To Do Cycle

April 21, 2009

To Do Cycle$1.99 from The Polypeptides To Do Cycle

To Do Cycle is a to do list for recurring tasks–the type of tasks that don’t quite fit on a calendar and don’t quite fit on a regular to do list.

Do you have trouble remembering the last time you watered your plants? Checked your credit score? Backed up your computer?

To Do Cycle makes it easy to manage task cycles like these. Just indicate the last time you completed the task, the frequency that you want it repeated, and your countdown will begin! You’ll be able to tell at a glance how many days are left until you complete the task again.


● Track an unlimited number of task cycles
● Color coded system helps you easily identify tasks that need attention
● Specify the number of days in each task cycle (up to 99 days)
● Intuitive user interface
● Easily manage task cycles without cluttering up your calendar

To Do CycleTo Do CycleTo Do Cycle

[iPod]iPod touch に
入れているアプリケーション。 期間限定で無料のときに手に入れたりしたのも。 ファイル. Air Sharing. http 経由で Mac から繋げるのに特別なアプリケーションをインストールしなくていいのでいい。 機能もだいたいそろっている。


PCP Remote

April 20, 2009

PCP Remote$9.99 from Harlekins PCP Remote

The essential tool for everyone using Apple Podcast Producer for recording of podcasts.

Podcast Producer Remote (PCP Remote) can control several features of an Apple Podcast Producer Server [] giving you flexibility and mobility. PCP Remote can browse your available cameras bound to a Podcast Producer Server and can control these. It is possible to start, stop, pause, cancel and also submit a recording to a workflow on the Podcast Producer Server. Additionally, the detail information about workflows accessible on the server can be queried.
On the iPhone it is also possible to make local audio recordings, listen again to these recordings and to submit these local audio recordings to (currently special) workflows on the Podcast Producer Server. An example Podcast Producer workflow for such local audio recordings can be found on the product webpage.

Podcast Producer at your fingertips .. 🙂

PCP RemotePCP RemotePCP RemotePCP RemotePCP Remote


April 17, 2009

iDiary$6.99 from Triple Creeks Studio iDiary

* Keep your everyday ideas, plans, events, trips, encounters, and more — you can even keep multiple diary entries in a single day

* Protect your privacy with password authentication and data encryption with Blowfish and MD5 algorithms

* The calendar-like interface enables you to easily navigate through, organize, preview, and edit your diaries

* Search key words and locate your journals conveniently

* Export single or multiple diaries from a range of dates via mail

* Support landscape editing mode

* Tag journals with time stamps

* Mark date with different colors

* Choose your favorite fonts and text sizes

When you run the iDiary for the first time on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be prompted to set up a password. Please keep the password safe because you will need it when logging into the application later.

On the Monthly Calendar view, an green dot above a date indicates that you have saved a journal for that day. Click on the date, a preview of your diary will appear on the bottom of the screen. Double tap the date to mark it with colors. Press the ‘+’ button to add a new entry and enter the Editing view. You can also easily navigate to the previous and next months, go to a specific date, or return to ‘today’. Use the search view to browse all your journals in a list. You can also enable or disable the auto correction feature when editing. Entries will automatically saved if the auto-save option is on. The exported journals are sorted by creation or date order.

If the encrypted journal was altered without authorization, or the database is damaged, iDiary will display the following message: “Corrupted data!”.

DO NOT delete the old version of iDiary on your iPhone or iPod Touch, as this will erase any data you have entered. When upgrading, Please install the update over the existing installation.

Please write a review. We would like to hear your thoughts and feedback! Please email us your bug report and suggestions too.


Teniamo un diario su iPhone con iDiary
iDiary nasce con l’intento di integrare, in una nuova applicazione, le limitate funzioni dell’applicazione nativa “Calendario” presente su iPhone. Titolo: iDiary Prezzo: 5,49€ Dimensioni: 0.3MB Link App Store

[TestLab] iDiary
Версия программы: 1.4 Сайт программы: Triple Creeks Studio Стоимость: $6.99 Триал: Нет Русский язык: Нет Доступен в: Installer – Нет; Cydia – Нет; AppStore – Категория Productivity iTunes Link. Календарь с расшириными возможностями и


April 17, 2009

BunruiMemo$3.99 from shakusi BunruiMemo

★About BunruiMemo
BunruiMemo is simple and light note application.

– Select text color and background color.
– Change font size by pinch gesture.
– Landscape and Portrait mode.
– Email note.
– Sync to Mac via Wi-Fi.
– Search notes.
– Sort notes by title or date.
– Copy & Paste.
– Lock notes.
– Enter Date & Time button.
– Undo function in edit text.
– View mode.


HanDBase Database Manager

April 17, 2009

HanDBase Database Manager$9.99 from DDH Software, Inc HanDBase Database Manager

Powerful relational database manager for mobile devices.

Track almost anything. Examples:
Shopping Lists,DVD Collections,Passwords,Prayer Lists,To Dos,Workouts,Recipes,Checkbook,Weight Loss,Auto Mileage


Patient Lists,Billing Codes,Charge Capture

Create and Edit Database Templates right on your iPhone
19 different field types
Relational- link between different database tables
Sorting,Filtering, and Customized Views
Field level Encryption
Desktop Connect- connect via web browser and load/save databases, import/export
Integration w/ HanDBase Gallery-download over 2000 templates

We are a world leader in the mobile database space and have compatible solutions (sold separately) for desktops, synchronization to programs like Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Filemaker, and most ODBC enabled apps. See our web site for more details and options.

HanDBase Database ManagerHanDBase Database ManagerHanDBase Database ManagerHanDBase Database ManagerHanDBase Database Manager

HanDBase App Give-Away
Hey guys, we have another Contest Give-Away lined up for our readers. DDH software has been kind enough to offer 5 copies their iPhone App HanDBase plus you can receive your choice of either the PC Desktop + Conduit or Mac Desktop and


April 14, 2009

Safe$5.99 from phnsft Safe

Safe allows you to store and organize your sensitive data.

Your information is protected with your password by using one of the strongest cryptography available: Strong 256-bit AES encryption from the iPhone.
In fact, 256-bit AES has been certified by NSA for government use and TOP SECRET information.

This way your data will always be protected even in case of loss or theft of your iPhone or iPod touch.

You can freely create categories to organize your data. We provide predefined templates to store your information. You can name the categories and items as you like and add comments to it.

Safe has been designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch. Safe makes use of the rich user interface provided by the iPhone. Access your data in a clear and easy way anywhere and anytime.

Safe enables you to:

Protect your sensitive data with your password and strong encryption
Organize your data in as many categories you like
These Categories can be changed or reordered in edit mode

Use our predefined templates for
Credit Cards
Bank Accounts
User Accounts
Plain Text
to safe you data
Add comments on each item
Organize and reorder Items in edit mode
Change the password
Launch Safari direct from the url fields
Access to your data anywhere and anytime

In the Safe section of the Settings application, you can activate some features like an auto-lock function, that switches to the password entry screen when the iPhone gets locked or Safe becomes inactive (for example by an incoming phone call) or you can also define the minimum length of the Passwords.


Note And Sketch

April 14, 2009

Note And Sketch$1.99 from Hung Duong Note And Sketch

Take note by typing input text and drawing using your figures.

Email text from your note.

Export your notes to your photo album. From there, you can sync it with your desktop or laptop computer, or you can email it to any email address.

Find our notes instantly with search, and sort (by title or by date) features. A sophisticated search algorithm will understand what your looking for and give your the best matched result.

– Sketch your ideas during brain storming.
– Create your cool diary with visual illustrations to express your feeling and emotions.
– Take lecture notes, class notes. Must have for students.
– Illustrate flow diagrams or systems.
– Create scientific histograms.
– Explain business trends.
– Layout plans.
– Draw art pictures.
– Create notes for math, physics, chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, medicine, mechanics, computer science, electrical engineering, geology, earth science, finance, economy, accounting, statistics, history, physiology, social sciences, education, or any subject.
– Write down simple to-do lists, shopping list, grocery items, sport game plan, cheat sheets, memo and task for lab experiments, keep track of what you spend or business expenses, travel and trips plan, or any typical document.

No matter who you are, journalist, student, scientist, medical doctor, engineer, designer, businessman, tradesman, team manager, musician, artist, or anyone else, NoteAndSketch is the most powerful tool to record and share your thoughts to others. It boosts up your productivity and creativity.

Enjoy convenient typing with virtual keyboard and sketch confidently with the undo and redo feature.

Please visit htttp:// for questions and 24/7 technical supports.

1. The height of your note page is not limited to the size of the screen.
2. Easy switching between drawing mode and typing mode by touch on the same pencil button in the toolbar.
3. Redo and undo drawings are available. Not only that, you can still undo drawing even if you quit the application and relaunch it.
4. Export your notes to your photo album.

Note And SketchNote And SketchNote And Sketch