EirText Pro

April 17, 2009

EirText Pro$2.99 from Vincent Coyne EirText Pro

EirText Pro allows VoIP service subscribers to use their iPhone or iPod Touch to send their free or cheap SMS text messages directly from their handset.

An account with one of the following providers:

– O2.ie
– Meteor.ie
– Vodafone.ie

– blueface.ie
– voipcheap.com
– voipcheap.co.uk
– internetcalls.com
– 12voip.com
– lowratevoip.com
– smsdiscount.com
– voipdiscount.com
– freecall.com
– voipbuster.com
– dialnow.com
– nonoh.net
– smsListo.com
– sipdiscount.com
– calleasy.com
– voipraider.com
– voipwise.com
– justvoip.com
– poivy.com
– voipbusterpro.com
– sparvoip.de
– voipstunt.com
– netappel.fr
– webcalldirect.com

EirText Pro combines the functionality of EirText with new enhanced features:

– Character counter
– Multiple recipients
– International texting for O2.ie (and pay-for VoIP service) subscribers
– Extended history
– Message forwarding
– Dial out from message history
– Message scheduling (O2 only)
– Easily switch between multiple accounts/services

EirText ProEirText ProEirText ProEirText ProEirText Pro


April 11, 2009

LaTwit$2.99 from mac65.com LaTwit

LaTwit is a full featured client for Twitter and Laconica based ((Twit Army, Identica) social networking sites. It also supports posting using Ping.fm.

LaTwit has several features that set it apart, such as ability to show all of your friends messages from multiple accounts and sites in a single consolidated view. It also has the option to show TwitPic image previews directly in the timeline, and has support for XMPP instant messages.

Although Twitter and Laconica limit each message to 140 characters, you never have to worry about this limit with LaTwit. If you type more than 140 characters, you will be given the option to have it automatically split into multiple messages to meet the 140 character limit.

User names and URL links are highlighted directly within the timeline view, allowing you to quickly display a user profile or web page by tapping the link. Shortened URLs are automatically expanded to full form so you know where a link points to before clicking on it. LaTwit also supports landscape mode throughout the entire program, so you can choose how to view the timelines, and also have the ability to type on the wider landscape keyboard.

You can easily include web page links in your messages by using the built in browser to copy links, or by sending links from the iPhone Safari web browser directly to LaTwit. See the LaTwit help page at http://latwit.mac65.com/help.html for more information. Links can be automatically shortened using one of the built-in URL shortening services.


– Include your current geolocation in any message.
– Include a picture in your messages using built-in TwitPic support.
– TwitPic image preview displayed directly in the timeline view.
– Automatically shortens URL links using dFL8.me, TinyUrl, Qurl, or is.gd.
– Quickly resend (Retweet/Redent) a message.
– Post to Ping.fm, allowing your messages to go to a large number of social sites.
– Send a single message to multiple sites and accounts.
– View messages from multiple sites in a single timeline view.
– Copy and Paste of web site URLs into messages using built-in browser or from Safari.
– Hide specified users from all timeline views. This works separate from blocking features in Twitter or Laconica.
– Ability to tap directly on URL links within messages.
– Option to sort messages by account or by time posted.
– Full detail page on each message, showing profile of the user and display of the user’s messages.
– View public, friends, replies, in box, out box, favorites, and your own timeline.
– Quickly reply to any message from the timeline view.
– If a message was in reply to another one, allows you to view the replied to message.
– View users home page with built-in browser.
– Color coding of messages by account.
– Send direct (private) messages.
– Subscribe/Unsubscribe to other members.
– Customizable font size, post box transparency, refresh interval, and more.
– Create multiple accounts and manage them easily.
– Account specific settings for viewing and sending messages. Easily toggle accounts on/off or only have them show in certain views.
– Scroll indefinitely through timelines to view older messages.
– Easily favorite/unfavorite messages.
– Delete messages that you have sent.
– Fully customizable navigation bar. You can choose what timeline view buttons to display on the main screen, and in what order.
– Set starting timeline view.


iPhone Twitter App Battlemodo: Best and Worst Twitter Apps for
When the App Store launched, there were a handful of Twitter apps for the iPhone. Now there’s ten zillion. We’ve read thousands of tweets on every Twitter app, so here are the best, and worst. The Quicklist • Best Overall: Tweetie

IM+ Lite

April 9, 2009

IM+ Lite$0.00 from SHAPE Services IM+ Lite

An elegant feature-rich IM client with unmatched reliability of 7 years of technology refinement and support for all major instant messaging networks:

– AIM® / MobileMe®
– MSN® / Windows Live®
– Yahoo®
– ICQ®
– Jabber®
– Google™ Talk
– MySpaceIM
and yes, Facebook® now! / in full version only

With IM+ you can:
– Communicate with all your friends in a single buddylist.
– Share your favorite photos with ease. Just take a photo on your iPhone and send it to your buddy in dialogue right away. / in full version only
– Send voice messages. Audio files recorded with IM+ can be played back on any Mac, PC or mobile due to on-the-fly conversion to MP3 format. / in full version only
– Stay connected even when IM+ is closed. No more sudden disconnects when someone calls you or you want to play other apps from App Store.
– In the IM Push™ mode you may receive IMs as e-mails pushed to your iPhone mailbox. Your replies will be converted to instant messages and will be delivered back to your buddy. / in full version only
– Send your location to quickly inform your friends on where you are. / in full version only
– Add emotions to your messages with our set of funny smileys.
– See avatars of your buddies.

An abiity to set your own status message will be added in the next release. It’s coming very soon!

Happy Chatting!

Additional benefits include:

– Landscape mode convenient typing (though you may always turn it off).
– Multi-lingual support: chat in any language supported by your iPhone.
– Free and frequent updates with fixes and free new features!


– Facebook Chat / in full version only
– Avatars in contact list and dialogues.
– Groups in contact list.
– Display custom status messages of your buddies.
– Send voice messages. / in full version only
– Send location. / in full version only
– Search in Contact List
– New, lovely UI.

About SHAPE Services

SHAPE Services is the premier provider of cross-platform mobile instant messaging since 2002. Visit http://www.shapeservices.com for more details.


IM+® is a registered trademark of SHAPE Services GmbH.
AIM®, ICQ® are registered trademarks owned by AOL LLC.
Yahoo!® is a registered trademark of Yahoo Inc.
MSN®, Windows Live™ are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Jabber® is a registered trademark of Jabber Inc.
Google™ Talk is a trademark of Google Inc.
MySpace.com™ is a trademark of MySpace Inc.
Facebook® is a trademark of Facebook, Inc.

See also IM+ for Skype, GPSed, VR+

IM+ LiteIM+ LiteIM+ LiteIM+ LiteIM+ Lite

BlogWriter Lite

April 3, 2009

BlogWriter Lite$0.00 from VirtueSoft.com BlogWriter Lite

This is the lite version of the BlogWriter. Please test your blog compatibility with the free lite version before you purchase the full version.

The Lite version limits to text blog only, and the built-in RSS reader only supports maximum two feed subscriptions.

You may get the full version BlogWriter at $4.99 with loads of features:

– Blog: Photo blogging and photo uploading.
– Blog: Editing published post
– Blog: Photo geotag.
– RSS reader: adding user feeds.
– RSS reader: unlimited feeds subscriptions.

Supported Blog Services:
– Google Blogger (blogger.com/blogsport.com)
– MSN Live Spaces (full version)
– WordPress.com
– Self-host wordpress blogs
– MetaWeblog enabled blogs

BlogWriter LiteBlogWriter LiteBlogWriter LiteBlogWriter Lite

How could you complain about something that’s free? – Free iPhone Apps
Let’s take a look at some free apps that have been released / updated the last two weeks. After digging through lots of free-app rubbish at the app store I was able to find a few that I thought might be useful… and did I mention the

[iPhone] 長期間使用されているiPhoneアプリをまとめてみました
先日、以下のエントリーでiPhoneアプリに関する質問をしてみました。 総額0ポイントで。あなたが長期間使用しているiPhoneアプリを教えてください。 ようやくまとめることが出来たので、以下に紹介します。 ★の数はアプリ名が出た時点ではカウントせ

090221 진눈깨비 터치 어플 리스트
1페이지 주로 쓰는 어플들 입니다. 홈단추를 한번 누르면 첫 페이지로 오는건 아시죠? Accountr [유료][리뷰]- 금전관리 프로그램, 구글 독스 Docs 스프래드쉬트 파일(엑셀)로 백업할 수 있다. BlogWriterLite- 블로그 입력/수정 툴.

090207 진눈깨비 터치 어플 리스트
1페이지 주로 쓰는 어플들 입니다. 홈단추를 한번 누르면 첫 페이지로 오는건 아시죠? 지난 주와 달라진건 없습니다. Bookmarks [리뷰]- 북마크 공유 서비스인 딜리셔스 Delicious.com 의 북마크를 가져와 저장합니다. 오프라인으로도 볼수 있구요.

090124 터치에 있는 어플 리스트
1페이지 주로 쓰는 어플들 입니다. 홈단추를 한번 누르면 첫 페이지로 오는건 아시죠? 지난 주와 달라진건 없습니다. YouNote – 메모, 녹음, 위치, 그림판 으로 각종 내용을 저장할 수 있다. PC 용으로 백업(무선랜)하는 프로그램을 제공한다.

[App Store] Работаем с сервисами Google на iPhone
Реклама: Z-store: Новогодние скидки на iMac. Бренд Google присутствует везде, где только можно. Чтобы не замечать “гугловые” вещи “выгугленные” “гуглом” нужно очень постараться. Но есть один парадокс: некоторые очень полезные приложения

Nyt kehutaan iPod Touchia
Muutaman päivän käytössä ollut iPod Touch on ollut loistava laite. Sen lisäksi että se on erinomaisen hyvä iPod, siinä on niin kovin paljon kaikkea muutakin mukavaa. Web-selailu sujuu hienosti ja varsin vakaasti.

Google Compatible Apps for your iPhone
With the HTC G1 doing some damage to the iPhone 3G’s smartphone dominance we wanted to give some iPhone users a few reasons not to reconsider their purchases. Even though it lacks the full Google integration of the G1 there are some

Great Google iPhone Apps Not Made by Google
The Google brand is ubiquitous. You’d have to make a concerted effort to avoid all the Googley things that Google has Googled. But what if some of the most useful Google iPhone apps…weren’t made by Google at all?

iPhone App Review: Blogwrite Lite
The third installment of our look at mobile blogging software comes to another free entry into the space. Blogwrite Lite has a few features that differentiate it from the now crowded space of mobile blogging.


April 1, 2009

MarcoPolo$0.00 from AC Ideas Corporation MarcoPolo

MarcoPolo is the best way to connect with all of your Facebook friends. Let your friends know where you are with MarcoPolo, no matter where you go!

Finally, you have the ability to connect with your Facebook friends and show them exactly where you are! Using MarcoPolo, you are able to leverage the built-in GPS and geo-location abilities of your iPhone and show your friends exactly where you are. Want to meet up with friends at a party or show? Feel like seeing where that long lost buddy is hanging out these days so you can give them a shout? Need to get help fast but don’t know how to describe where you are? MarcoPolo is perfect for each of these situations and more. Read through our common uses and features and you’ll see that MarcoPolo is the best geo-location based social networking tool available!

Common uses:

– Get driving directions to meet one of your friends
– See who else is at the same concert or party as you
– Easily find your way to a friend who is in trouble
– Show someone how to get to you even if you can’t describe your location
– Meet up easily with friends who don’t know how to give or take driving directions
– Connect with friends you haven’t spoken to in a long time, when you realize they are just around the corner, or even in the same cafe!


– Location updates strictly at app launch allow you to decide when and where you want to be found
– Equal settings mean that if people can see your location, you can see theirs too
– Update your Facebook status and see your friends’ status right in MarcoPolo
– Get directions from where you are to where your friends are
– Save your Facebook friends’ contact information right into your address book, including their status photo
– E-Mail, call or SMS friends who have input their information through convenient links in the application

Please note: MarcoPolo and AC Ideas are in no way affiliated with Facebook.


70 aplicaciones de iPhone para usuarios de redes sociales
social_networking_sites Es indudable el potencial social que puede tener el iPhone aparte que hace llamadas y todo eso para quienes tienen un acercamiento un poco mas Motorola Startac en este aspecto. Hay de todo desde redes sociales

iPhone Social Networking Apps Using iPhone’s GPS/Cell phone towers
Active Eagle – Keep your Yahoo Fire Eagle account updated by using this app to send your location via the iPhone’s GPS. Bliin – A social network that allows you to constantly update your location so other members can see where you are

70+ Free iPhone Apps for Social Media Mavens
[via mashable] While many people think of social media in terms of their computer, the iPhone and iPod Touch guarantee that you can interact anytime, anywhere. Mashable has gathered up over 70 apps that will help you stay in touch with


March 30, 2009

BlogPress$2.99 from Coollittlethings Studio BlogPress

BlogPress is the missing blogging App for iPhone. It is designed with rich features and easy to use. Write your blog or travel log on the road, share news and photos with your friends in real time!!

“There were a lot of things I enjoyed about this app, the first being able to publish both images and text together on a single post …”

— Reviews from blogherald.com

BlogPress have some highlighted features you must know:

* A mini Rich-text, WYSIWYG editor: BlogPress editor is as easy as Word. Placing your photos anywhere in the text is now a few taps away!! even you don’t know html code. The posts will look the same as your editing.

* No limitation and easy-to-use photo uploader. You can upload MORE THEN ONE photo in a single post to any supported platform. Photos will be uploaded either to your own Picasa Web Album or to BlogPress Public Album hosted by us. Thumbnails will be auto generated and link to the full size images.

* Write once, multiple posts: By just one click!! you can send the same post to multiple blogs at various platforms. If you have more than one blog, this will definitely be a handy feature for you.

* Landscape editing mode: Allow you input your article with “big finger” landscape keyboard.

**** How to enter landscape mode ***
1. Click editor of BlogPress, the keyboard will be showed up, 2. rotate your iPhone/iPod touch to enter landscape editing mode.
3. When you finish editing, rotate it back.

Other features:

* Support most of the mainstream blog platforms:
– Blogger / BlogSpot
– MSN Live Spaces
– WordPress
– Movable Type
– TypePad
– LiveJournal
– Drupal
– Joomla
We are working and testing on other platforms. Send us an email if you wish us to prioritize your blog platform.

* Support full options of blog, labels/tags, categories, publish date and online draft(private post)

* Support image thumbnail resize, alignment and links.

* Simple and elegant desinged, clear and no confusing interface, easy to use, no need to learn. The buttons display only when you need it.

* Automatically save your draft in case a phone call comes in while you are blogging.

* Save drafts on the way, post them when online.

* Manage multiple blogs. Easily write, edit and delete your posts and drafts.

* Support blog signature customization.

* Support secure HTTPS connection

* Support WiFi, 3G and EDEG networks

* 100% clear, no ads or external links will be post to your blog



March 27, 2009

BlogWriter$1.99 from VirtueSoft.com BlogWriter


Read what you like and blog what you think. Blog writer and RSS reader all in one app on your iPhone/iPod touch at a low price.

For your peace of mind, try the free version BlogWriter Lite before purchase. Please note that the lite version can only do text blogging.

Supported Services:
– Google Blogger (blogger.com / blogspot.com)
– MSN Live Spaces
– WordPress.com
– Self-host WordPress blogs
– MetaWeblog access enabled blogs

– Sync, publish, edit, delete posts.
– Publish posts enclosing photos.
– Upload photos to your blog photo album.
– Geotag photos and embed geotag info in posts.
– Multi-languages support (UTF-8 encoding)
– Full featured RSS reader to track your favorite feeds.

NOTE: Limited by MSN Live Spaces server, VirtueSoft BlogWriter doesn’t support photo uploading with MSN Space blog.


mBox Mail – Hotmail & Windows Live Mail

March 26, 2009

mBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail$4.99 from mFluent, LLC mBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail

50% off sale for a limited time only.

mBox Mail is a fast, full-featured Hotmail client for iPhone and iPod Touch. It offers full access and control of your Windows Live Hotmail. From folder management to Windows Live Contacts – all with a slick user interface, great performance, and unparalleled ease of use.

– Handles multiple Hotmail accounts
– Move messages between folders
– Add, edit and delete folders
– Mail is kept in sync with the web including read/unread flags
– Access Windows Live Contacts
– Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized use
– Landscape mode support for all screens
– Message Search
– Support for large attachments
– Send and receive pictures
– Save pictures to photo album
– Embedded web browser
– Multiple language support
– Supports Windows Live custom domains

Find mBox Mail on the Web
Visit us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest tips and updates!

“Probably the best app I’ve purchased. If you have a Hotmail account, you owe it to yourself to buy this app.” – kderoos

“This is one of my several killer apps for the iPhone. Works great for windows live email which is what my college uses. So now I have access on my iPhone for my college email.” – ctt1wbw

“I love it ! It is so much easier now to check my e mail” – ll Rich

mBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail

messa.tv episode #004
We began the show with a quick explanation of what happened with the special episode of messa.tv covering the DenDen Town Street Festa and we promised to go back some time in the near future. Hiro mentioned that I finally succumbed to

mBox Mail – Hotmail & Windows Live Mail 2.0 – Update | AppStore
Produttore: mFluent | Download Via: AppStore | Prezzo: 3,99€. | Utenti: Note: There is a rating embedded within this post, please visit this post to rate it. L’applicazione mBox Mail, una sorta di client per iPhone/iPod Touch che vi

10 best iPhone applications
It seems like a mandatory thing – own an iPhone, download a ton of apps (mostly free) and write about them on your blog. My turn. My Top Ten (this one goes to Eleven!) Evernote (free) – truly one of the best apps, Evernote is an

iPhoneItalia App Store Sales – 28 Marzo 2009 – Applicazioni in offerta
Il consueto appuntamento con App Store Sales, le occasioni da non perdere. Eccone alcune. mBox Mail – Categoria: Social network – Versione: 2.0 – 7,49€/3,99€. mBox mail è l’applicazione per gestire la posta hotmail ed i contatti live.

Making the iPhone work with HotMail
I’ve been a HotMail user for a number of years as the e-mail provider for DevCow.com. While I’ve always liked HotMail with the desktop Live Mail client and the web client, the mobile device access has always left me wanting.

AppStore Pricing
I just noticed that number 24 in the UK AppStore is mBoxMail – a Hotmail client for the iPhone. That’s impressive in its own right – you don’t see many non-entertainment app that high in the AppStore. But the really interesting thing is

Want Hotmail POP3 Support On Your iPhone? For Free?!? Not In THIS
Windowslive. Here’s another disadvantage to being an “ugly American:” You can’t set up your Hotmail account to be a POP3 server for your iPhone. Now, if you live in, say, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain,

Hotmail en el iPhone de forma nativa
Si tienes una cuenta en Hotmail y la quieres consultar en el iPhone de manera cómoda y sin tener que usar Safari, ya no necesitas ningún programa extra como mbox-mail. Parece que Microsoft ha cambiado Hotmail ofreciendo compatibilidad

mBoxMail for iPhone released – Hotmail and Windows Live Mail
image. Surely Microsoft’s Hotmail and Windows Live Mail are not the most popular mail services in the world (Google Mail is), but still many people have accounts there and would like to use them in iPhone.

Hotmail al’iPhone
Avui finalment he trobat la solució al problema de poder configurar el meu compte de Hotmail a l’iPhone. Sé que la opció fàcil hagués estat enviar un correu a tots els meus contactes que tinc de Hotmail i donar l’adreça de Gmail,

Freedom SMS

March 22, 2009

Freedom SMS$1.99 from TwinPekes Software Freedom SMS


Read what our users are saying about Freedom SMS:

“I tried other SMS apps but none of them worked. This one is the only that let’s me text my friends without paying a dime. Best app for iTouch users”

“I have bought every SMS app and this is the only one that has worked I recomened this app and only this app to every one with an ipod touch or iPhone this is the best app ever”

I love this app. It’s the most coolest thing ever. I love you too.”


Major features:

– Uses the iPhone and iPod Touch’s email notification to let you know when someone has replied. If you have push email enabled, the notifications are instantaneous, just like regular SMS. Other applications require you to manually check for replies constantly throughout the day, defeating the purpose of using SMS at all.

– Supports portrait or landscape orientations.

– Can automatically locate the carrier for your contacts’ mobile numbers.

– Uses your existing email accounts, so there’s no extra account to manage and password to memorize.

– Send to as many people as you want. Some other applications will cause your account to be flagged as a SPAMMER if you send to as few as 5 people.

– Integrated with your iPhone and iPod Touch’s contacts database, so all your contacts are in one place.


Free yourself from the restrictions of traditional SMS messaging. Freedom SMS will use your existing Mail configuration to send SMS messages to anyone in your contacts list. Did you already run through your allotment of SMS messages this month? Or perhaps you have an iPod Touch and want to have the ability to SMS your friends? Then Freedom SMS is the perfect application for you!

Freedom SMS works in both landscape or portrait mode to suit whichever typing style you prefer. Simply rotate it into your preferred orientation. The application will adjust automatically!

Simply choose the contact and type in your message. Freedom SMS will try to find the carrier for your contact’s mobile number by connecting to our web service. This web service will be continually updated with the latest carrier data. Messages will be sent to that carrier’s email gateway using your iPhone or iPod Touch’s email settings. You don’t need to know the recipient’s carrier or need to set up your email settings especially for this app! And because it uses email, you won’t be charged any SMS fees!

Replies will be sent to your email account so you can continue the conversation. This also means that the iPhone or iPod Touch will notify you of replies using the email notification icon. If you have push email enabled, then you will be notified of replies instantly! Some other SMS applications require that you manually check for new messages over and over again, which defeats the purpose of using SMS at all.

The following carrier SMS gateways are supported and more will be added soon:

– Alltel
– AT&T Wireless
– Boost Mobile
– Nextel
– Sprint
– T-Mobile
– Verizon Wireless
– Virgin Mobile
– Metro PCS
– US Cellular
– Cricket Communications
– Cellular South
– Centennial Wireless

* Freedom SMS will identify the original carrier that issued the mobile number. If that number has since been ported to another carrier, then this information may not be accurate. In this case, you can manually select the carrier to use instead.

* This application only supports mobile numbers in the United States.

* A data connection is required in order to lookup the carrier for a mobile number.

Freedom SMSFreedom SMSFreedom SMSFreedom SMSFreedom SMS

Voice Dialer – HANDS FREE, NO Training +FREE 411

March 19, 2009

Voice Dialer - HANDS FREE, NO Training +FREE 411$0.99 from HRL Technologies Inc Voice Dialer - HANDS FREE, NO Training +FREE 411

Hands-free voice dialer

1. Hold the iPhone tilted to your ear
2. After beep, Say the contact name
3. Contact is instantaneously auto-dialed.

***Note: while there is a “tap to speak” button, you are NOT required to use this button. Voicethis dialer uses the iphone motion detector to activate the microphone automatically***

* HANDS FREE- no button pressing
* No training
* Fast speeds on any network (3G, EDGE, WI-FI)
* No use of a server, contact data kept 100% secure
* Access to Google’s Free 411
* Option to customize pronunciation
* Browse iphone contact book
* Create nicknames
* Contact picture display
* Change mic settings for noise cancellation
* Shake to Cancel a call (via accelerometer)
* Vibrate when ready
* Auto-dial first number
* Call contacts in any language

****If you like VoiceThis Voice Dialer- download “Voice Text Pro” and “Voice Email” ***


Watch our live youtube demo videos: http://www.youtube.com/voicethis

Visit our forum:

Should you have any issues or questions about optimizing usage of the application we have a team of specialists standing by at all times to meet your needs. Simply email us at support@voicethis.com for assistance.

Voice Dialer - HANDS FREE, NO Training +FREE 411Voice Dialer - HANDS FREE, NO Training +FREE 411Voice Dialer - HANDS FREE, NO Training +FREE 411Voice Dialer - HANDS FREE, NO Training +FREE 411