big, big way. Over half of the adults in my close circle of friends have iPhones and many of the

Day 4, Giveaway 3 – Juxtaposer
Juxtposer is just one of those apps that you either love or you hate. Personally, I love it and don’t understand how anyone could not. Think about it, you take a picture and you take another picture, you take the parts of the first

Juxtaposer: fotomontaggi in tasca
Juxtaposer è solo l’ultimo, tra i software di “ritocco fotografico” per iPhone, ma è decisamente simpatico. Utilizzare questa piccola applicazione è semplice, intuitivo e veloce. Prima di tutto si scelgono 2 immagini ad esempio come

Quick App: Juxtaposer for the iPhone
I will admit I am not the biggest fan of Photoshop but I am into all of these compositing apps in the App Store and this new application, Juxtaposer, [iTunes link] is one you can really have some fun with, especially if you like taking

PhotoNote – take notes with photos

April 14, 2009

PhotoNote - take notes with photos$1.99 from Bananas Design PhotoNote - take notes with photos

ON SALE to celebrate the NEW RELEASE

PhotoNote is a simple and easy to use application that lets you take notes with photos.

See something that sparks an idea, like something in a shop, find an article in a newspaper of magazine, or spot a new book or CD? Are you taking photos for your business and need to add context to them?

Snap a quick photo and tag it with a note, so you’ll remember to action it later. Use it to take a picture memo or use it as a diary.

—— VERSION 1.3 OUT NOW ——–
Thank you for your continued support. Version 1.3 is out now and contains various improvements.

As requested by many customers, this version allows you to email your PhotoNotes.

Several other improvements are also included in this release:
* bugfixes for odd-size pictures. now showing correctly.
* updated next and previous buttons
* full-screen display improved
* OS3.0 compatibility fixes
* increased resolution
* various performance improvements


The main screen shows a list of your PhotoNotes. Browse your notes, navigate to the detail or delete your Photo Notes from here.
To add a new PhotoNote, simply click the ‘+’ button. The application will ask if you want to use the Camera or use a photo from the Library. And now you can even take notes without a photo. [Make sure the “Select Camera/Library” option is turned ON to use this functionality.]

Within the detail screen you can easily navigate between the notes by clicking the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.
Send your PhotoNote by clicking the email button. You can use the PhotoNote Mailer or set up your own SMTP account.

The list of categories can be edited to suit your own needs. You can also set a default category for new PhotoNotes.

* Save Photos to the Photo Library
Can be turned ON or OFF. ON will save a copy of each photo in the Photo Library. This allows you to use the photos outside of the application as well.

* Start PhotoNote with the Camera
Turn this ON for instant camera access when you start the application.

* Select Camera / Library
Turn this OFF if you want to avoid the extra “tap” and go straight to camera.
Turn this ON if you want to use photos from the Photo Library or want to take notes without a photo.

This application is fully functional on the iPod Touch as well, but as the iPod Touch does not have a camera, you can only use the pictures from your photo library or create notes without a photo.

———- CUSTOMERS SAY ——————-
“Just what I needed. Great little app. Works a treat.”
“…it’s a great application!!!”
“I have been looking for a program such as this since I 1st got my iPhone ”

A free version, PhotoNote Lite, is also available in the AppStore and allows you to take up to 4 PhotoNotes.

PhotoNote - take notes with photosPhotoNote - take notes with photosPhotoNote - take notes with photosPhotoNote - take notes with photosPhotoNote - take notes with photos

iPhone Photography App Watch (April 16, 2009)
200904160037.jpg. 200904160038.jpg 200904160039.jpg. === #iphone ipod touch.

My 5 killer iPhone Apps
I have had my iPhone for a little over a month now and it is really starting to change the way I do things. Always (pretty much) on internet access and some killer apps really change the way I interact with the world around me.


April 11, 2009

PanoLab$0.00 from Originate Labs PanoLab

PanoLab is the first application to enable photographers to capture and assemble multi-frame panoramas and collages directly on the iPhone. PanoLab makes it simple to align photos that you pull from your photo library or capture on the fly. Once you’ve finished building your panorama, you may save it back to your photo library for viewing, emailing, and sharing online. PanoLab’s features include:

— a multi-touch, OpenGL-accelerated interface for exploring and editing your panorama
— hemispherical panoramas — up to 180° field of view vertically and horitzontally!
— capture images on the fly using the iPhone camera, or use existing images in your library
— linear projection — output images contain no distortion
— up to 1024×768 output images

Unlike collage applications, PanoLab applies perspective correction and linear projection to make many photos from one viewpoint align into a cohesive wide-angle view.

Unlike other panorama applications available for iPhone, PanoLab joins photos both vertically and horizontally, and can combine as few as 2 or as many as 30 images.

See what other photographers are doing with PanoLab and PanoLab Pro at and

Check out the Pro version of PanoLab for advanced features such as:

– EXTRA-WIDE AND HIGH-RESOLUTION EXPORTS: a wide variety of aspect ratios and resolutions for saving images back to your photo album.

– EXPOSURE ADJUSTMENT: adjust exposure and white balance manually, or let PanoLab Pro do it automatically.

– AUTOSAVE: works in progress are preserved when you exit PanoLab Pro or take a call.


iPhone Photography App Watch (April 14, 2009)
200904140159.jpg 200904140200.jpg. 200904140201.jpg. \. === #iphone ipod touch.

iPhone applications
My iPhone recently had to go back to Vodacom for an issue with the vibrate button. The thing broke off after only 2 months out the box. Something that’s completely unacceptable. Unfortunately the only thing to do was to book it in at

Auf dem IPhone kann man malen
Mein kleines Spielzeug, das IPhone hat viel mehr auf Lager als man glaubt. Heute habe ich mich mit der Bearbeitung von grade damit geschossenen Fotos befasst und dabei ist mir auch folgende kleine Software aufgefallen…

Quella sera eravamo a cena nel ristorante del Riccio che ospitava per qualche giorno un cuoco jappo che cucinava il sushi originale. Quella sera eravamo già abbronzati, era estate da 2 mesi qui a genova.

Snap Decision: A Look At iPhone Photography Apps
Next to its lack of true cut and paste, the iPhone’s camera is probably its most coulda-shoulda-woulda feature that third-party app developers are addressing. We’ve already looked at software solutions like Flickr’s iPhone front end,

Having fun with photos
glendora-all. One of the things I love doing with iPhone is taking photos. Yes, the camera is a low quality, bad featured camera and it’s not for taking professional images, but it’s fun! Almost every couple weeks there’sa new photo app

個人的にお薦めのアプリ。結構有名なものばかりですが…。にしてもやっぱiPhoneは最高の遊び道具です。 さいすけ googleカレンダーと同期出来るアプリ。iPhoneに搭載しているデフォルトのカレンダーなんかより100倍使いやすい。

CES 2009 Here I Am!
Packing for CES09. I packed my bag last night and took the first flight possible this morning to Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronic Show. While packing last night, I felt very much like aschek on Twitter (left) as I packed a

Essential resources for panoramic photography
You’ve seen panoramas used to illustrate the wondrous beauty of the world such as the interactive landscapes of Australia available at Panedia, the beautiful 360º images at Virtual Africa and the hundreds of images available at

iPhone Panorama App Review: Pano v. PanoLab (Pro)
This is a complete rewrite of my original review, updated to account for the latest versions and the addition of PanoLab Pro. So I’ve been playing around with the latest versions of these apps, Pano (v2.0), PanoLab (v1.1) and PanoLab

PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader

April 10, 2009

PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader$0.99 from PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader

** HALF PRICE SALE for a limited time **

Get the most useful all-in-one photo tool in the App Store!

PhotoWizard is a photo fixer. It can auto fix the under exposure photos taken from iPhone camera. Manual tool is also available to manually adjust brightness, contrast and color saturation.

PhotoWizard is a photo uploader. It can upload photos to your Picasa and Flickr online albums with specified title, description and tags.

PhotoWizard supports five amazing filters that turns your photos into artworks.

1. Oil Paint Effect
Turning your photos into oil paints.

2. Fish-Eye & Anti Fish-Eye Effect
Photo distortion. It is a fun effect to make funny distorted face.

3. Sketch
Turning your photos into pencil / charcoal sketches.

4. Block waves

5. Monochrome

You can apply effect on top of another one, e.g. applying oil paint and fish eye effects to get an distorted oil paint style artwork.

Next update on its way:
Facebook uploader

PhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+UploaderPhotoWizard Fixer+Filter+Uploader

iPhone Photography App Watch (April 14, 2009)
200904140159.jpg 200904140200.jpg. 200904140201.jpg. \. === #iphone ipod touch.

iPhone Photography App Watch (February 26, 2009)
PhotoWizard – A photo processing tool to add special effects to your images. Cost: $0.99. Photo Brush Lite – The Lite version of Photo Brush that contains a smaller selection of brushes. Customize your photos with the touch of your

[News] Featured in App Store 2008.11.17
New. Yahtzee Adventures, Electronic Arts, Games The Weather Channel, The Weather Channel Interactive, Weather Ocarina, Smule, Music Lemonade Stand, Maverick Software, Games RjDj album, Reality Jockey Ltd., Music

なんでもない写真が、モノクロ化すると妙に雰囲気を持つということがよくある。デジカメだとただの邪魔者にしか見えない高感度ノイズも、モノクロフィルムだと独特の粒状感というかザラザラ感がかえって味を生んだりする。 というわけで、最先端デジタル

Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)

April 10, 2009

Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)$1.99 from Sudobility Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)

New! Now supports Air Photo technology. Print photos directly in Photo Lab.
Air Photo Server required to be installed on PC (Windows XP or Vista) or Mac (10.5 Leopard):
Enhance your photos with one or a combination of Photo Lab’s 20+ image effect filters, from the basic to the fancy, in their native 1600×1200 resolution.

– COLOR: Auto Correction, White Balance, Saturated, Adjust Brightness, Adjust Contrast, Adjust Color Balance and Adjust Color Saturation, Invert, Night Gain;
– MONOCHROME: Black and White, Dramatic Black and White, Sepia, Negative and Night Vision;
– ART: Pencil, Pencil with Color, Sculpture, Sculpture with Color, Stencil, Posterize, 30’s Photo, and 70’s Photo.
– CROP: Crop photo to different print sizes.

Take a look at the screenshots for a sample of the filters, or go to our website for details.

– Take a photo with iPhone camera, or pick a photo from your album
– Easy-to-use and fast preview panel, so you can see how the photo will look like before applying the filter with double tap.
– Rollback (undo) with a single tap.
– Supports both portrait and landscape operation.
– Supports both right hand and left hand use.
– Auto-save when you leave the app, when receiving a call or text message. Ability to continue the editing when you come back.
– Option to work on the original 1600×1200 resolution.

Have some fun with your photos!

Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)Photo Lab 1600 (with Wifi printing)

iPhone Photography App Watch (April 15, 2009)
200904150039.jpg. 200904150040.jpg. === #iphone ipod touch.

iPhone Photography App Watch (April 14, 2009)
200904140159.jpg 200904140200.jpg. 200904140201.jpg. \. === #iphone ipod touch.

Las 25 mejores aplicaciones de fotografía para el iPhone
Todos sabemos que la cámara del iphone no es una maravilla y aunque esperamos que los rumores de que la vayan a mejorar sean ciertos, podemos ver como mucha gente ha conseguido exprimirle los píxeles sacando fotos realmente chulas.

iPhone Photography App Watch (February 25, 2009)
iLeica Camera – Take old style photos making your images come to life. Cost: $0.99. iKalled – Create extraordinary artwork from ordinary images. Cost: $0.99. Photo Lab 1600 (with WiFi Printing) – Now support Air technology .

iPhone Photography App Watch (February 14, 2009)
QuadCamera – Continuous shooting with high quality effects.This is the 4th release. (Cost: $1.99* Limited Time. Later $2.99.) Photo Lab 1600 – Print directly in Photo Lab. Now support Air Photo technology. (Cost: $2.99)

Apps On Sale In The App Store on 01/29/2009
This is your daily serving of iPhone and iPod Touch applications on sale. Today, iPhone Download Blog is bringing you the latest apps that are currently on sale in the App Store. Some of them are even free! If you were hesitating about

iPhoneItalia App Store Sales – 28 Gennaio 2009
Oggi vi presentiamo una nuova rubrica, intitolata App Store Sales, che vi guiderà nella scelta delle migliori applicazioni di App Store scontate, giorno dopo giorno. Questa nuova rubrica si propone di sostituire la precedente,

50 aplicaciones para iPhone dedicadas a fotografía y video
Se vienen las vacaciones y seguramente los usuarios de iPhone van a querer sacar fotos por todos lados. Ya sabemos que su cámara de 2 megapíxeles no es lo mejor del mundo por eso para sacarle todo el jugo es necesario darse una vuelta

iPhone Photos & Videos, what should you know?
We know you’re obsessed with your iPhone, and chances are you’ve been taking a lot more photos – perhaps even recording videos – over the holidays. To satisfy aspiring iPhone photographers and videographers, we’ve assembled a collection

Useful Iphone Video/Photo Apps
Photo Sharing PixelPipe – Media Gallery – PixelPipe is a free and fully loaded photo sharing app that lets users easily send and geotag their photos to any of 50 supported destination sites including Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Seesmic,


April 6, 2009

Flickup$1.99 from Martin Gordon Flickup


Flickup is an application for uploading photos to Flickr directly from iPhone using the same interfaces as the built-in camera and photo albums applications.

With Flickup, you can geotag photos with one touch and set defaults for even quicker uploads. Want to organize or share your photos? Add them to your favorite sets and groups. You can also send links to your photos directly to your preferred Twitter client (Twitterrific, Twinkle and Tweetie currently supported).

Note: EXIF data is stripped from all photos because of a limitation in Apple’s API.



April 3, 2009

PhotoBuddy$1.99 from Ambertation PhotoBuddy

PhotoBuddy is your personal assistant in photographic matters. It provides convenient ways to help professionals and amateurs calculate some of the most needed camera settings.
If you run PhotoBuddy on your iPhone you can use the built in camera to determine distances for objects of known size. The provided grayscale gradient can help you set the white point of your photographs, and the exposure presets get you started very quickly in the most common lighting situations.

“There are a few apps with similar features on the App Store. I’ve tried a couple of them so far and I like PhotoBuddy best.” (Terry White’s Tech Blog, App of the Week, 10/24/2008)

A brief Users Manual is available for download at the PhotoBuddy Website (

You can check out our DoF Calculator (for the update Version 1.2) online before you buy at

– Calculate Sunrise/Sunset and the moon phase
– Determine the moon phase for any given date
– Measure distances with the built in camera (1st Gen. iPhone only)
– Built in exposure presets
– Calculate exposure changes (f-number / shutter / iso) based on the reciprocity law
– Calculate the Depth of Field (hyperfocal distance, near/far limit). Test the calculation online at
– Find the maximal distance a flash can light using a given aperture / iso
– Calculate the minimal camera distance to fit objects of a given size on your photo
– Set the white balance of your camera by a list of color temperatures for common lighting situations
– Supports metric/imperial units
– Supports full, half and third stop
– Database of digital SLRs for simple setup (if your camera is not listed, you can simply choose the film size)
– Database of common motion picture cameras
– Custom Camera Settings (Film Size)
– PhotoBuddy remembers all your settings. You to continue right where you left
– Added Support for the new “Micro Four Thirds” Cameras as well as several new Models introduced at Photokina 2008
– CoC Calculator (based on desired print size, resolution and viewing distance)
– Change the CoC multiplicator for your cameras to fit your needs
– Support for ISO values up to 25600
– Bulb Timer: Allows you to take long exposure shots (up to 13 hours) in the bulb mode of your camera
– Interactive DoF graphic (change the depth of field settings with a flick of your finger)
– Bellows exposure compensation
– Camera presets for Red One and Hasselblad
– Angle of View Calculator
– HDR Bracketing Calculator (determine correct shutter speeds for multiple exposures used for high dynamic range images


The future of iPhone apps? Here you go!
20 categories, more than 10000 apps, 500 downloads and 7 months of gold rush later it’s time to sit down and reflect, for the future. So what will be iPhone the apps from the future the for the iPhone? That sounds good.

Christmas Elf Gets You into the Holiday Spirit
christmas elf iphone Looking for a fun game that goes well with the upcoming season? Christmas Elf is easy to pick up, has really nice christmasy music and you can play Santa’s helper in this cute Christmas addition to the App Store.

Notizen vom 21. November 2008
Sonderbehandlung für Google? Über den Vorgang zur Freigabe von “Google Mobile” wurde schon leise spekuliert. John Gruber (Daring Fireball) sagt es nun ganz laut: “A developer that plays by the rules cannot do what Google is doing” – ein


March 27, 2009

Photon$0.00 from Phanfare Photon

Phanfare Photon turns your iPhone into the digital camera of the future. Every photo you take floats up the cloud and every photo you have ever taken is available right from the device.

PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice: “Phanfare Photon is the best photo-sharing iPhone app to date.”

ReadWriteWeb: “Phanfare’s Photon is currently the best photo sharing and photo management app on the iPhone.”

Phanfare Photon puts your whole photo and video collection in the palm of your hand. Photos and videos that you upload, from both the iPhone and from other cameras via the Phanfare web site, are wirelessly synchronized to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Phanfare is a premium photo and video sharing system, storing original versions of your photos and archival renditions of your videos. We currently store over 127,000,000,000,000 bytes of photos and videos.

Photos and videos uploaded to Phanfare are redundantly stored in multiple industrial strength data centers so you never need to worry about losing your irreplaceable media. We use Amazon’s S3 storage service in the back end, leveraging Amazon’s experience in building mission critical systems.

You can edit your photos via our website or on the phone, and Phanfare keeps both the originals and edited versions.

The Phanfare Photon app gives you a subset of the functionality of the full Phanfare system, on the go.

– Create a Phanfare account or use your existing account
– Upload photos in the background while you take more photos using the camera built-in to the app (quitting app stops everything)
– Import photos from your iPhone camera roll to Phanfare
– order photo prints right from your iPhone
– Wirelessly sync all of the photos and videos in your Phanfare account to your iPhone for fast viewing anytime
– View your photos even without a network connection, once they are synced (Videos require live connection).
– View musical slideshows of your photos and videos.
– Apply effects including black and white, sepia, antique and auto-levels
– transfer photos to facebook from your iPhone.
– Crop photos
– reorder images and videos
– Add captions to your photos
– Create new albums and set security from your iPhone
– Delete the photos and albums you don’t like, before or after they are uploaded
– Assign a photo from your collection to an iPhone contact
– Email a photo
– Invite others to see your photos and videos
– Get notified when Phanfare friends and family update their own collections

We have also enhanced the iPhone picturing taking experience. The Phanfare camera offers:

– image stabilization
– a self-timer, allowing you to more easily be in your own photos
– a tap-anywhere feature, making it more convenient to take photos

In addition the Phanfare system on the web offers the following functionality:

– Upload from iPhoto, Picasa, Aperture and Lightroom through plug-ins available at
– Display your photos on your living room TV through Xbox 360 or PS3
– Get high quality photo books, cards, prints and data DVDs

The free version of the Phanfare service lets you store up to 1GB, enough room for approximately 3,000 photos. Unlimited storage accounts are also available for $54.95/year and include a 30% discount on photo merchandise. The Photon app works with both free and premium accounts. iPhone users get 50% off their first year.

We also offer world class customer support so if you run into problems, be sure to email us at

If you enjoy Phanfare Photon, please support us by leaving a positive review.

To improve stability, reboot your phone after installing.

Email us feedback, comments or app bugs at Follow us on twitter at



March 26, 2009

iDoodle2$2.99 from Josiah Larson iDoodle2

“iDoodle is a classic of the iPhone App Store and deserves all the recognition it gets. 5/5” –

iDoodle2 utilizes the power of the iPhone’s advanced graphics and UI to create a great drawing app that’s fun to use. You can draw a wide array of shapes and text with a full spectrum of colors, gradients, and fonts with alpha support. Sketch these shapes on top of any photo from your library, iPhone camera, or a custom gradient. You can save your doodles to work on later and replay, or you can export your images to the photo library. Full undo/redo is supported through a novel use of the accelerometer. Other tools include a soft brush, eraser, and an eyedropper tool to pick colors from your image. The new version implements multi-touch zoom, a smart offset tool, and a simplified kid mode. Have fun with iDoodle and make some great (or even not-so-great) art!

You can also try before you buy with iDoodle2 lite.