LicensePlate (Kennzeichen)

April 20, 2009

LicensePlate (Kennzeichen)$0.99 from Volker Bublitz LicensePlate (Kennzeichen)

In many countries – especially in europe – you will find a special character combination on a license plate that tells you where a car is coming from or gives other informations about the car.

LicensePlate comes with car license plate shortcuts of several countries, from which you can choose very fast and intuitive (see country list below). It shows informations about the region where a car is registered and links to the maps application, so that you can see on the map where the car is coming from and use the maps application to let it show you the way to that specific location. A global full text search or simple search for plate keys is another part of LicensePlate. Once you’ve spotted a plate you can mark it and build up your collection of plates you’ve seen on the street.

This application is ideal for longer road trips. Be sure to have an answer when your kids play a License Plate quiz again… and hey, i like that Pub quiz idea…!

Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, former GDR, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, Slovenia

No regional informations, basics:
Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia, Hungary

LicensePlate (Kennzeichen)LicensePlate (Kennzeichen)LicensePlate (Kennzeichen)LicensePlate (Kennzeichen)LicensePlate (Kennzeichen)

LicensePlate: tutte le sigle di nazioni e città
LicensePlate è un vero e proprio database contenente le sigle di alcune nazioni europee e delle relative città ed è disponibile gratuitamente tramite AppStore per un periodo limitato di tempo. Titolo: LicensePlate.


LDS Scriptures

April 20, 2009

LDS Scriptures$14.99 from Standard Works LLC LDS Scriptures

LDS Scriptures is simply the best scripture application available. It has the most content, features, updates and support of any scripture application.

Features include fast navigation, auto-scrolling text, colored word highlighting, hierarchical bookmarks, inline notes, custom footnotes and cross-references, exact location histories, scripture mastery, and much more.

Content includes the entire LDS Standard Works, all manuals for the 2009 core-curriculum, and manuals for optional courses, leaders, and the family. Song books (hymns and children’s), study resources, and other guides are also included. And for your convenience, every scriptural reference throughout this content is already linked. For a more complete list of content and features, see the lists below.

Video demos and tutorials are available at:

• Very fast verse locator (3-5 seconds)
• Auto-scrolling text
• Advanced highlighting (24 total colors, underline, bold, italic; individual words)
• Advanced bookmarks (organize into subfolders, update, rename, copy, paste)
• Bookmarks for all scripture mastery verses already included
• Advanced notes (see notes in-line while reading, icon)
• Advanced history (restores you to the exact location in a chapter)
• Advanced verse slider (takes you to exact verse quickly)
• Instant Search that takes you to the exact verse
• Advanced footnotes and cross-references (create your own even!)
• Drill-down through as many layers of verses and cross-references as you want
• Remembers exact location you were reading at (w/ animated satin bookmark)
• Font sizing via pinching
• Backup/restore personal data
• Landscape reading mode
• Customize colors, font, margins and alignment


Entire Standard Works (book intros, chapter headings, footnotes, cross-references, etc.):
• Old Testament
• New Testament
• Book of Mormon
• Doctrine & Covenants
• Pearl of Great Price
• Joseph Smith Translation

Study Helps:
• Bible Dictionary
• Topical Guide
• Guide to the Scriptures
• Index to the Triple Combination

• Hymns (sort by name or number, includes optional verses; text only)
• Children’s Songbook (sort by name or page, includes actions; text only)

Manuals & Guides:
• Preach My Gospel
• Nursery
• Primary 1, 3, & 5
• Young Women (w/ resource guide)
• Aaronic Priesthood (w/ resource guide)
• Presidents of the Church
• D&C Teacher’s Manual (with page numbers!)
• D&C Study Guide
• Preparing for Exaltation
• Our Heritage (with page numbers!)
• Teachings: Joseph Smith
• Preparing for Exaltation
• Gospel Principles
• Gospel Fundamentals
• Marriage and Family Relations (w/ study guide)
• Temple Preparation (w/ guide)

• 179th Annual General Conference, April 2009
• LDS Gems, Inspiration Quotes (over 150 topics)
• Faith in God (Girls & Boys)
• For the Strength of Youth
• True to the Faith
• Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth
• Priesthood and Auxilliary Leaders’ Guidebook
• Family Guidebook
• Addiction Recovery Program
• Strengthening Marriage
• Strengthening the Family

• Family Proclamation
• The Living Christ
• Lectures on Faith

For copyright information, please see:

After buying this application, please take a moment and write a review for the iTunes App Store.

LDS ScripturesLDS ScripturesLDS ScripturesLDS ScripturesLDS Scriptures

LDS Scriptures Version 2.1 Approved by Apple
Buy the LDS Scriptures iPhone/iPod Touch Application. To see a complete list of all features, click on the “LDS Scriptures” link at the top of this page. Here are the release notes for this version: Announcement: read more.

Le offerte del giorno su AppStore (29/12)
Anche oggi vi proponiamo ottime offerte, nel periodo natalizio prolificano quindi, eccole: Sketches – da 4.99$ a 1.99$ uno dei primi applicativi per iPhone disponibili su AppStore finalmente ad un prezzo convenientissimo.

iPhone and iTouch LDS (Mormon) Scripture Applications Review and
I have used three different versions of the scriptures for the iPhone/iTouch and I like them all for different reasons! I thought I would give a little rundown of the difference in hopes that it might help some others that are looking

Name Picker

April 19, 2009

Name Picker$0.99 from Triple Creeks Studio Name Picker

Name Picker is a handy tool specially designed for new parents, as well as writers looking for inspiration when naming their characters. You can find the perfect name for your new baby; build a list of your favorite names or simply learn the meaning and origin of a name. All this is accomplished through an easy to navigate interface, backed by a database of more than 1,700 commonly used names in Western languages.

On the Names screen, you can click on the alphabet on the right hand side to display all names starting with a particular letter. A Name window will appear when any name is selected. The window contains detailed info about the name, such as origin, gender and meaning. You can select the name for your favorites list with the click of a button.

The Favorites screen is a list of all the names you’ve selected from the Names screen. It helps you track your selections and pick the name for your baby. The names on your list are ranked according to the order of your selection. You can remove names from the list or re-arrange the ranks by clicking the Edit button. You can also send your list via email by clicking the Email List button.

Name PickerName PickerName PickerName Picker


April 19, 2009

iBartender$0.99 from Kevin Kozan iBartender

A database of cocktail recipes in your pocket for less than a cup of coffee.

– Recipes for many of the most popular mixed drinks
– Ability to email drink recipes
– Search by drink name or ingredient
– Shake your iPhone / iPod touch to pick a random drink
– Simple, easy to use interface
– Free future upgrades with more drinks and more features

Please drink responsibly.


WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus

April 17, 2009

WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus$3.99 from TranCreative Software WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus


* 2008 Excellent Award by

* One of the Ten Best Paid for iPhone & iPod Touch Applications reviewed by Andrew Hemphill of

* One of the Best 100 iPhone Paid Apps of 2008 – Apple iTunes Store

* “WordBook gets right to the point of dictionaries.” – Michael Alexander,

* “WordBook is comprehensively, the most well designed dictionary application available for the iPhone” by Chris,

* “WordBook, an already excellent app which has gone par excellence with the release of its 2.0 version” – Rohit,

WordBook is a quick, intuitive and rich dictionary and thesaurus of the English language.

WordBook comes from the developer of long time favorite WordBook for Smartphone, winner of Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine’s Best Dictionary Software Award in 2007.


* 150,000 entries with more than 220,000 definitions, 330,000 word links, 70,000 examples. The entire content is equivalent to a 1,800-page book.

* 120,000 pronunciation guides in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and other notations. Full audio pronunciations in multiple voices [NEW].

* Word origins (etymologies) for 23,000 root words.

* Built-in thesaurus and word links connecting hundred thousands of words together.

* Words of the Day: you get to learn new words daily and can also shake the device for more fun with random words.

* Advanced alphabetical index, partial-match, wild card and sounds-like word searches with integrated spell checker and spelling suggestions.

* Fully editable favorites and history lists with sorting and export to email. Ability to add user’s notes to definitions.

* Browser-like definition content navigation. Ability to tap on any word in the content to lookup its definition.

* Crossword and anagram solver.

* Up to 5 customizable web dictionaries to supplement built-in contents.

– WordBook does not require an internet connection to run.
– Updates are free to all existing customers.
– To change text sizes, spell check and profanity filter settings, go to iPhone/iPod home screen and select Settings.
– To hear pronunciations, select More => Pronunciations => Audio and turn the ring/silent switch (upper left side of the phone) to ring.
– If you have any problem, please contact us directly. Most problems can be solved by simple changes in application or iTunes sync settings.

Also check out TranCreative WordRoll series, the concise, simple and fastest bi-directional translation dictionary between English and Spanish, French, German,Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish.

WordBook English Dictionary & ThesaurusWordBook English Dictionary & ThesaurusWordBook English Dictionary & ThesaurusWordBook English Dictionary & ThesaurusWordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus

[iPhone/iPod touch]WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus:ネット
WordBooK 3.2.2 450円. ずっと前から注目していたこのWordBook。ネット時代の英英辞典。紙の書籍では実現できず、なおかつネットにつながっていない、いわゆる家電としての電子辞書(紙媒体のコンテンツをデジタル化しててんこ盛りにしたもの)とは別の

iPhone=人類史上最強の電子辞書化計画、まだ継続中。 で、今度は前回購入した「American Heritage」に続き、英英辞典。名前は「WordBook」で、値段はなんと「450円」と辞書としては破格。 WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus

12 applications for writers on my Apple iPhone right now
easywriter-iphone-app. Apple’s iPhone is a remarkable device. There’s no end of things you can do with it, thanks to the wealth of free and inexpensive applications in Apple’s AppStore. Here’s what’s been on my iPhone lately that many

[閱讀查詢] WordBook – 精美的英英字典
軟體名稱:WordBook 軟體分類:閱讀查詢官方網站:TranCreative Software 安裝資源:App Store 操作等級:▼▽▽▽▽ 推薦安裝:▲▲▲▲▲ 購買費用:USD$7.99 ————————————————— 個人認為,一部好的英英字典是學習

20 Great iPhone Apps to Fulfill Your Day
Here’s 20 great iPhone apps you can use in a day from 8am to 12midnight. To make it more interesting, let’s create a character to use these nifty apps and call him Suberman! Here goes (click on icon for direct iTunes link, click on link

WordBook Dictionary/Thesaurus for iPhone/Touch
wordbook. I’ve found WordBook to be a very nice dictionary and thesaurus application for the iPhone and Touch. I use it all the time to look up words like “notate”!

APODViewer – Astronomy Picture of the Day

April 16, 2009

APODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the Day$2.99 from sendmetospace APODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the Day

“A delight, a fantastic voyage, an education, and a joy for young and old…” – US App Store Review

APODViewer provides a best iPhone interface to NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day Website (APOD).

Each day NASA’s APOD presents an astronomical image along with a description written by a professional astronomer. These images range from pictures of The Planets, Galaxies, Nebula to astronomical phenomena here on Earth.

If you are an astronomy student, an enthusiast or just want to view beautiful images and discover and learn about the mysteries of the universe around you, then APODViewer is for you.

Feature rich, in addition to showing the current day’s APOD image, APODViewer provides the following:

– iPhone friendly interface in portrait and landscape mode
– Easy navigation back and forth between daily APODs
– Keywords SEARCH of every APOD ever published
– The ability to SAVE and store your FAVOURITE APODs
– OFF LINE access to saved Favourites – no network required!
– Select an APOD by date from over 5000 published since 1995
– Random APOD – just give your iPhone/Touch a quick shake to refresh with a new random APOD
– Display APOD picture with the ability to zoom and scroll the image to reveal its detail
– SAVE large or medium APOD PICTURE to the iPhone’s built in PHOTOS LIBRARY (where you can use it as Wallpaper or sync back to your machine).
– Localised Date Settings

UTILISATEURS EN FRANCAIS, Veuillez noter : Seule l’interface est en français. Le titre, l’explication, et les attributs d’images sont pour le moment UNIQUEMENT DISPONIBLE EN ANGLAIS

APODViewer requires an internet connection (GPRS or 3G recommended as the images can be large)

INSTALLATION – after downloading, we recommend you restart your iPhone/iPod Touch before using.

NB If you experience “fuzzy” images when saving, then ensure you upgrade your iPhone’s firmware to v2.2.1.

REVIEWS – all feedback is welcomed and helps us improve the application to give you the best possible experience.

About image permissions:

All the images displayed on the APODViewer are credited to the owner or institution where they originated. Some of the images are copyrighted and to use these pictures publicly or commercially you must write to the owners for permission.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – not sure you want to pay the price of a cup of coffee? Then check out APODViewerLite instead.

Need to contact us?

APODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the DayAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the DayAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the DayAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the DayAPODViewer - Astronomy Picture of the Day

Keynote-video nu online te bekijken
keynote online De video van de Apple-keynote, gepresenteerd door Phil Schiller, is nu online te bekijken. Je kunt de video binnenkort ook als videopodcast via iTunes naar de iPhone kopiëren. Je kunt de Macworld-keynote hier vinden.

Liquidação Black Friday na AppStore US – Apps
Na sexta feira depois do feriado de Ação de Graças, ou Thanksgiving, acontece uma enorme liquidação chamada de “Black Friday” e vários aplicativos estão com preço reduzido na App Store. Fiz uma seleção com alguns dos programas com

Le offerte del giorno su AppStore (28/11)
Anche oggi non mancano delle occasioni interessanti su AppStore. Vediamole insieme. Ballz (associare le bolle dello stesso colore): 0,79 euro (prezzo pieno 1,79 euro); iCanDrive (esercitarsi sui quiz della patente): 0,79 euro (prezzo


April 15, 2009


With HANDiBIBLE, your Bible will always be close at hand. Whether you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be able to find scripture quickly and easily. And since HANDiBIBLE does not require an internet connection, you will be able to look up scripture no matter where you are.

What makes HANDiBIBLE better than some other iPhone Bible applications is that our users help determine the features that will be included in free updates. Currently, the translation is King James Version, but if you are looking for another translation, let us know.

Be a part of the HANDiBIBLE experience. For more information on HANDiBIBLE or to submit a feature idea visit

Previous updates:
– Pinch to change font size
– Swipe to change chapters
– Left and right chapter buttons
– Easier to read font
– Search: one of the most requested features is now here!
– Improved navigation: change verses more quickly with a new navigation system
– Feedback: send us your requests and comments more easily